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This book is a compilation drawn from Bhagwan's pro- found work on meditation. It contains a wide variety of methods which can help us to discover what he. OSHO meditation books, translation of hindi talks, world tour talks, darshan diaries, personal glimpses, responses to questions, books on indian mystics, books. Speaking on the occasion Nidumamidi Swami recalled the influence of Osho's books on his life and and how they guided him in his spiritual.

However, there is no basic difference between the bliss of the two. What is at the core of human beings?

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Leave human beings aside for the moment, even if we look at the animal or vegetable kingdom, what will we find at the core of everything? What is a plant doing in essence? Its whole energy is directed towards producing new seeds. Its entire being is occupied with forming new seeds.

What is a bird doing? What is an animal doing? If we look closely into nature, we will find that there is only one wholehearted process going on. It is one of continuous creation, of procreation, of continuous resurrection of life in newer and newer forms. Flowers are nurturing seeds, fruits are nurturing seeds. What will the seed do? The seed will grow into a new plant, into a new flower, into a new fruit.

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This way, life is an infinitely non-ending process of procreation. This labeling has given a kind of condemnatory feeling in humans about it. Nevertheless, in humans also, a constant effort to procreate life goes on. But what is this sex energy? Long-long-ago there were only rocks, mountains, rivers, and oceans on this earth.

What were these longing for? They were striving to produce better life-plants. Ever so gradually, plants came into existence.

The life-energy had manifested itself in a new form. But the plants were also not content with themselves. Their inner urge and striving was also for something higher. Then animals and birds came into being. Earth remained full of them for ages, but human beings were still nowhere in sight. Yet human beings were always there, inherent in the animals and birds, striving to be born. In due course, they came into existence.

Now, the human being is ceaselessly eager to create new life. However, the meaning of this lust in its basics is only this much, that human beings do not want to just end on themselves; they want to go on furthering life.

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This is because of the same inherent force that existed in other life forms, to produce better beings. Certainly, the soul of human beings is striving for a better human being, a superior being. However, how will a better human being take birth? Instead of respecting sex, religions have called it names.

The truth is that there is nothing else more important in human life than this urge.

Osho speaks on Dr. Ambedkar, Gandhi, and Dalits

However, it has been covered up and suppressed. People have turned their backs on this powerful life energy without trying to understand it. This has made them even more badly obsessed with sex, leading them to hasty acts like rape and perversions. Majority of mental illnesses are due to repression of sex. Man has developed intense curiosity to watch a nude body of women. What is the attraction?

What is this mighty pull? The sexual desire in the very core of humans is actually not a sexual desire. That is why after every sex act, they feel remorseful. They think about how to be free of it, because they find nothing in it.

Perhaps the attraction is of something else. This something is that in their normal life, humans are unable to reach the depths of their being except in the experience of sex. Deep down, two things happen to them there.

First, in the moment of orgasm, the ego vanishes. The second thing that happens is that for a while there is no time there.

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Timelessness emerges. There is no past, no future; there is only the present. So there is an unconsciousness urge to experience this egolessness and timelessness, which are mystic experiences. Thus, though it appears superficially that there is craving for the body of opposite sex, the craving is for something else, for the taste of egolessness and timelessness. Behind this craving is an attempt at soul searching. So the root of spiritual realization is nothing but sex. Sex is the energy.

It is the only energy the living beings have got. The energy can be transformed, it can become a higher energy. The higher it moves, the lesser and lesser sexuality remains in it. There is an end peak where it becomes simply love and compassion. This ultimate flowering is the divine energy, but the root remains sex.

This energy cannot be killed. No energy can be killed — energy can only be transformed. Further, we cannot create energy too. Creation and destruction are both beyond human beings.

Now, even scientists agree to this — not even a single atom can be destroyed. Religions aimed at becoming absolutely free from sex.

That created madness. The more you fight, the more you suppress, the more sexual you become. And then sex moves deeper into the unconscious. Whatsoever we do, sex comes in. Nobody is playing tricks.

If you suppress sex, you are the devil. Then start an excessive indulgence in sex. The polarity has changed, but the problem is as it is. So sex has to be transformed, neither repressed nor madly indulged. This energy is mysterious till it is used only as a biological reproductive force. It becomes divine once it is freed from biological bondage. This divine energy is nothing but the love of Jesus or compassion of Buddha. What is needed is an alert, conscious, mindful being?

One should not allow sex to become an unconscious force. Sexual experience should be made a meditative experience. For example, if we have newly learnt car driving, we will be very careful every moment while driving. The same degree of awareness and alertness is needed during sexual intercourse. This meditation changes the quality of energy. Then one can observe that during the peak of orgasm, which is the deepest of all experiences human beings can have, thinking stops completely.

One becomes totally still for a second. At this point of time, an alert mind can appreciate that it is not the sex that gave this bliss and ecstasy, but it is the thoughtless state of mind. We also come to know that even ugliest women can give the same quality of orgasm as that of a pretty woman.

This is because the experience is internal. From this experience, one has to further learn that such momentary experience of bliss can be experienced for longer duration too. This can happen only if the meditative alertness becomes a moment to moment living. In other words, one has to practice the art of living in the present, without preoccupations of the past and future.

This is the only way of arresting the thoughts and stilling the mind. In this state there is moment to moment orgasm. The need for sex disappears. Because, accepting that sex is natural and sacred, will convert sex energy into love energy.

Now there is something that is blocking the sex energy like a wall not allowing it to flow. There is a distance between the two. No matter how closely we meet, still there is a gap in between because I am me and you are you.


That is why even the most intimate experiences fail to bring people close. So the sex is not getting transformed into love. As long as there is this separateness, there can be no experience of love, because love is the experience of oneness. For that oneness, the wall has to collapse. The ego has to dissolve. The existence has given an opportunity to human beings through sexual orgasm, to experience and realize what blissful state of mind is.

It is possible to live continuously in the same blissful state through meditative practices. Transcending sex and not suppressing is essential to achieve that state. Hidden deep down in sexual urge is the soul search, which is largely unconscious.

This comes to conscious awareness through a proper understanding of sex which happens when the ego is dropped and sex is viewed respectfully. Thus one is liberated from the bondage of sex. This is the formula suggested by Osho to raise oneself from sex to enlightenment and make our earth a better place to live.

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Availability - In Stock Dispatched in working days. Please wait. Loading more resultsNew Delhi India: Wiley; He is one of the very rare saints who have spoken on a wide range of topics, from sex and AIDS to transcendental meditations. Timelessness emerges.

Those who make good use of this opportunity not only are enlightened, but also bring light in others life. They were striving to produce better life-plants. There is a distance between the two. By August , his personal secretary also left the ashram due to differences. Binding Clear.

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