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Learn how to implement SAP HANA as a standalone data warehouse for analytics! PDF (82 MB), EPUB ( MB), and MOBI file ( MB) for download, . Cover of Implementing SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA PDF ( MB), EPUB ( MB), and MOBI ( MB) file for download, DRM-free with personalized. SAP PRESS is a joint initiative of SAP and Rheinwerk Publishing. The know-how SAP Lumira a SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA Analytics SAP BusinessObjects.

Sap Press Implementing Sap Hana Pdf

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Uploaded by: LEANORA First-hand knowledge. When SAP HANA was announced in spring and implemented by selected customers in .. 1 http:// Current Challenges. in end of May). SAP CONSULTANT PDF HA_EN_Col13 - ABAP Programming for SAP HANA. S_EN_Col05 - SAP S4C10_EN_Col02 - Implementing SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Procurement () SAP E-BITES. SAP PRESS. Learn how to implement SAP HANA as a standalone data warehouse for analytics! SAP PRESS, ISBN Seiten, 2. Leseprobe ( PDF).

If necessary, use additional sizing guidelines provided by SAP.


Quick Sizer includes sizings only for applications that require significant load and have well-established sizing algorithms. For other applications, including new applications, SAP provides additional sizing documents available at www. These algorithms may eventually be added to Quick Sizer once they are more established. You can then work with a trusted hardware vendor to evaluate your sizing calculations and determine the appropriate hardware configuration for your implementation.

Additional services run on the front-end server that are responsible for all SAP Fiori Launchpad functions, such as user personalization and logon functionality. The back-end server consists of the OData services implementation required for an SAP Fiori application to access the back-end data along with the business logic for performing its business functions, such as sales operations and procurement.

Here, we are sizing our SAP Fiori front-end server and back-end server for a new deployment of this application. For example, some employees are sick, are on vacation, or simply record their times during different working hours.

Therefore, for the peak load scenario for this example, we make the following assumptions: Half of the employees 5, users are using the self-service app on Friday between the hours of pm and pm. A user will stay in the system for 2 minutes, and the system accesses are equally distributed during those 2 hours.

The Choice: Embrace the Possible

Sizing the Back-End Server We first create a Quick Sizer project for the My Timesheet application, and then select the questionnaire for the back-end server, which takes us to the fields shown in Figure 3. Figure 4 — The back-end server sizing results for the example My Timesheet application deployment Assumptions should always be verified by checking productive usage statistics after go live and the data refined as part of the iterative sizing process described earlier.

Remember that this is just an example — for your own project, ensure that the assumptions fit to your unique business.

For this step, we select the questionnaire for the SAP Fiori front-end server, which takes us to the fields shown in Figure 5. Here, instead of asking for the number of concurrent active users, Quick Sizer asks for the maximum number of SAP Fiori launchpad logons per hour at peak time. You must always think carefully about this number — if you underestimate or overestimate this number, your sizing will be incorrect.

Figure 5 — The Quick Sizer questionnaire for the SAP Fiori front-end server For the example, if we assume that every employee needs to log on to the system using SAP Fiori launchpad to maintain their timesheets, this would mean 5, logons during the 2 hours of peak time between pm and pm on Friday. Based on this assumption, the input for the SAP Fiori front-end server sizing is 2, per peak hour, which produces the sizing results shown in Figure 6. Figure 7 — Quick Sizer provides options for aggregating sizing results by category Figure 8 shows the aggregated view of the calculated hardware requirements for both the SAP Fiori front-end server and back-end server components — including the CPU measured in SAPS , the memory, and the disk requirements — for the example scenario.

Figure 8 — An aggregated view of the sizing results for the example scenario As you can see, the total memory requirement for the example scenario is approximately GB, which means that the recommendation is a GB SAP HANA box to allow for scalability.

Not all features of SAP Fiori 2. Sap Simple Finance creates the most complex financial functions. Accounting and financial close, 3. Please enjoy the videos. Step 7 After the Financial Statement Version is saved you can edit its structure items by selecting Financial statement items button Step 8 In the next screen, you can maintain nodes in version object A new version has seven basic nodes by default, listed below We can maintain node text by double Please explain the configuration briefly.

None; Course based on software release.

SAP Training Videos. Training plan 6.

Implementing SAP HANA - SAP PRESS

However, with the advent of data-intensive concepts like the Internet of Things IoT or Big Data , SAP made a strategic decision to invest in developing its own database. Step-by-step instructions walk you through the migration process, system testing, and configuration. You must be logged in to post a review. Enterprise Structure :- The SAP Financial Accounting enterprise structure is organisational structure that represent an enterprise structure in SAP and Enterprise Structure is the key building block to the entire organisation.

These questions are similar to the ones asked in the actual Test. Group of companies hacommon chart of s accounts.

The solution has demonstrated the value of simplification for example, no indexes, no aggregates, and no redundancies and instant insight in Finance. I do not offer any training at the moment. New features in Simple Finance.

Sap s4 hana finance configuration pdf

They also enable an organization to access standardized, up-to-date master data and performance information about equipment. The financial planning and analysis, 2. Click Download or Read Online button to get sap s 4 hana for financial accounting associates book now. It also offers tremendous simplifications and innovations. SAP Simple Finance comprises 4 software products: 1.

Asset accounting module in SAP is a very important module. Example: Single Universal Journal table is provided for accounting, which eliminates data storage in multiple tables and reduces the financial closing cycles. SAP have a number of tools to help give the user a better experience. See the PDF Training materials. There are various changes in S4 Hana including the configuration.

A lot of people are familiar with the term HANA. How should I know?

Visibility into global operations, cash and financial risk exposures is still a major challenge for Corporate Treasury. And we can assure you that its updates make this on-premise implementation guide a must-have.

As pointed in help. Related products.Enterprise-level data connections are only available to Business or Enterprise plan holders.

Verify the results on screen when presented with the completion message see Figure 3. Close the window. On completion of the task.

Backup and Recovery 7. In no way must the file be altered. After they finish. It was created to independently measure performance across different types or processors. Seif Hawamdeh.