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Narc · NES Play Action Football · Nigel Mansell's World Champ Racing · A Nightmare on Elm Street · Ninja Crusaders · Ninja Gaiden · Ninja Gaiden 2 · Ninja. Disney's The Jungle Book. Email this Page | Printer Friendly Version. PAEGVGTA Start practice level with 1 life LAEGVGTA Start practice level with 3 lives. Looking to download the Game Genie code book? Here we have a collection of all the various game genie books for each system. From Nes to the Mega.

Nes Game Genie Code Book

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Game Genie NES Book - All Codes! [Game Genie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Game Genie codes for over NES games, from the. "GAME GENIE VIDEO GAME ENHANCER Codebook with Instructions Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, NES and Control Deck are trademarks of. But here I offer you, free of charge for anyone that wants it, the complete NES Game Genie codebook. I only ask that it not be reproduced and.

KEATZE enemies don't die when you jump on them, so by jumping on the same one over and over, you get several 1 up's.

But shooting them does kill them. Basically, just add 6 zeros to what the item was worth. So if an item was worth points, now it's worth ,, points. Actually, what this code does, is add 4 more zeros between the score and the number of coins collected. So the score counter has 12 digits, instead of only 6. The last two digits are really the coin counter, but looks like it's part of the score counter.

The code does have one little glitch. On worlds that have a light background like , the score is a little hard to see. But on screens with a dark background like , coin rooms, etc.

So if you are having trouble seeing the score in the first world , just go down the tube to the coin room, or loose a life, or finish the level. The score shows up fine in YNAOPO time starts at instead of plus about 30 seconds of invincibility at the start of every life. LXAOPP time starts at instead of plus about 10 seconds of invincibility at the start of every life.

GVAOPP time starts at instead of plus about 20 seconds of invincibility at the start of every life. Sorry, this code doesn't seem to work on the SMB only version.

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See how good your memory is. This code works on both versions but does different things.

Let an enemy touch you and see what happens. If you try to jump while running, you can barely jump at all.


But jumping when standing still, lets you jump as high as you want! All on gamegenie.

OSG You typed it all? Right, yeah. I get that. I can see the benefit of having it all in one file, but I'd think ripping it from the site would be faster than typing everything.

OSG Right, yeah. He did all of the work, so just say nice job instead of shitting on it!

Jun 16, at Looks good man! I actually like that it is in a word document.

That way I can add all of Hybrid's codes he has made. Specifically BattleKid I will probably condense it and use at least two columns per page. I have good eyes, so I will end up using a smaller font as well. It'll be a good addition to my password book!

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Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together. AllYourBass This thing is awesome, nice work dude!

Jun 17, at 6: Manual is in good condition, shows some cover wear. Game Genie shows some wear as well but appears undamaged. AS IS. No returns or refunds will be given. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Shipping and handling This item will ship to Ukraine, but the seller has not specified shipping options.No need to enter 3 seperate jump codes anymore, because this one code will do the work of all 3 jump codes in the Galoob code book.

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This subreddit is reddit's home for vintage gaming. I am in the US. Here we have a collection of all the various game genie books for each system. In addition, Galoob also ran ads in certain gaming publications, such as GamePro , that featured codes for newer games. I checked them all out, added the text to the download, and also have a link to scans of the booklets, for those interested. Some games do not work with the Game Genie see "legal issues" below.