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PDF | This paper presents a prepaid energy meter to facilitate energy consumption measurement and to knowconsumer's maximum demand. The prepaid. This paper presents a device that uses the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the design and implementation of an Internet based prepaid energy meter often referred to as smart meters. The energy measurement and billing system is automated. Block diagram of an Internet. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET) e-ISSN: Volume: 05 Issue: 04 | Apr p-ISSN:

Prepaid Energy Meter Pdf

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PREPAID ENERGY METER SYSTEM Shaidatul Edora Bt Ngadilan Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electronics (Computer) / PREPAID ENERGY. Prepaid Energy Meter with GSM Technology. Jubi.K, Mareena John. Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. PSG College of Technology. ||Volume 6 Issue 2|| February || PP. 80 | Page. Prepaid Energy Meter using GSM Module. Kumarsagar 1.

Professor, Dept.

Since the cell phone is the billing process. This has to be carried out with outmost script is written in Python, it is portable and can run on any care. Current billing process is entirely based on the idea of Symbian Operating System platform. Here the consumers enjoy the product first and then pays for it.

Prepaid Energy Meter Report

However this technique has resulted in 1. To overcome The control unit is an interface program that must satisfy the them one of the proposed method is introduction of prepaid following two conditions. The output from the interface billing system, were consumers pays first and then uses it. In program is forwarded to a wireless transmitter and sent to a the design proposed here the system is interfaced with a receiver through wireless channel.

The receiver at the microcontroller and GSM module to carry out the prepayment. The voice and these are discussed in subsequent chapters. Technology is command is captured by using a smartphone application and a never ending process.

To be able to design a product using sent to the Bluetooth module HC Voice commands are the current technology that will be beneficial to the lives of send to microcontroller through bluetooth, the others is a huge contribution to the community. This paper microcontroller processes the data and response the voice presents the design and implementation of a low cost but yet commands either on, off or adjust various parameters of the flexible and secure cell phone based home automation system.

The design is based on a stand-alone Arduino BT board and Fig-1 shows the basic block diagram of the proposed system. The communication between the cell phone and the Arduino BT board is wireless. This system is designed to be low cost and scalable allowing variety of devices to be controlled with minimum changes to its core.

Password protection is being used to only allow authorized users from accessing the appliances at home. Key Words: Now with the embedded Bluetooth technology, digital devices form a network in which the appliances and devices can communicate with each other. Today, home automation is Figure 1: Block Diagram of the proposed system one of the major applications of Bluetooth technology.

Operating over unlicensed, globally available frequency of 2. Bluetooth device class. With this capability of Bluetooth; we propose a home automation system based on Bluetooth 2. In this paper we present a low cost secure cell phone based, flexible home automation system. Appliances The power supply to the design is given from a V ac at home are connected to the Arduino BT board.

The supply. This is directly given to the energy meter.

“Prepaid Energy Meter ”

Additional devices can be connected into intensity of load given to it. According to the commands for the appliances.

This Python script input of the 4n35 output pulses are generated which is communicates with the Arduino BT board and sets up an ad- interfaced with the microcontroller or arduino board.

An balance amount and increments the units consumed. If the available credit is exhausted then the supply of electricity is cut off by a relay. But their use is still controversial. On the one hand, those that support the diffusion of prepaid meters claim that they benefit both consumers and utilities because they help users to consume more efficiently and to improve the management of their budget, while allowing firms to reduce financial costs, as well as the costs of operation and bad debts.

On the other hand, those that are against prepaid meters argue that their adoption is expensive for firms and risky for low income consumers, as the insecurity and volatility of their income may force them to make little use of the service, or ultimately, bring about involuntary self-disconnection.

Prepaid meters are usually installed by electricity supplier, if it feels that the customer cannot keep up payments on their energy bill.

However, they can also be requested by the customer themselves - and are often seen as a good method of budgeting. Generally speaking they are used by lower income households, such as people on welfare benefits, lone parents or those with no bank account. From a technological point of view, the prepayment system consists of three well differentiated components. The first is a service meter installed at the unit where energy will be consumed, such as a household dwelling or a store.

The metering unit, on the other hand, is the intelligent component that stores credit and consumption information, and makes up the element that either clears or switches off electricity supply.

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The second component of the system is the so-called credit dispensing unit, which is the vending machine where consumers can download electricity credit. Proposal 2. The output of the energy meter works as the input to the next circuit for prepaid services.

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The prepaid circuit consist of a Microcontroller and a memory reading circuit. A user interface given in the hardware for user which will interact with the hardware, through user interface user can set a value. The major disadvantage of the present systems is these systems are postpaid base service, Electricity board gives the service before collecting the payment from the customers and it is difficult for Electricity board to collect the payable amount from the customers and at the same Electricity board cannot stop to providing the service.

A 16X2 LCD is providing to read units available. Main power supply is connected to the load with the help of the Relay when recharge message given to the controller through the GSM. When consumer sends a message for recharge a meter to the GSM, Microcontroller checks the number and turn on the relay. Number of Units is displayed on the LCD screen. To use the system again the user has to reload the units by recharging the system.

Theuser has to send the message through the registered mobile number to GSM modem.

Prepaid Energy Meter Report

After successful recharge, the load automatically gets ON, and the system will be loaded with the units corresponding to that recharge value. This system uses 5V regulated power supply for the microcontroller.

The Main power supply V 50Hz given to the relay to turn on the load. LPC microcontroller is used to control all the peripherals interfaced with it. GSM modem is used to provide the medium of communication between the user and service provider.

Prepaid Energy Meter Report

GSM is configured and control by the AT commands. Relay is used to establish to connection between load and main power supply.

LCD which is used in 8-bit mode to display the status of recharge units continuously.Here the consumers enjoy the product first and then pays for it.

Rs 50, Rs , Rs etc. The device is optimized for use in many industrial and commercial applications where low power and low voltage operation are essential. The Bluetooth antenna in our module picks up the packets The SIM card in the module acts as the authority to which sent from the cell phone.

Thus, our design primarily has an energy meter, a prepaid card and the communication module encapsulated and provided as an upgrading attachment along with a contactor and a liquid crystal display LCD. Follow the simple steps given below for its activation: