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The Critical Bench Program Pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Critical Bench Program Free Download Mike. Critical Bench - The Critical Bench Program - Mike Westerdal ().pdf. Download ( MB) · English · 日本語 · Português (Brazil) · Deutsch · Русский. Increase your bench press fifty pounds in ten weeks with this customized bench press

Critical Bench Pdf

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Critical Bench Review – All Hype or Does It Work?This program was developed by MikeWesterdal, BS, CPT, and consists ofthree Critical. CRİTİCAL BENCH İs it real? What includes Critical Bench Program Review? How is it working? Who cannot use Critical Bench Program Pdf? Let me tell. (ATTENTION) critical bench pdf FREE. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE PDF TO CRITICAL BENCH THE ROUTINE.

This manual containsover 80 workout charts that increase in 5 pound increments. The charts will tell you exactly how much weight you need to add to your bench oneach of the 10 weeks until you reach max. This full color, high quality presentation will show exactlyhow to develop your lifting technique and get maximum strength and musclebuilding from your workouts.

Typical results show an average increase of 20lbs in bench weight the first time thesetechniques are used. Strong emphasis is placed on proper form, and mastering alifting technique that optimizes your workouts and allows your body to naturallybuild the bulk muscle mass you desire.

An increase of as little as 20 to 30 pounds to yourcritical bench for a month can result in a 10 pound pure and lean muscle gain!

By steadily increasing the amount you bench, and following the guidelines of thecritical bench program, your body will naturally become stronger to lift theadditional weight, creating larger muscle mass.

The more lean muscle mass that your 2. In as little as 10 weeks, you will see a leaner, stronger, and healthier body withnoticeably larger muscle mass.

The bench press is an effective workout tool, but alsoone of the easiest pieces of equipment to monitor and slowly increase the resistance weight as your body gets stronger. If you own or have access to a bench, a barbell, some weights, and some dumbbells,you already have all the equipment this program requires. To see the leaner, meaner,and more muscular you in the mirror, all you have to do is follow this tested andproven 10 week program.

The whole key to theincredible success of this plan is in the simple proven truth that increasingstrength increases muscle mass.

Byfollowing the simple charts included with the critical bench program, you canincrease your bench weight in increments over a 10 week timeframe andbuild a significant gain in muscle mass safely and effectively. There is sometruth to this; however, some plans on the market today take it to anunhealthy extreme. You have to build strength by increasing theweight being lifted in manageable increments. As you gain strength, largermuscle mass will develop. Forexample, if during week 3, you increased your bench weight by 20 poundsand saw no significant changes in your overall muscle mass, perhaps yourbody is running a bit ahead of schedule and needs the added challenge of 25pounds.

This program takes into consideration that all bodies and allmetabolisms are different, and allows for variation and customization. Why isspending more than an hour in the gym counter-productive? The critical bench program demonstrates thebest way to position your body for maximum gain. The proper form on thebench can maximize your efforts and lead to much faster results. While you are with your friends , you feel it , too. I tested it for years and I observed other coaches etc. And there is one result is if you have a powerful bench , you have a strong body.

Because of additional stress , your body is creating powerful muscles. The second thing is anabolic hormones. When you lift heavy bench press , your body is excreted anabolic hormones like testosterone.

İt helps to grow your body and creates powerful muscle mass. You can be weak or powerful , thin or fat etc. Just follow the instructions.

That program will help you to feel confident , honour and happy. Give both techniques a try and see which you prefer. Execution: After your spotter gives you a lift off, the bar should be directly over the bottom of your nipples or the region where your stomach meets your chest muscles.

There are many theories pertaining to the path the bar should travel. To stay in line with my statement that we want the bar to travel the least distance, you should lower the bar in a controlled manner and than press it in a STRAIGHT line back to the position you started in.

Your forearm bone should be directly lined up under the bar as well for maximum power. Lowering the bar too high on your chest will throw off your grove and put strain on your shoulders.

Pro Powerlifter Clint Smith below shows you the sweet spot to touch. Now comes the most important part of the lift. The Drive. The bar has just landed on the perfect spot on your chest and youre ready to go. Squeeze the bar, and drive your feet through the floor and explode with as much speed as possible.

Avoid This Common Mistake: Youve spent a great deal of time getting your arch set up, positioning your feet correctly and making sure you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Dont lose your set up during the hand off by reaching for the bar!

Stay nice and tight. Dont overextend to un-rack the bar.

Let the spotter assist you in bringing the bar to your starting position. If you dont have a spotter or hand off person youll need to pay extra special attention to this tip. Special Equipment: Special equipment is not needed to complete this program.

I wanted everyone to be able to use this program, not only those who have access to a specialty equipment commonly found at barbell clubs. However, if you are competing with a bench press shirt, I recommend you also train with a bench press shirt. You can follow this program with or without a shirt although it works best for raw or unequipped lifters. If you already own a set of Bench Press Bands you can use these for your burnout sets, and you can use them to replace the workout for week 5.

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If you do not have a spotter you can do rack lockouts for week 7 instead of Heavy Negatives. Feel free to use wrist wraps for support. Im not a big believer in using weight belts. I feel that they shelter your lower back and thus cause them to get weaker. Thats right they do protect youprotect you from getting stronger. If you want to use a weight belt only use one for your heavier sets. The same holds true for, straps. Obviously if youre deadlifting lbs you need straps, but dont use them for every back exercise.

We need strong forearms and grip strength for a big bench and the straps arent going to help you with that. Youve heard it before youre only as strong as your weakest link. Rack Lockouts: As mentioned earlier if you do not have two spotters to help you in week seven you can use the same weight prescribed in your workout log to perform rack lockouts See below.

This will help you strengthen your triceps for the last part of the press as well as give you confidence handling heavier weight. This exercise helps you get by this sticking point. Simply lower the weight then lift it a few inches off your chest and lower again.

This exercise is done with relatively light weight for higher reps on your week 5 deload week. This is mainly due to the triceps, but this exercise helps you lock out when you are using heavier weight. Simply lower the bar half way down and push it upwards locking out at the top. Once again this exercise is done with lighter weight for higher reps.

During these exercises you can take quicker breaks between sets. If you have boards you can use those to stop the weight half way down.

Critical Bench Pdf

A 3-board should do the trick. If you dont have boards, just stop the weight on your own. Negatives: You will need three spotters for this lift. One will stand behind the bar, and the other two will stand on each end of the bar. Three spotters are necessary due to the fact that some of your negative sets will be done at a much higher weight level than your one rep max.

All three people will help with the lift off, but the person behind the bar will be the main stabilizer.

He should keep his hands on the bar during the entire lift. You will lower the weight down to your chest as slow as you possibly can. Exaggerate the motion. When you get to about half way down you will simply be trying to stop the weight from falling. Once it touches your chest, all three spotters will raise the bar up to your locked position.

The Critical Bench Program Pdf

Repeat until you cant do anymore. Remember to take a new breathe before starting a new rep. Negatives utilize the eccentric phase of lifting and have been known to punish your muscles.

Exposing your body to this heavy amount of weight will prepare you for maxing out in Week We are not doing this to create muscle soreness but rather to shock your Central Nervous System and to get you mentally prepared to man handle heavier weight.The stronger you get the slower the gains come.

Day-3 Off. You will need to do the lift frequently to improve on it. This is much different than the general goals that many of us usually set for ourselves.

The higher your intensity level.