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Basic Su Jok Therapy - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Basic Su Jok Therapy. Treatment: For apply (rubb) sujok ring in portion of thumb between distal joint & nail for Color Therapy Mid line of thumb - Point no - 1(Yang side)- Orange. Su Jok Therapy. Acupressure & Acupuncture  Are very Good Systems of Treatment  are over Points spread All over body  Treatment requires real good Pressure  Treatment at wrong Point can be Harmful. Professor Park Jae Woo Authorizing Lion Luthria G B to.

Sujok Therapy Pdf

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sujok pdf - Google Search Foot Reflexology, Acupuncture Points, Pressure su jok Pressure Points, Qi Gong, Acupressure, Reflexology, Kung Fu, Natural. The su jok therapy is a medical discovery of great impor- tance for the mankind. It has raised the self-treatment, the self-dependent health care to a wholly new. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. Acupuncture in Practice Beyond Points and Acupuncture Therapy for Neurological Diseases.

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Basic Su Jok Therapy

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Enjoy our care, free of cost and share it with your loved ones. According to Indian Culture, energy is distributed in human body through 7 Chakras and 72, Nadis. In Sujok, we study 5 elements as:- wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

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These elements do not affect our body directly but through there respective energies. The 6 energies of these 5 elements can be studied as shown in the table.

These 6 energies flow through our body to make a functional unit of each and every cell and tissue. These energies are in a specific constitution in every individual which is responsible to define his character, likings, dislikes, nature, past and future diseases and also his treatment. If one has knowledge of each of these energies in detail, he could analyze the problem on the basis of which energy is disharmonized.

By this, one can not only get rid of physical problems but also can handle meta-physical problems such as anxiety, anger, and memory etc. Each of these energies is responsible for specific endocrine glands functions. So treatment of hormonal imbalances can also be done successfully.

Each of the respective energy problems can be further diagnosed into acute and chronic and thereby can be treated with Yin-wind or Yang-wind.

So a general outline of this energy circulation in our body is necessary to treat any problem from its root. Following chart represents the relation of each energy with various body structures: Now, after studying this energy fundamentals in detail, you would be sure that any problem in nature can be treated by harmonizing energy balance theoretically.

Related Interests.Color Therapy Yang side of index finger draw thick Dark Blue colored band from Neutro joint to base joint of finger. Usually sitting cure more than enough at proper spacing is enough to cure most of the diseases.

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Over sincerity or show-off of over maturity can favour frequent burps. Muladhar chakra - Blue circle.

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