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Jack Campbell is the pen name for John G. Hemry, a retired naval officer. John graduated from the US Naval Academy before serving with the surface fleet and. Jack Campbell - The Lost Fleet 01 - Dauntless - dokument [*.epub] Praise for The Lost Fleet: Dauntless 'A solid, thoughtful, and exciting novel loaded with edge. Jack Campbell - The Lost Fleet 02 - Fearless - dokument [*.epub] Praise for the novels of Jack Campbell 'Jack Campbell has written the most believable space.

Jack Campbell Epub

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Descargar PDF Descargar MOBI Descargar EPUB Jack Campbell Admiral John “Black Jack” Geary was revived from cryogenic sleep to lead the Alliance. Author: Jack Campbell. Publisher: Penguin Group, USA. This ebook has been viewed (5 times) in our site. To visualize, please go to the main page. Triumphant by Jack Campbell (The Genesis Fleet, #3) English | Marital Law by David Brown English | | Science Fiction | ePUB | KB My name is .

The future was supposed to be smooth. Smooth and clean and bright. It wasn't supposed to be rougher and more worn than the past.

Everybody knew that. But then, wars weren't supposed to be apparently endless, going on and on and draining the smoothness and brightness from a future that could now only afford efficiency. Why did they want him? But an order was an order, and if he lost the structure of discipline now he might find he had nothing left at all.

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He exhaled heavily, then stood, his legs stiff from inner and outer cold. He braced himself before opening the hatch, not wanting to face the people outside, but finally yanked it open and began walking. The passages of the Alliance battle cruiser Dauntless were crowded with enlisted personnel and a leavening of other officers. They made way for him as he walked, creating a narrow path that seemed to magically open and close just before and behind him as he plodded steadily toward the shuttle area.

He kept his eyes unfocused, looking straight ahead and not seeing their faces. He knew what would be reflected on those faces.

He'd seen the hope and awe, neither understanding nor desiring it. Now he knew that awe would be joined by anguish and despair, and he wanted to see those faces even less than before. As if he'd let them down, when he'd never promised them anything or claimed to be anything more than he really was. The crowd suddenly jammed solid before him, and he had to halt.

A junior officer looked back and saw him. The junior officer had dirty hydraulic fluid smeared across one side of her face and a light cast on one arm to cover an injury from the recent battle. Her uniform showed scorch marks on the side of the injured arm. Geary knew he should say something to the officer, but he couldn't find any words. Her sudden enthusiasm made her seem impossibly young and somehow made Geary feel even older. You felt that last shock, didn't you?

We had to jettison some fuel cells before they blew. But we'll be ready again soon. We're not beaten yet. Are we? We can't be. The lieutenant blinked. Go down two decks and forward from there. That should be clear. It's good to see you, sir. It's good to see me? Geary thought. A momentary heat of anger warred against the ice inside him.

But he just nodded and replied without inflection. Despite his attempts to avoid seeing, he caught glimpses of faces now, faces with the same anguish and lit with the same insane optimism when they caught sight of Geary. Admiral Bloch waited at the entry to the shuttle dock, along with his chief of staff and a small crowd of other officers.

Bloch motioned to Geary and drew him aside to speak privately. Unlike the others, Bloch seemed less despairing than stunned by the recent battle, as if he still weren't quite able to grasp what had happened. They insist that I and every other flag rank officer participate in person.

We're in no position to refuse their demand. His eyes were dull, too. He hadn't really considered that before now. His seniority dated from the day he'd been promoted to Captain. That had been a very long time ago. And with that seniority would come responsibilities.

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The fleet needs you. I thought, a lot of people thought, it was a harbinger of good luck. But Bloch's eyes weren't simply dull, Geary now saw. They were dead. He finally just nodded slowly. This fleet is the Alliance's last hope. You understand of course. If something happens ,,, do your best.

Jack Campbell

Promise me. But breaking the ice inside him would be too hard, and a stubborn sense of duty insisted he couldn't refuse Admiral Bloch's request. Do you understand? Ask Captain Desjani.

She knows and can explain. This ship must get home. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. But the Alliance fleet was running for its life, and Sutrah, deep within the enemy territory of the Syndicate Worlds, was but a necessary stepping stone on the way to ultimate safety. Or the Syndicate fleet commanders had guessed wrong, which was just as good.

No minefields had awaited the Alliance fleet as it exited from the jump point, and the enemy warships so far spotted posed no real threat to his fleet. No, the major threat to his ships remained inside the fleet itself. Geary kept his eyes on the three-dimensional display projected before him, watching to see if the neat ranks of the Alliance formation would dissolve into chaotic pursuit of the Syndic ships as discipline gave way to a desire to get in on a kill.

He had slowly learned why she and the others in the fleet felt that way. The Syndicate Worlds had never been known for the humanity of their rulers or for concepts like individual freedom and justice that the worlds of the Alliance held dear. The unprovoked, surprise attacks by the Syndics, which had started this war, had left a bitter taste that still lingered, and over the century since then, the Syndics had taken the lead in a race to the bottom when it came to win-at-any-price tactics.

Geary had been shocked to learn that the Alliance had come to match the Syndics atrocity for atrocity, and even though he now understood how that had happened, he would never tolerate it. He insisted on abiding by the old rules he'd known, rules that tried to control the rage of war so that those fighting it didn't become as bad as their enemies. Geary checked the system display for at least the tenth time since sitting down.

He'd already memorized it before then. The jump point his fleet had exited was just under five light-hours from Sutrah. Two worlds in the system were inhabited, but the nearest of those to the fleet was only nine light-minutes from the star. It wouldn't see the arrival of the Alliance fleet in this system for another four and a half hours. The other inhabited world was slightly farther away from the fleet, a mere seven and a half light-minutes from Sutrah.

The Alliance fleet wouldn't have to go close to either as it transited Sutrah Star System en route to another jump point on the other side from which it could make the leap to another star.

Around the depiction of the Alliance fleet on the system display, an expanding bubble marked the area in which something like a real-time picture of events could be evaluated. Right now, the fleet could see what the closest inhabited world had looked like four and a half light-hours ago. That was a comfortable margin, but it also allowed a lot of time for unanticipated events to pop up and surprise you when the light from them finally arrived.

The star Sutrah itself could've exploded four hours ago, and they wouldn't see the light from the event for almost another hour.

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Geary nodded, then frowned. The massively outnumbered Syndic force they'd encountered at Corvus had nevertheless fought, with only one ship ultimately surrendering but three others annihilated.

The Syndic commander there cited Syndic fleet regulations as requiring that suicidal action. Why are the Syndics here behaving differently? Captain Desjani gave Geary a surprised look.

Desjani, like so many of the other sailors and officers in the Alliance, had been fed propaganda about the Syndic enemy for so long that they believed it all, even when it didn't make sense. Why are these running? That was a fair assessment, reflecting everything Geary had once known and what he'd seen now. If they've got light units posted at the other jump points, and we can see that as of a few hours ago they did, what advantage do they gain by having someone right here? Their report still goes out at light speed, and since they can't get through us to the nearest jump point, they won't be able to jump out quickly.

So why? Anything above the plane of the system was up, anything below it down. The direction toward the sun was right, or starboard, or even starward as some urged , while the direction away from the sun was left, or port.

Using that standard convention, the Syndic light warships had been below the position of his fleet and were now fleeing up and slightly to the left. Why would they run in a way that brought them closer to his fleet?

Unless running in that way had another purpose. Geary drew an intercept line from his ships to the Syndics, the curving course tracing through a region the Syndics hadn't gone through.

Geary was still waiting for the reply when he saw three destroyers and a heavy cruiser suddenly break formation, leaping forward under full acceleration to intercept the fleeing Syndics.

You fools! Without waiting another moment, Geary keyed the fleet command circuit. I say again, up three zero degrees. Immediate execute. There are mines along our projected track. Break up from your current course immediately! Up three zero degrees. You are entering a minefield. The Alliance fleet was spread across light-minutes of distance.To survive, Glenlyon needs more firepower, and the only source for that is their neighbor Kosatka or other star systems that have so far remained neutral.

The Syndic tactic would've worked perfectly there, before the training you insisted upon taught the fleet better discipline. Realizing that the Enigma race will note their absence from Midway, Geary intercepts another Enigma race attack at Midway, which the Syndicate Worlds are observing.

Why did they want him? Before Iceni and Drakon can put their house in order, they must deal with another threat.

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