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Service Oriented Architecture with Java. Using SOA and web services to build powerful. Java applications. Binildas CA. Malhar Barai. Vincenzo Caselli. Current enterprise computing using J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) has There is also a need for service-oriented applications, that is, Web services . Service-oriented architectures (SOA) promise to implement composite applications that offer location transparency and segregation of business logic. Location.

Service Oriented Architecture With Java Pdf

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Service Oriented Architecture is a paradigm for organizing and utilizing SOA. Components of SOA. Ref: Element of. SOA. 7. Front End. Service. Service . http :// Migrating to a. Web services and service-oriented architecture. Using service-oriented architecture with Patterns for e-business. . Java Message Service. 3 SOA Implementation in Java EE 6. .. Most ES follows an architectural style called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). For example, several of the largest IT .

Service Abstraction - Services hide the logic they encapsulate from the outside world.

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The service should not expose how it executes its functionality; it should just tell the client application on what it does and not on how it does it. Service Reusability - Logic is divided into services with the intent of maximizing reuse. In any development company re-usability is a big topic because obviously one wouldn't want to spend time and effort building the same code again and again across multiple applications which require them.

Hence, once the code for a web service is written it should have the ability work with various application types. Service Autonomy - Services should have control over the logic they encapsulate.

The service knows everything on what functionality it offers and hence should also have complete control over the code it contains. Service Statelessness - Ideally, services should be stateless. This means that services should not withhold information from one state to the other.

This would need to be done from either the client application. Because service-orientation encourages services to be reusable and because a service can encapsulate one or more new or existing EJB components, reusability on a service level comes down to the design of a service's business logic and endpoint.

It is therefore up to the service designer to ensure that statelessness is maximized and session information is only persisted in this manner when absolutely necessary. Discoverability As with reuse, service discoverability requires deliberate design. To make a service discoverable, the emphasis is on the endpoint design, in that it must be as descriptive as possible.

Contemporary SOA support Extending an SOA beyond the primitive boundary requires a combination of design and available technology in support of the design.

As explained later in the Intrinsically interoperable section, support for the WS-I Basic Profile also has been provided. Further, the API specifications that comprise the J2EE platform are themselves open standards, which further promotes vendor diversity, as described in the next section.

Java application logic can be developed with one tool and then ported over to another.

Service Connections

This architecture promotes loose coupling between service con- is sometimes referred to as bottom-up design. Consumers of services.

The understandability. By employing a load balancer that forwards refers to the impact of a change in one service requiring a requests to multiple service instances without the service change in other services or in the consumers of the service.

It will require changes to other services and applica- its modular structure. Modular structure enables services to tions that use the service when the internal implementation of be assembled into applications the developer had no notion of the service changes.

Every service must hide information about when designing the service. Using preexisting, tested services its internal design. A service may decision is exposed through the interface.

Faults in together in a larger service domain. For example, a checking the operation of a service must not impact the operation of account service, savings account service, and customer service a client or other service or the state of their internal data or may be composed into a larger banking-account service. It is interoperability, the ability of systems using different platforms sometimes called a business process.

It consists of multiple and languages to communicate with each other. Each service steps, each of which is a service invocation. For example, the computer industry is the term transaction. Some For a service to be composed into a transactional application, characteristics of SOA supported by some better than other federation, or orchestration, the service methods themselves technologies. Dahl, E. Dijkstra, and C. Hoare, Structured Programming. Academic Press, A self-healing system is ing, Anniversary Edition.

Addison-Wesley, Denning and P. Shaw and D. Prentice- Hall, Reliability [5] P. Brown, Implementing soa: total architecture in practice. Addison- Wesley Professional, Reliability actually measures how well a system performs in [6] D. Perry and A. This is vol.

SOA platform basics

New York, multiple organizations across the Internet. Reliability [8] R. Allen and D. Engineering, Sorrento, Italy, May , pp.

The network must also allow for the dynamic connection [9] D. Luckham, L. Augustin, J. Kenny, J.

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Veera, D. Bryan, to different systems at runtime. Modern Internet networking and W. Abowd, R. Allen, and D.A project-based tutorial. An concepts of SOA, so that they can make the most effective organization cannot implement a complete service-oriented use of Web services in their environment.

SOA-Unit IV Type.pdf

Care must be taken, though, to prevent the use of handlers from performing runtime processing actions that could jeopardize this compliance. A self-healing system is ing, Anniversary Edition. As explained later in the Intrinsically interoperable section, support for the WS-I Basic Profile also has been provided.