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NoGameNoLife). submitted 1 year ago by omnipotentmilk. Does anybody know where I can download a pdf or epub of any volume of no game. Home · Light Novels · Contact · Privacy Policy. Search. That Novel Corner. light novels and then some. Tagged with No Game No Life. No Game No Life Vol. Meet Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister who are loser shut-ins by normal standards. But these siblings don't play by the rules of the “crappy game” that is.

No Game No Life Light Novel Pdf

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[Light Novel][English] No Game No Life. Thank you so much for that novles, I was searching this in pdf, but can't fund it. Logged. No Game No Life - Volume 1 - It Seems Gamer Siblings Will Conquer a Fantasy World - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. "What a novel way to describe eight o' clock in the morning as ' night'. Then, .. and also the sensation of the retinas being burned by the light. No Game No Life - Volume 4 - The Gamer Siblings Have Run Away From a Realistic Romance Game - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book With light illuminating from her finger tips through magic, Jibril unhappily tilted TL note: In the popular light novel/manga/anime series “I Have Few.

If you sleep I will surely die Uoooooooo, you see, I've gone and died! Which also means that these siblings have already done all-nighters gaming for five days straight.

Even knowing that her brother was in a bitter situation, Shiro still slept anyway, using a game console as her pillow. Ring-- Suddenly a tone notifying the siblings that they had mail sounded.

Nii, an e-mail. You still want a request from me, but I really have no more extra strength! He furiously commanded a party of four by himself and answered in one breath.

What if Or should I say, if you want to sleep, just sleep! If you're not going to sleep, please help me a bit here-- Noooo, died, I've died! Without an occupation.

A cherry boy. It's not boasting but, it wasn't just that he didn't have a girlfriend, he didn't have even one person that could be called a [Friend]. That was also the same with the little sister.

Shiro tried to wake her consciousness and muster all her strength to get up. It would be no problem if that really was an advertisement. But, one that couldn't be ignored is an advertisement about a new game.

Nii, where is the tablet PC? But that is of course a foolish question, because the answer is obviously that it is used for gaming. But, that was not the main use of the tablet PC.

For countless games they also need countless e-mail addresses, but even excluding the addresses that were not for gaming use, there were still more than 30 e-mail accounts which were all synchronized.

This is what true efficiency is. The sound is Ring-- so it came from And thenthe person at the back who lead a successful crusade against people in real-time combat by manipulating four roles at once, let out a roar of triumph, before she viewed the e-mail. New mailSubject: To the both of you,. E-mails that were addressed to were not rare. War Requests, Invitations, Provocative Challenges--those are what they would commonly receive, but-- "What is it, my cruel little sister who said that she wanted to sleep and abandoned your brother alone in the game, and in the end didn't sleep and still left your physically tired brother to play?

Okay, that's done. Checking the item drops, that's done too. How does this guy know that is actually a pair of siblings?

It also included a URL that they had never seen before. At the end of the URL, there was no [. This URL was pointed to a specific pageand it looked like it was linked to a game.

What should we do? Which means that she would just leave the decision up to her brother-- "Hmm, so 'you' plan on making me take a bet on it, huh. Well, even if this thing turns out to be just a bluff in the end, let's just treat it as another amusement. He was on full alert in case of a virus infection, while the security software was running full throttle.

What appeared there on the screen was just simple online chess. This is a challenge for , you know. If the other party has an advanced chess program, just me alone will not be enough to win! Who plays chess well Even with that, the little sister had lost interest in chess after beating this program twenty consecutive times.

Please at least stay awake until we know the extent of the opponent's ability. After seeing her brother do one move, two moves, Shiro began to nod off because of the sense of sleepiness that had piled up. Five moves, ten moves, and before he knew it half of the board had already been filled with pieces. Shiro suddenly snapped her eyes open and stared at the screen. While Sora was feeling uncomfortable, Shiro stood up and said something. Nii, change players Shiro thought that her older brother could do no more at this point.

In other words, Shiro recognized that the other party was a worthy opponent. The little sister who had just changed places with her brother started to plan her moves. Chess is a [Zero-sum game of limited decisions]. In this game where [Luck] was non-existent and occasionally point game.

In theory, a surefire way to win existed, but in the end that is just theory. A person who could do that surely did not exist. But there was someone who could assert that [Existence], and that was Shiro. She had mastered and could comprehend the large--no, enormous-- amount of possible moves in chess.

If you keep choosing the best chess moves, then you will have the upper hand and win if you go first. If you went second the way of escape was a draw. That is how the theory goes. What about against an opponent who could foresee two hundred million moves in a second? This world's strongest chess program was proven to not be perfect enough for the little sister when she had won 20 consecutive victories against it.

And that kind of strongest player had just been surprised by what was in front of her. This, I'm sure the other party is human. In one way that is a good thing, but on the other hand it also means that it can only use tactics that it was already programed to use. That's why you can win against them easily.

But this guy is--" Sora pointed at the screen. Perhaps calling them by the title "genius gamers" would not be an exaggeration. In Shiro's case, she can only act based on her logic. That's why she can easily defeat even the most powerful advanced chess programs. However, her ability in sensing other people's [Motives] is dull. That's why at times like this, Shiro needed to leave it to Sora. Even though he had poor communication skills, his perception in feeling other peoples' [Motives] was unexpectedly outstanding.

Don't be taken in by his provocation. I will point out every one of his provocations and tactics so that you beat him. Shiro will do her best The game had now been running for more than six hours. Adrenaline and dopamine were flowing from their brains, making them forget their fatigue from doing all-nighters gaming for five days, and helping them concentrate to the utmost limit. Six hours--but that felt to them as if the game had already lasted for several days.

Finally, the last decisive moments happened. And then a emotionless voice signaling the end of the game could be heard from the speakers. The interior was quite simple. Walking into the room and locking the door, the both of them removed their hoods. Wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers with matted black hairSora.

A mess of long white hair that covered her red eyes, a skinny girl who wore a sailor uniformShiro. Sora removed the borrowed robes that when worn, would not look conspicuous in a world like this, before revealing a relieved look and threw himself on the only bed. Taking the phone out of his pocket he checked off the task that was planned beforehand. Un [10] , I think It was decided early on to never say these until the goal was reached.

Afterwards, bursting out as he could no longer contain himself, were the complaints about the story that came out of Sora's mouth. Opening the window, she confirmed the scenery. From the window, you could barely see it the cliff onto which they fell. Humans, as long as they have the will, then it can be done. The so-called 'mastering one skill so much until it carries into everything else' thing was true then! That's not I meant Shiro's eyes were half closed.

The little sister, who was staggering as if she was going to faint, fell on the bed that Sora was on. Although it didn't show on her face, the pained breath from her fatigue could be felt. This was of course, a natural reaction. No matter how much of a genius she was, she was still an eleven year old girl.

Dueling in a chess match after 5 all-nighters was enough to shock anyone with that kind of stamina. Even Sora also felt pain and shifted around although it was only halfway.

For a person to also come here without complaints was truly worthy of being marveled. Because Sora had decided before not to utter out a single complaint. How great indeed, you are your brother's prided little sister. Find a place to sleep That is when both of them were lost and wandering around shortly after being dumped in this world.

Part 5 "Then, what do we do. Shakes head " Waking up and regaining a conscious state for the second time. While cursing in his heart that life was being too unreasonable, the fatigued Sora shouted to the pedestrians passing by. After Shiro was temporarily relieved, she let out a sigh. Both of them felt weary, but they still recovered their composure despite being exhausted. Moving away from the edge of the cliff, they then slumped onto the unpaved roadside.

Nii, why come I remember it was to let someone go through some sort of Understanding the point, both of them started taking everything out of their pockets. What were taken out Were Sora and Shiro's respective smart phones, two of them. Handheld game consoles, two of them. Two multipurpose batteries.

Two solar power chargers, with multiple charging outlets. And the last thing was a tablet PC in Shiro's hand. No matter how you looked at it, it was hard to imagine lost victims with such expensive equipment. And they were all used to play games. Because no matter where they were, be it on the toilet or in the bathroom or even during a power outage, they could always play games, so these were items that could not leave their persons. Actually, nobody knew whether or not these items could be useful in an actual difficult crisis, they were mysterious and yet substantial pieces of equipment.

Sure enough, electrical waves and the like cannot be received in the fantasy world. But, the backlight of the phone could be used as a flashlight at night, and it could also take photos. The map functionwas of course ineffective, but it could still be used as a compass. Sora gave a heartfelt thanks to the recent high level performance developments for smartphones. Okay, Shiro, turn off the phone and tablet PC. Take advantage of the sun being up and charge the photo voltaic power generator.

I downloaded an e-book about games onto that tablet and in the worst case scenario, we will just use the survival guide. Roger" Shiro obediently listened to her brother's words and turned off the equipment while using the solar charger to charge it up.

When encountering unexpected circumstances, listening to her brother's instructions was the best. Shiro knew this due to her own experience. After that, using the power of science Sora's phone , a direction to head off was determined.

However, using the phone which only had a compass, their current status was like being thrown into the sea without any nautical charts, so there weren't any changes in the situation.

They were obviously holding the product of the most advanced scientific technology, yet they still got lost in the way of life and fell onto the wayside. How fantastic, my experience in RPGs really worked! Dressed in green and easy to walk in boots " Wowhoa, aren't they thieves! Getting lost on the road and their first encounter was actually with [fantasy world thieves! But what came out of the thieves' mouths was.

This one sentence made the two siblings look at each other helplessly but. Is that They couldn't resist but smile after the comparison.

This could even be described as a cute scene compared to an encounter with a real thief, thus forcing both of them to break out in laughter. If you don't have a game with us, don't even think about getting past here. The siblings then communicated with each other using a quiet voice that the thieves couldn't eavesdrop on. But unfortunately for us, we are currently penniless.

Because we are still wearing conspicuous clothing due to the transfer of worlds, this is a must. And also about the game rules of this world, truthfully tell them all to me" Sora exerted his highly adaptable game brain.

He was already convinced that he would win and had even added some additional requests. Part 6 Thinking about back then, Sora whispered. Shiro, do you remember? They had learned about the rules of this world from the thieves they were no longer recognizable now that had lost the game.

Taking out his phone on which he had written the rules, Sora reread them out loud again. Ten Oaths It appears that these were the absolute rules that [God] had laid down. Although the little sister seemed to have easily memorized it, the brother had still recorded them in his phone, which were as follows: Or said in another way, 'Anyhow, it's not as if you guys are living in harmony anyways'.

Feeling the irony of the Ten Oaths, the mirthful face of that [God] surfaced in Sora's mind. Pocketing his phone, Sora said with a wry smile. Just when the thought of lying on the bed came.

His fatigue suddenly welled up, and his consciousness began to blur, even his thinking skills began to wear down. If I think about it, of course it is a natural reaction. Pulling all-nighters for five days and then the sudden onset of this event Sweeping away the bangs that were on her face revealed white skin that was like ceramic and a beautiful face that was like a work of art.

Compared with the girl that had a doll-like refined appearance, saying that the both of them were siblings could be perceived as a start of a bad joke.

Although Sora covered his little sister with the blanket that smelled like dust with a bit of hesitation, he still thought it was better than nothing. Watching his Shiro's sleeping face and steady breathing, Sora suddenly became lost in thought.

Then, from now on, where should I start Sora started fiddling with the phone which he had just taken out.

He wanted to try and see if there was any software that could help his predicament. This is a fantasy about being pulled into a different world, so first I should think about and look to see if there is a method to go back Parents who were no longer in this world. A sister who was not accepted by society. Himself who did not accept society. Besides, the surprise that lies beyond the screen this world. Hey, Shiro He thought about what he was going to do after the four days.

Sora was going to try and improvise but before the conclusion of his contemplations, the demon of sleep had already cut off his thoughts. Part 7 'Tok Tok! The reason why he would wake up only due to polite knocking Was because his senses had been sharpened due to coming to an unknown place.

Sora loudly commanded the urges that wanted him to go back to sleep to shut up, then quickly let his brain become active again. There was drool dribbling down her face and she was tightly grabbing onto her brother's left arm while sleeping. With a face that was more comforting than anything else, it would have made anyone jealous of the one who got to see that dreaming expression.

Probably understanding this point no, she certainly understood. Sora, who looked like he had adapted to this world, gave a wry smile to his little sister who was in a deep sleep and showed that comfortable expression. Who is it? I have something I would like to ask you regarding the thing about today Taking out his phone, Sora confirmed the photos that were taken before. What was shown on the photo was someone with red hair and blue eyes, similar to a noble girl.

Yes, the pub downstairs was also a venue for games to elect a new king. Otherwise I can't open the door. Dragging his heavy body off of the bed, Sora stepped onto the wooden floors that creaked and proceeded to open the door. Appearing at the door was an appearance that was a far cry from the photo on the phone A [Stephanie] that looked like she had suffered a huge blow.

Ermm, okay. Sora then retrieved the chair from the corner of the room. He then sat on the chair because his little sister who was sleeping drowsily on the bed kept shifting positions. The first to open her mouth was Stephanie. What exactly happened? Ah, let me start first, because we are siblings, this is not what" " Although they did not know what the common sense was like here, a tentative explanation was still needed.

I'm Sora. The years I've been without a girlfriend equals my age, and I'm currently seeking a girlfriend right now, whoa" " That doesn't really matter at all. Un, what was that again? Speaking of which, what's the time now? I can't even see the sun coming through the windows Taking a glance at the phone, he saw that 4 hours had passed since the start of the rest They had probably been sleeping for this long. So you Now, just about everything is over! I could have won if you had exposed the truth!

But she failed to realize if it cannot be proved, the person cheating wouldn't be defeated. Arghhh, now I am even eliminated from the competition for the throne!

So you lost Sora suddenly stopped speaking. An idea surfaced in his mind. Probably seeing the idea forming in her brother's mind, Shiro became silent. On the other hand, Sora, who seemed like he had changed his mind, said with a sardonic smile. Humans who always fail are taken for granted. What did you say? But Sora disregarded her shock, and deliberately using vulgar eyes, looked up and down Stephanie's body.

Just like a fantasy world Ojou-sama, she wore a fluttering dress that had lace everywhere. Sora's eyes seemed to be licking her body, observing her voluminous figure that couldn't be hidden even if she wore a dress. Carefully selecting words that would set off the opponent Sora said.

And if you are really the lineage of that foolish old king, then I suppose failing would be something natural for you. Widening her eyes, trembling while directing a burning death glare towards Sora, another furious expression emerged on Stephanie's face. Haha, why? These kind of people concentrate too much on securing themselves that they don't even have the spare capacity to pay attention to the opponent's actions.

IMHO [11] , that is simply out of the question for a gamer! But she remained vigilant and questioned Sora about what he had just said. It's just rock, paper, scissors. Heard of it?

Rock, paper, scissors. Then we will use that to determine the winner, just that" Saying that, Sora put up his fingers. As if saying it carefully for Stephanie to hear, Sora slowly continued.

I will only use paper. Of course, if I throw out anything other than paper and I draw, then I will still [Lose]. What does this guy think he's saying? Stephanie became more alert. Whether you want me to tell you the reason you lost, or the truth behind that cheat, or even if you want me to die in repayment for calling your foolish king a foolish king, it doesn't matter. Conversely, if I win, you must accept all of my demands.

Using a tone that was dirty, ugly, and cold, Sora continued speaking. But, because Stephanie's mind had calmed down, she prudently questioned. Although what we have on hand seems like it'll last us a few days I'll be straightforward, after four days of staying here, we'll have no food or place to stay.

And in the long run, we are still worrying about what to do next Nothing was said. Which means that this man was temporarily trying to scrounge a little bit. Accept, or deny? Not to mention that there is no benefit to taking an unnecessary risk if you are someone who loves a defensive war! So even if you refuse it's nothing. Despite it being such a blatant provocation Stephanie still accepted it without flinching.

Okay, let's do this then Acciente!!! A word that declares full intention to God to perform a wager in absolute compliance to the [Ten Oaths] swearing to God, the absolute requirement when gambling. In Stephanie's mind, she began thinking intensely.

Only throw out paper? Unless he thinks that I would cheerfully throw out scissors. Looking at the conditions he suggested his intentions are obvious. The goal of that man is to reach a tie. This man is only trying to get food and accommodation he doesn't really understand the cheat. This should not be the truth now. If he would lose if he doesn't use paper, then my chances of winning are Rock: He announced that he wouldn't choose anything other than paper.

If I innocently sent out scissors, he would choose rock. But if that was so, if I used paper it would be impossible for me to lose.

But it would still fulfill his goals if the result was a draw. This man, definitely thinks that I won't use rock. Because, that's the only choice that I have with a possibility of losing!

Treating me like an idiot! Both rock and scissors are good, my chances of winning are [2: Trying to penetrate through Sora, Stephanie stared at him with sharp eyes. Because there was a skinny man that was troublesome or not. Calmly, the man that was confident that he would win revealed a faint smile. Seeing Sora's expression blood rushed into Stephanie's head once again, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on her.

No, don't be impetuous, keep calm. Finishing those words in her head, Stephanie started brainstorming again. Rashness, emotions and simplicity- what if he sees through all of these? Stephanie said to herself and noticed something. This, of course, was an obvious matter. This guythis mandeclared that paper was the only exception! In addition, no matter what other method he uses, he can not [Win]. So no matter what I choose, this man only announced that he would choose [Paper] Victory would come to him if he happens to get a lucky draw and a tie would be expected that's right!

The possibility of losing is the same no matter what! Are you prepared to comply to the Oaths? I have already seen through your tricks go on and put on the expression of a lost dog [12]! Ready- rock, paper Stephanie had used [Scissors]. Sora sat on the bed again, and lightly talked through the inner thought processes of Stephanie to her.

I was being read So that expression But choosing [Paper] would have made me lose The calming down process Finally, this. The reason why Stephanie lost during the day- this was the hint. However, Sora continued. You were aiming for a draw, right? Okay, what accommodations " Stephanie who had lost casually replied- but.

You're wrong, you know? How did I say it? With no place to stay, no food, how did he conceal the next words. Sorathis manhad only So the reason for his wishful thinking was to scrounge for more "Ahah" "Looks like you understand! Then please listen carefully to my [Trivial wish]" With Sora wearing a smile, 'Sha' he suddenly pointed his finger towards Stephanie. A long silence. The first to break the awkwardness, the one who was always silent, was Shiro who watched innocently from the sidelines.

Erm, Nii? Was my plan so perfect that it moved you to speechlessness? Also considering the case of the ninth Oath because of God's power, the order couldn't be stopped by anything. Well, of course, that also includes the individual's free will! But " Isn't there a saying that 'love is blind'? If it is in absolute compliance with the Oaths, then of course she would have to completely [Dedicate herself] to me, right?

Accommodation, money, even talent can be gained Shiro muttered softly. For that After that he started accelerating his thinking process. If it was just as his little sister had said, the command of [Become my property] Everything that belongs to a property naturally belongs to its master "Ah, eh? Wouldn't that kind of way be much more favorable Shouldn't he have said that.

Planning policies had always been thought out by himself since the beginning, so why would Sora, who claimed that he had the performance and strength, do that " Was it about that- if I missed this chance, I'll never get a girlfriend?! Did the superficial sense of inferiority of not having a girlfriend cloud my judgement at the last minute!?

No, im For one of the wings of to commit such a mistake Sora felt dizzy. As if she was unhappy with something, Shiro continued to say with her cold voice. I am so sorry, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You are only 11 years old! If I did it, I would be taken away by the cops! And with your brother of age, this sort of desire is natural" Sora who was chattering all kinds of excuses. And Shiro who was staring with cold eyes. Furthermore, "" After being requested to fall in love, Stephanie was thrown aside and had her head lowered while trembling.

Just as Sora had thought, there could be absolutely no refusal to the Oaths. Which was this world's absolute law. But her cheeks were burning, and the rapid beating of her heart could not be stopped. Because Sora had ignored her to talk to his little sister, Stephanie felt worried. Even if this was the law of this world. Because of this man.

Because of this guy. She actually "felt jealous"! Intending to resist the implanted feelings, she glared at Sora but. You, you dare toy with a maiden's heart!?

Despite standing up aggressively, she still lacked a bit of momentum. He had originally wanted a development to happen, but due to his huge mistake, some of his goals were not achieved and Sora could not help but be worried.

What do I do? Sora, who had finally made up his mind, coughed. He decided to treat the mistake as if it did not even happen. Sora, feeling good again, could not help but giggle. You only wanted one bite of the dessert, but that one bite was the whole thing [13] The voice of Sora that flowed into her ears made her feel embarrassed. Even though she really hoped that he would close his mouth, the problem was that she actually wanted to listen to his voice.

Using a [Request for an explanation] as an excuse to try and do this, she repressed the entanglement in her heart and retorted. With absolutely no idea of how to deal with the kind of feelings entangling in Stephanie's heart nor any reason to , Sora eighteen years old, virgin calmed down.

And as if pointing out a childish mistake, he pointed to Stephanie. You were paying attention to the content of the game, yet you ignored the [Premise] of it. That won't do, without any specific nature of this statement That was what Stephanie had thought so far. But that was still not enough, there were still parts that weren't thought of.

Whether he won or drew Stephanie's risks were the same. This was the true point of the game which is to say "You, you swindler! There was indeed a reason for why Stephanie had shouted however. Of the [Ten Oaths] In games The main point is 'to be of equal value'. After that, four: Shiro then said. This was to confirm if even free will and resistance could be dominated over" " Using this kind of fraud!

But- " Sixth of the [Ten Oaths] Easily forgetting the weight of the premise Stephanie had the right to refuse the game, and also the right to change its content. The one who wasted those rights, submissively offered a wager, and accepted the game was not anybody else "Guuu Perhaps having nothing else to say, Stephanie planted her rear end on the ground. In fact, the Oaths that were set up were currently influencing Stephanie. These Oaths were legitimately recognized by the world of this game.

No matter what Stephanie said, she had already lost, and the bet had been established.

Was what she had intended to add on. But her feelings did not allow her to do so. Not only that, a sweet feeling went into her heart just by being called by her name "Guu why is this happening, agghhhhhhhhhhh!

B-but I did win the bet, so can I make a request? Stephanie then remembered what he had said earlier, that love would lead to her dedication. However hold on, Stephanie. Sora's request was to 'fall in love with him'. But not to 'follow his orders', right? In other words, Stephanie had no obligation to accept any of his requests.

No matter what requests were put forward, just answer [NO! Doesn't that solve everything! First of all, because Stephanie is too long, can I shorten it to Steph instead? Ah, okay, no problem at all ahh! The rationality and resolution to [Reject everything] two seconds ago had completely disappeared. The maiden who had turned simple due to love and would inevitably blush when getting called by a nickname "Nunoo, nam.. Names don't matter! Un un, just like that, un!

Then after that I'll be fine if I just don't accept any other requests! As long as she hurriedly escaped from this room, nothing else would happen. Which is to say she unconsciously had a desire to stay by Sora's side Steph, you are of royal lineage, right?

Right, if the motive was support, then he'll demand money, accommodation and food. He would do this in order to get those things.

However, these requests that were going to be made, did not bind Steph to comply to his demands. Hehe, Steph laughed in her heart. If Sora requested, she would bluntly reply with a 'I refuse! Let this swindler have a feeling of defeat and his expression would be worth watching at that time. With her corresponding lines ready, Steph waited for Sora's request. Can we stay with you for a while? However, her face had such a fiery feeling that she was going to have a nosebleed, which then prompted Steph to think back to Sora's words.

Being able to stay together. Which means This is not right! It's not that way! Yup, Sora did commit a huge mistake. Presenting requests without any [Contractually obligation].

But Sora's age equals how long he's been without a girlfriend. He can't understand Steph because she is experiencing her first love. Historically, love has been one of the reasons countries have fallen to ruin. This is just too contemptuous. Part 10 "He, hehe I give up, I don't care anymore, I will do anything you want. Even though she wasn't bound contractually, she had already shown no will to refuse any orders. Steph realized this point, and with expressionless eyes, said this while stifling her laughter.

Oh, whatever, I don't care anymore. Reaching this point, there was something missing in Steph's considerations. Because she never expected to be asked to 'fall in love with him', just grant to requests.

What the meaning behind that glance was, Steph wasn't sure of. Shiro softly nodded. And also, don't you know that even when you're eighteen, your brother still can't do anything to his little sister? Was it because the development was too good, or did it simply lack imagination.

Requesting the body, this development was of course natural. Steph, who had entirely abandoned her will earlier, had the flaming light of resistance lit up in her yet again.

I, I, I didn't listen to it before! Thi, thi, for this kind of thing, there must be a certain atmosphere, a situation where it is natural ah? She was looking forward to it. Steph, who had noticed this, once again tried to drive her head into the wall. Sora was completely oblivious towards Steph, who was carrying these subtle thoughts while ramming her head, and flatly said. Don't mind I will absolutely not allow children to see pornographic scenes! The game boxes I know everything.

But, both parties have been ignoring this fact. Their arguments about M related stuff stemmed from the fact that the [Sister was accompanying them]. Although I am quite happy that you are looking forward to it, that can't be done due to complicated circumstances. Nooo, are you stupid? Are you an idiot!? Just like a scholar who tried to find a solution to an enormous problem. Both of them, who were brooding and folding their arms, finally seemed to have an intelligent look on their faces.

Then barely safe for work This one! As expected of my little sister, indeed you are talented. Also she didn't understand it at all.

It looked like they had found "the method to achieve the objectives" that complied with the 'little sister accompanies', which alerted Steph. Nii, this type of field [14] Shiro will give instructions On the other hand, Steph was unaware of what the smartphone was and froze motionlessly.

Starting the video, Shiro gave the first set of instructions. His hands that were pressing on Steph Were in the same place as in any conventional storyline, unto Steph's breasts.

If there was one word that Steph would use to describe the situation, to let others understand this kind of "rotten and vulgar development" it would be the word "violent". I will work hard sex! Grope grope grope. Shake shake shake. On the other hand, Steph widened her eyes, but it eased down. Because the reason why she could not catch up with the development Was this point, which of course was one of them.

But above all else experiencing the feeling of being touched by his hands, Steph did not know why she felt like she was going to melt. This level still counts as [All ages], right? Since the groping was an accident, it would still be a bit rotten and vulgar even if it is 3D then, guu, what to do next? Is there really such a thing as a nipple in reality? The situation is happening now. You can't white-out or alter that. Ah, if it is to that degree but it is difficult to undress in this situation.

Nii, not above You really are capable to a high degree, director. Steph, whose brain had already melted, started to reignite. Underclothes which means that my panties will be seen by him? No, I will be troubled by this. The top is fine. No, the top is not fine. It was not just the residual effects of Steph's rational side. But it was also her instincts that warned her. The bottom is not fine. It can't be fine, unacceptable in any case.

At least for now, it is unacceptable. Well, how to say it better. Although it was implanted feelings. To be pushed down by the person you liked, even groped by him.

Because when the inevitable would happen there would be a change in the [living status]. In an instant, Steph swiped off Sora's hand, and hit him. Despite trying to avoid the fall, and being barely able to maintain his standing posture, disaster still ensued. In order to prevent himself from collapsing, Sora pulled away the distance and took a few steps back. That is when Sora retreated to the door. And after being pushed gently by Steph, he hit a bump on the wall, then.

A 'dong' came as a response. But it wasn't over yet. Alas, what a cheap hotel. The impact of Sora against the cheap door burst open the hinges, and just like that, he fell into the corridor. Then a thud. Because of the reaction of violently opening the door, it quietly swung back and closed up. Part Momentarily, Steph was clueless of what was happening and stood there motionless. But because of the fact that Sora had flown into the corridor after being hit by her She had the feeling of her heart being grabbed, while oozing out uneasiness.

She concluded that due to her actions, she may have caused injury to others and had a feeling of pure worry. Not to mention that she may be hated.

This kind of anxiety she decidedly wouldn't accept it. Saying this to herself, Steph panicked and rushed out to open the door to the corridor. Outside the door, in a corner of the corridor, Sora was trembling while hugging his head. But the truth was that Sora was indeed in the corner.

Are you alright?! It couldn't be due to the head colliding with the door right? Steph started to look pale, but "Sorry sorry sorry I apologize I apologize so please forgive me! Sora only curled up on the ground and continuously offered an apology.

But now he was trembling just like a new-born lamb, constantly apologizing. What, what is going on? Therefore she looked to the sisterShiro-to ask for an answer, and went into the room.

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Large round teardrops constantly rolled and curled into drops, and in addition, kept tumbling down Shiro's trembling yet deadpan expression. These siblings. Yes, this is Sora and Shiro.

The two-in-one gamer. This is above being strong or weak in all genres. But once the two of them are separated which is to say. When alone, one becomes an anthrophobic person who can't even communicate properly with others When alone, one becomes an incurable social outcast. Nii, where are you One is a NEET.

One is a hikikomori. These siblings with an age gap of seven years could be together only in one place, their [home] This this is the truth behind the [Urban Legend] of. After threatening the boss to stay in the Inn, the siblings didn't even last one night before wordlessly checking out. However, the second morning had already arrived for the siblings who were currently lodging in Stephanie Dora's home.

No, to be exact on the second morning, the siblings had arrived in the bathroom of her house. I hope If it is about the cleaning scene, then there won't be any sort of development if it isn't a bathing scene, should I explain more? This is an important place after all. Senselessly wasting all that water to create a mist effect Steph was actually much wealthier than what Sora had imagined. The house was built with Roman-styled infrastructures, so it would not be inappropriate to call it a [Castle], much to the chagrin of the siblings who only knew Japan.

Furthermore, the personal bath that Steph had was spacious enough to fit ten people inside. The baths, which were also Roman-styled, were currently boiled up to make the scene [For all ages].

With this level of luxury displayed, people really couldn't help but wonder if this was really a house from a race that was on the verge of destruction. Because my sister hates to take baths She also stubbornly believes that [This includes even if an eleven-year old girl is in an eighteen-year old's ero book] so she wouldn't let me help her wash, which explains why she rarely takes a bath.

But yesterday she said that if it was in a clean scene then it was okay, so I thought there was no reason not to take advantage of that. Nii, hate. Shiro lamented, implying that she was protesting. It's fine She found it hard to complain more after hearing Sora say that. But it will be fine either way. No, they had attracted unpleasant emotions due to their intimate relationship as siblings, but this fact was ignored.

Compared to that, there was something even more concerning that was at hand. This situation. Why did it happen in the first place? Why am I washing a fully naked Shiro's hair, while Sora is wearing clothes and standing on the opposite side?

These queries were raised after suffering from a deep remorse on why she did not reject him before.

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It's because if you don't do it, Shiro will refuse to take a bath. I am just asking if you are intentionally creating more trouble for me! I will use my [Additional measures] to appreciate and feel your naked body later. But on the other hand, hearing the indication that Sora might have interest in her allowed her a sense of "peace of mind". Thinking that Sora was looking for a hole in the wall in which he could peek through, Steph surveyed the room.

But most importantly, Sora had no reason to peek over. However, this was the limit of understanding that Steph has, which couldn't be helped. What was set in the bathroom were two mobile phones and laptops.

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And Steph didn't know that the two tiny holes were cameras. After the bath, Shiro would confirm the screen, if there weren't any problems, they would start watching. So in Sora's heart, he swore to repress the impulse of wanting to go back to that world. Part 2 "Fuu The seemingly refreshed Sora was in total contrast with Shiro's unhappy look.

It appeared that, it was exactly what Sora had mentioned earlier, after Shiro's white hair was being combed. Her gently wavy hair, which was as white as snow, was drawn down. Accompanied by that porcelain-like white skin and coupled with her red eyes Really, it's such a waste.

Anyways, apart from Nii How to say it. Wh-what a failure Staring intently at Sora, Steph desperately tried to suppress her nosebleed, that Currently, Sora did not have the vile feeling that he emitted out during their first meeting, but instead had the hearty image of a [Good Youth]. However The problems didn't stem from here. Trying desperately to endure the forthcoming gushing nose bleed, Steph blurted out.

Didn't you say you wanted to wash our clothes? We only have those clothes to wear The exact same location as before, Steph was currently kneeling on the ground with her head down, deeply regretting what she had done. And it matches with the white lining.

Fluttering, too much. Inconvenient for movement This was her satisfactory choice after searching for suitable clothes that would fit both of them.And comparing with this world, their own world seemed to have more common sense. If they followed his will, about a non-royal nor blood-related person becoming the king, then she will lose everything, so her goal is to become the next king. R, really? She actually "felt jealous"! Celestial Dragon King, Harem Emperor. Oh my God, what am I going to do about the living expenses.

That was an unspoken fact, so Sora as usual, naturally, automatically, attempted to enter the female changing room with Shiro — But then he was chased out, which resulted in the current situation.

They seemed to be exchanging information with a communication method known only to the siblings. While the few with some common sense — Steph spoke loudly as though representing Miko: Who is it?