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Read the Samsung Tab 2 user manual below. You can download the user manual at the bottom of the page. You need to have Adobe Reader installed to. our support resources for your Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P to find manuals, specs, Manuals. DEC 17, User Manual ver. , FRENCH(North America) . Galaxy Tab 2 (, Wi-Fi). Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support UK.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 User Manual Pdf

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View and Download Samsung Galaxy tab 2 user manual online. ANDROID TABLET. Galaxy tab 2 Tablet pdf manual download. Also for: Galaxy tab 2. 2. Using this manual. Thank you for choosing this Samsung mobile device. This device will provide you This manual has been specially designed to guide you through the without the prior written permission of Samsung Electronics. Trademarks New tab. To open a new window without saving your browsing data,. ○. relating to the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab, including but not limited to, accessories, parts, .. Note: Unless stated otherwise, instructions in this user manual start with .

A dock connector and microphone pinhole sit along the bottom edge. An up-close and personal look at the microSD card slot.

There's no HDMI option, unfortunately, requiring you to download an additional accessory if you have plans to connect the tablet to a TV. Tapping it brings up a tray of apps consisting of a calculator, notes, calendar, music player, and clock.

However, the most useful of these is still the task manager, which allows you to quickly kill any app running in the background; this comes in handy when apps become otherwise unresponsive. As an added bonus, Samsung offers 50GB of free Dropbox storage for the first year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 () GT-P & GT-P User Manual

Peel can take the place of your cable or satellite channel guide and display a list of shows currently playing locally on your cable or satellite provider's channels. Go to the currently playing tab and click on a show, and your TV switches to the appropriate channel. Peel does a great job of holding your hand initially through a step-by-step setup wizard.

Once it's set up, you can browse shows by category, mark shows as favorites, or prevent shows you'd rather not see on the list from showing up again.

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Thankfully, Smart Remote now syncs with over-the-air listings, but its accuracy as to which shows and channels were available to me left a bit to be desired. Compared to the The Case Changes from the previous model are very subtle. In this section, we will refer to the device as used in the landscape orientation.

It goes without saying that Samsung wished to avoid new lawsuits from Apple which might result in a new sales ban. It is therefore understandable that the Korean manufacturer essentially reused the design of its Tab N models for the Tab 2 l ine. As is typical for the automotive industry, the Galaxy Tab 2 has essentially received a facelift and the subtle modifications may not be immediately recognizable.

The speakers on both edges are a bit larger. The brightness sensor for automatic brightness control is not immediately visible. Otherwise, the front face is largely unchanged. The display remains encapsulated by a black glass bezel surrounded by a titanium-colored strip. The underside is fabricated from a silver-gray plastic.

The result is a smooth backside that unfortunately does not provide grip and is very prone to scratching. By contrast, the glass surface is resilient but attacks fingerprints and dust.

Nonetheless, the plastic case remains inferior to a metal or polycarbonate unibody case.

The x millimeter The thickness remains less than 10 millimeters 0. The lack of physical keys helps to prevent operation errors.

Connectivity One expecting Samsung to include major innovations for its latest tablet will undoubtedly be disappointed by the We have noticed that Samsung remains very conservative when updating its designs.

Fortunately, Samsung retained the microSD slot, allowing the internal storage to be expanded easily and economically by up to 32 GB. As was the case with the previous generation, the Galaxy Tab 2 has limited interfaces. A matching adapter is required for external display via HDMI.

As mentioned previously, the left and right edges are completely free of ports and controls. The power button has been moved to the far left side of the top edge and is trailed to the right by the volume rocker and the microSD slot.

The headphone jack and SIM card slot are found on the top edge as well, slightly offset to the right. As in the case of the smaller 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2, the This operating system merges the previously divergent tablet and smartphone platforms into a single system and thus unifies the controls used by the two different device classes.

Despite announcements from Samsung regarding an Android 4. Samsung upholds its tradition of applying its own user-interface, the Touchwiz interface, to Google operating systems.

This allows the user to access the telephone or note applications quickly.

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The native screenshot function introduced in Android 4. Nonethless, Samsung still offers a Wi-Fi version of the Tab 2 that lacks support for the 3G mobile standard.

In both cases, the Tab 2 Wi-Fi module supports the obligatory Unfortunately, the built-in antenna only supports the more highly used 2. In our testing, we found the Wi-Fi module to work flawlessly. The Tab 2 also supports the Bluetooth 3.


Improved power management is included to help prevent connection issues such as when carrying the device in a bag. At this time, Samsung has not implemented a model with LTE support. Ultimately, each user will be limited to the signal strength of the network cell in use.

Fast wifi connections source: Speedtest. Whereas the 7-inch Tab N did not require one, the With either the 7-inch or inch device, one is likely to attract curious looks from onlookers when using the tablet as a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 User Manual Guide

We found the voice and audio quality to be good but the speech sounded a bit synthetic. Although standard for most Android tablets, the GPS module requires mentioning as it transforms the device into a portable navigation system and allowed the user to employ many other location-based apps such as local weather reports and searching for services and stores within a certain radius of the user.

Cameras and Multimedia The Galaxy Tab 2 tablet also received a slight modification to its cameras.How do I get rid of open tabs on my samsung galaxy 2 tablet Loading A matching adapter is required for external display via HDMI.

In order to assess graphics performance, we used two games that are both known to be demanding — ShadowGun and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Hi i cannot get the text into my email only one letter at a time can you please advise many thanks. No discounts apply. Face-to-face support Get help from our authorised support centres.

In this regard, we found almost nothing to complain about in everyday use.