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EPCON International develops process engineering software including fluid flow simulation, process simulation, relief valve analysis, flash computation. API - Technical Data Book - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. api. This white paper provides an overview of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Technical Data Book's features and applications most often used by chemical.

Api Technical Data Book

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For the Improved Design and Operation of Petroleum Refineries. API® Tech Data Book 9. Technical Overview. An API Standard - Developed/Maintained under. TECHNICAL DATA BOOK - PETROLEUM REFINING - VOLUME I, II AND III *** BEST COPY AVAILABLE - 2 PGS MISSING - UNABLE TO ACQUIRE*** * SEE. Mission Statement: provide a critically reviewed compilation of the physical and thermodynamic data and correlations that are of most interest to petroleum.

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Emergo Group, Inc. Included is a database of property data for nearly components, characterization of petroleum fractions, and petroleum fraction distillation interconversions. Users can quickly determine petroleum fraction physical property data such as critical properties, vapor pressure, density, liquid enthalpy, gas enthalpy, heat of vaporization, liquid heat capacity, gas heat capacity, surface tension, liquid viscosity, gas viscosity, liquid thermal conductivity, gas thermal conductivity, and heat of combustion.

Temperature-dependent properties can be tabulated and graphed over any range, and distillation interconversions are displayed graphically. This data can then be exported for use in simulation and engineering software programs.

API Technical Data Book

What is not clear, however, is whether this database, featuring over API standard methods in pdf format, is being sold only as a product that may be downloaded to one computer. My feeling is that this is yet another example of an important standards developing organization SDO making a decision that benefits engineers, executives and technicians in industry, while ignoring their subscribers and users at universities and colleges, where future engineers, executives and technicians who will become many of their customers very soon, are being educated and trained.

By moving this publication from print to a database that can be downloaded to one computer station, students are left out of the loop, essentially losing access to a valuable resource in engineering design, unless libraries can somehow run it on a local station. In the era of desktop delivery, this doesn't work anymore. On university, college and technical school campuses, we need online access to standards now.Detail Summary View all details.

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Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. This is due to the superior computation methods and integrated binary interaction parameters for all commonly used hydrocarbons and water. This preview shows page - out of pages.