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Saturday, May 4, 2019

I have started Quantitative Aptitude preparation series. I will try .. Pls send me shortcut tricks pdf at my mail id [email protected] Find the list of Important Aptitude shortcuts PDF for upcoming Bank Exams Quantitative Aptitude Check below for Aptitude Shortcuts PDF. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks. By Ramandeep Singh. Page 1. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks - PDF. Download. Topics: 1. Simplification. 2. Number Series. 3.

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Pdf

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3 days ago Shortcut tricks on Quantitative Aptitude method will help you to do Quantitative Home > Math Shortcuts > Quantitative Aptitude Math Shortcut Tricks .. please send me the shortcut tricks PDF for aptitude and reasoning. Quantitative Aptitude Formulae. NUMBERS: 1. Sum of first n natural numbers = n( n+1)/2. 2. Sum of the squares of first n natural numbers = n (n+1) (2n+1)/6. 3. Download Mathematics Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks Book Pdf For India IBPS Exam Preparation Study Material in pdf Ebook, and For UPSC, RRB, IBPS.

Hibbeler Book April Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun April 8. April 7.

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November June 8. August Never Miss. Load more. Sponsored By. Sharing is Caring. Now read our shortcut examples on quantitative aptitude and practice few questions.

How to Solve Number System Questions in Exams [Short trick PDF]

After that do the remaining ten questions and apply shortcut formula on those math problems. Again keep track of Timing.

This time you will surely see an improvement in your timing. But this is not enough. If you need to improve your timing more then you need to practice more.

We all know that the most important thing in competitive exams is Mathematics. But if you need a good score in exam then you have to score good in maths.

You can get good score only by practicing more and more. The only thing you need to do is to do your math problems correctly and within time, and you can do this only by using shortcut tricks. You may do math problems within time without using any shortcut tricks. You may have that potential. Lakshman Reddy. Balasubramanian Gurunathan.

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Aptitude Shortcut Rules

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Shortcut 2 — Ratio and Proportion Direct Proportion. The following table demonstrates the difference that the number of compounding periods can make over time for a INR 10, loan taken for a year period. If the value of each item is multiplied by the same value n, then the average of the group or items will also get divided by n.

Shortcuts To Crack Quantitative Aptitude by C.N Praga PDF free download

Simple interest SI is calculated only on the principal P whereas Compound interest CI is calculated on the principal and also on the accumulated interest of previous periods i. A trader uses a gm weight instead of 1 kg. How to prepare your Quantitative Aptitude We discuss few quantitative aptitude chapters below.