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Friday, September 13, 2019

Each year, the UWC offers the National Committee of Sierra Leone a Download the PDF application form at UWC School and College Student Application Form. . combined into one PDF document for ease of review. To convert other file. BURSARY APPLICATION FORM. -Undergraduate studies -. Instructions to applicants. + Closing date for bursary application: 30 September * Use block.

Uwc Application Form Pdf

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Contact Centre. University of the Western Cape, Robert Sobukwe Road, Bellville, , Republic of South Africa. [email protected] | +27 21 Results 1 - 10 of 21 most awards will be valued at R70, for each year of study at Masters Bursary South Africa – Application Form: . Do you want to become a University of the Western Cape (UWC) student? If you don`t know – UWC Application Form for / are now.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an email notification with your application reference number to confirm the National Committee has received your application successfully.

It is advised that you review and keep a copy of the application form for your reference, as well as take note of your application reference number that should be quoted for future correspondence with the National Committee. Closing Date Closing date of applications for intake is the 16h of October, Sunday Singapore time.

Notification of shortlisted applicants Shortlisted applicants for the first interview will be notified by the 14th of November, Monday Questions? Feel free to email us at uwcsingapore gmail.

Please signup You will need to register for an account to access the application system.

If you already have an account please login to access the application system. In order to submit an application through the Tanzanian National Committee, you need to: Be between 16 years old on 1st October i.

The interviews usually happen around mid March.

Intellectual curiosity and motivation - Showing a genuine desire to learn about the world, the capacity to grasp a range of issues, from global problems to local concerns, and the ability to analyze topics thoroughly ii. Active commitment - The ability to develop, question and confront their own values.

University of the Western Cape (UWC) Application Form

To measure their behaviour within family and community against these values, and to act accordingly and responsibly iii. Social competence - The ability and readiness to make contact with other people, interact respectfully with them, work in a team and achieve solutions. UWC has 13 schools and colleges across 5 continents all with distinctive characters but sharing the same mission, ethos and values.

Although strong academic achievement is valued highly at UWC, academic achievements are put into perspective with a demanding mix of community engagement, international affairs, physical activities and creative pursuits.

Apply to the University of the Western Cape

Our student intake is deliberately diverse and each of the schools and colleges draws together students from many different nations and backgrounds. Our bursaries, scholarships and fee structures aim to ensure a broad socio-economic mix within the student body that adds value to the student experience and the organisation.

UWC depends on the dedication and expertise of a network of volunteers to promote UWC and select future students. These are called National Committees and they operate in more than countries worldwide. If a National Committee exists in your country you must apply through that committee.

Please make sure you find out as much as possible about UWC before going ahead with your application. It is important that you understand the aims of the organization and the commitment involved in the programmes that are offered.

Final official results must be presented to the National Committee for review. A working knowledge of English Literature is advantageous.

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Successful applicants will have a genuine enthusiasm for the aims of the United World Colleges, such as the idea of understanding between peoples of widely differing cultures. An openness of mind is essential.

Students need to approach new and unfamiliar experiences with enthusiasm, balance and good humour. They should be able to accept and enjoy customs and attitudes that are vastly different from their own.

The United World Colleges and the Bahamas UWC Selection Committee look for students who are socially mature and morally responsible with outstanding social and community service. Beyond this, successful applicants have active and proven interests in the world in which we live.

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This could manifest itself in such interests as the arts, the environment, economics, politics, government, religion, and travel.We understand that application forms are not always easy to complete, and may not give a comprehensive view of you as an applicant. The selection committee has the right to verify this information.

Hence, early applicants can simply submit application forms without grades; the Committee will get in touch with applications for their results when they are out at the end of the year.

Please also ensure that all information provided is accurate, and is written by you.

How do you spend your leisure time? Please list your extra curricular areas of involvements indicating the level, time of involvement and responsibilities. Hence, early applicants can simply submit application forms without grades; the Committee will get in touch with applications for their results when they are out at the end of the year. UWC schools, colleges and programmes deliver a challenging and transformative education experience to a diverse cross section of students, inspiring them to create a more peaceful and sustainable future.

It will only be reviewed at the completion of the selections process, and will not be seen by the Selections Committee during this time.