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You can have a look at our printed books or PDF versions. This documentation is based on version of OpenERP, and was last updated Link employees and OpenERP users to facilitate the management of rights · Define employees' billing prices and costs · Define employee categories to assign. Basics of the QuickStart Methodology · · Users and Features · Online Database management · On-premise Database management · My Odoo Portal.

Openerp User Manual Pdf

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Documentation site:,. • Modules and .. the PDF version, and then choose between a couple of options: 1. import this. 1 About Odoo Online Book. 3 This section gives you a link on the PDF or embedded videos on the online book, that shows you the detailed. Odoo development Documentation, Release master. Join our telegram group: Contents. 1.

With this approach you can configure your Odoo online instance or Odoo.

Odoo User Documentation

The page divides in the specific sections, each sections give you enough information to solve the business problem. The major sections as below.

Some of the page give you steps to configure the options. You can get access to all the videos used in this book at Youtube.

Images are used to illustrate the confirmation or result, you can understand the topics explain about the which business features and configuration.

Read the Docs v: latest Versions.

This menu groups a couple of elements: Wizard : start a wizard to print a report that requires parameters. Action : according to the element type, action s can be launched both in list and form view. Prints : according to the element type, related prints can be launched. Exercise 1 - Hierarchy views and wizards 1. Display the Products by category. From the hierarchy view, display the list of products belonging to the PC category.

Exercise 2 - Prints 1. Print all the Customer Addresses. In the Product list view, print the list of products.

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Show how the Process view works. Calendar view : the Calendar view button displays a calendar which can include all the elements with a date e. Workow : most elements such as sales orders or invoices, used in processes sales, downloads, invoicing A workow is a technical denition.

Process : the main advantage of using an ERP is the connection between the various business processes that exist in a company.

For instance, invoicing can be automaticaly triggered when a sales order has been completed. Exercise 1 - Consult sales order information 1.

Odoo 12 is available: the 10 most significant new features

Display the list of sales orders. Open all the sales orders in Calendar view. From the web client, drag and drop one of the sales orders to change its date.

From the web client, display the graph view and show all the sales orders of Agrolait.

Exercise 2 - Create a sales order 1. From the sales orders list, create a new quotation. In the Customer eld of the sales order, select Agrolait. Add the text There will be no delivery on Wednesday.

Conrm and print the order. Exercise 3 - Workows 1. Find how to display the Sales workow in both GTK and web client. Show the difference with e.

Simplied and extended views : OpenERP allows users to work with simple or complete views. Indeed, some businesses do not need all the information proposed by OpenERP to run their activities.

The list of actions available for the different elements can also change according to the type of view. Switching from one view to another is easy: in the top right toolbar, click the Edit Preferences button and then select the required view type.

Open the Distrib PC partner form in simplied view. Does it belong to any categories?

The report engine The Open Report Engine process the. RML file inserting data from the database at each expression. RML file will be replaced by the name of the country of the partner of the printed invoice.

This report engine produce the same. RML file where all expressions have been replaced by real data.

The final document Finally the. Available functions Here are Python functions you can use: setLang 'fr' : change the language used in automated translation fields Use varname in the template's tags.For example. Open the Products list view and lter with these advanced criteria: To sell, Cost price is greater than Make sure that the Load Demonstration Data checkbox is checked. CRM configuration Case management is a generic system that can be configured to your more precise needs.

Wait for the message showing that the database has been successfully created. The web client is also easier to maintain. It's this that we'll consider Open ERP for: Find the partner Maxtor and open its form.