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ISUZU D-MAX 4JJ1 ENGINE SERVICE (PDFy mirror). The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser. ISUZU D-MAX OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download. Isuzu Dmax Manual Transmission Oil as a manner to realize it is not provided in this website. By clicking the. We use cookies to give you a better online experience. By continuing you agree to our Cookie Policy. Continue. New Isuzu. The Isuzu Range.

Isuzu Dmax Manual Pdf

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ISUZU D-MAX OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download. isuzu dmax owners manual Isuzu D-Max. The Isuzu D-Max is a pickup truck built by automaker Isuzu since. Free PDF Downloads for all Engine sizes and models for Isuzu D-Max. Isuzu Dmax Manual - [Free] Isuzu Dmax Manual [PDF] [EPUB] View and Isuzu D Max D Max Holden Colorado Rodeo Workshop Manual.

Its current name - Isuzu Motors Limited - the company received in In , in response to the growing post-war demand for the production of cars in Isuzu developed the DA80 - Japan's first V8 diesel engine with water cooling, as well as set up the combustion chamber with direct injection with an improved design, which has sparked interest in the automotive industry due to their improved performance.

And in , signed an agreement on technical assistance to the British company Rootes, Isuzu launched its first passenger car, is a copy of the British Hillman. In he went 2-ton truck Elf, which began very successfully sold through DA economical diesel engine and excellent permeability in combination with a load capacity and durability.

Isuzu D-Max In fact, it came to diesel engines, Isuzu has been a pioneer in many respects. DL capacity cc - For example, the first diesel engine for passenger cars it was released in For him, Isuzu has received an award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. In the same year he completed the construction of the test site Hokkaido. In the same year, Isuzu has developed the world's first system for quick start diesel engines, which allows to avoid long warm-plugs. The system, which includes ceramic candles with high heat resistance and an electronic control, has become a mandatory component of diesel engines, especially in passenger cars.

On trucks Isuzu was the first to apply the regulation of electronic diesel engines. The following year, , in the Japanese market Aska model was released, equipped with the NAVI-5 - 5-speed transmission with electronic control.

Remove the camshaft gear. Remove the sub gear assembly. Take care not to damage the camshaft cams and journals. Check if the cam lobe is worn. Inspect an end clearance of the camshaft. Inspect the camshaft visually. Remove the dowel pin. Height of the cam lobe mm in Inlet Exhaust Standard External diameter of the camshaft journal part mm in Standard Check if the camshaft journal is worn. Measure an end clearance of the camshaft before disassembling. Dowel Pin If the measured oil clearance exceeds the limit.

Limit 0. Install the camshaft gear. If it exceeds the limit. Camshaft Gear replace the camshaft bearing. Measure a camshaft journal oil clearance.

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Read the difference between the inside Legend diameter of the camshaft bearing and the 1. Camshaft diameter of the camshaft journal. Install the dowel pin. Use a press to install the camshaft gear to the camshaft. Measure an inside diameter of the camshaft bearing with a dial gauge.

Check if the camshaft is runout. Check the crankshaft to make the No. Press against the between camshaft driven gear and sub gear. Install the sub gear assembly. Damper Spring 4. Press the sub-gear into place. Exhaust Camshaft Gear camshaft to mark of bearing cap 2. Align mark on intake camshaft and exhaust 1. Remove the M5 lock bolt of fixing sub gear.

Idle Gear D up the bearing cap with the prescribed torque. Tighten the bolts to the specified torque. Install the camshaft assembly. Install the baffle plate. Adjustment of valve clearance. Camshaft bearing caps. Exhaust Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly 8. Valve Stem Oil Seal 4. Fuel Injector Clamp Intake Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly Valve Stem End Cap. Valve Spring 5. Bolt Long 9. Split Collar 7. Pin 2. Bolt Short Spring Lower Seat 3. Spring Upper Seat 6. Fuel Injector Assembly Bolt Special tool Valve spring replacer: Do not use the removed oil seal again.

Remove the valve stem end cap. Remove the spring lower seat. Remove the split collar. Remove the valve stem oil seal. Remove the spring upper seat. Remove the cylinder head. Remove the valve spring. Check the valve spring visually and if there is clear damage or wear. Valve spring squareness. Measure tension of the compressed spring. Valve spring squareness mm in Limit 2. If the measurement is lower than the limit. If the measured value exceeds the specified limit.

Install the valve stem oil seal. Install the valve stem end cap. After installing the valve stem oil seal.

Install the valve spring. Install the split collar. Special tool Valve stem seal installer: Move it up and down to check if it moves smoothly. Install the spring upper seat. Install the spring lower seat. Install the cylinder head. Timing Chain Tensioner Note: To avoid electric shock. Fuel Injector Clamp 5. Cylinder Head 2. Removal Set the switch to the 'OFF' position and disconnect the 1. Remove the engine head cover. Drain the engine coolant. Timing Chain Tension Lever 3. Timing Chain Guide 4.

Intake and Exhaust Valves 8. Fuel Injector Assembly 6. Glow Plug 7. Fan Shroud. Lower Fan guide 7. Clips 1. Remove the cooling Fan.

Upper Fan Guide Legend 2. TDC 3.

Remove the battery. Intake Hose for Turbocharger and Intercooler 9. Remove the intake hose and duct. Nut 2. Intake Duct for Turbocharger and Air Cleaner 3. Disconnect each connectors. Intake Hose for Intercooler and Intake Throttle 2. Legend Do not reuse the fuel leak off hose clips.

Bolt 1. Remove the exhaust front pipe. Remove the EGR cooler water pipe. Remove the EGR cooler heat protector. Remove the harness bracket. Catalyst Converter 2. Loosen the nuts of catalyst converter and turbocharger. Disconnect the Front drive shaft 1. Turbocharger Remove the turbocharger engine oil feed pipe. Remove the fuel return pipe and hose 1.

Remove the turbocharger water return pipe and Remove the turbocharger water feed pipe 1 and hose. Timing Chain Cover Lower. Remove the vacuum hose 1. Remove the water by pass pipe 1.

Timing Chain Cover Upper 2. Remove the timing chain cover lower. Remove the glow plugs 1. Remove the timing chain cover upper. Remove the fuel injection pipe. Remove the fuel injection pipe clip. Remove the baffle plate. Remove the camshaft bearing caps. Remove the fuel injector assembly. Remove the camshaft.

Bolt Long 3. Bolt Short 4. Keep the removed rocker arm shaft assembly properly so that they may be put back to the original place. Exhaust Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly 2.

Install the lock bolt for camshaft scissor gear. Remove the rocker arm shaft assembly.

Intake Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly 5. Remove the timing chain tension lever pivot. Nut Remove the chain guide bolts from cylinder head. Remove the idle gear D. Remove the timing chain from supply pump sprocket. Remove the timing chain tensioner.

Isuzu D-Max Service and Repair Manuals.

Remember the original position. Timing Chain Tensioner 2. Pay full attention so as not to drop the parts in the gear case of the front part of the cylinder head or a hole into which oil pours back in the front.

Remove the intake manifold assembly. Remove the cylinder head assembly. Refer to procedure for valve stem and valve in this manual. Replace the head gasket with a new one once it is removed. Remove the turbocharger. Remove the cylinder head bolt 1. Do not reuse the cylinder head bolt. Remove the water outlet pipe. Remove the throttle assembly. Remove the cylinder head gear case nuts 1 and Remove the exhaust manifold assembly. Special tool Remove the intake and exhaust valve.

Valve spring replacer: Remove the valve guide. Special tool Valve guide remover and installer: Pivot assembly: Use a straight edge and a thickness gauge to measure the four sides and the two diagonals of the cylinder head lower face. Cylinder Head Lower Face Warpage 1.

Remove the oil seals. The cylinder head lower face cannot be regrind. Inspection Make the necessary adjustments. The cylinder head lower surface warpage is more than the limit. Exhasut Manifold Warpage mm in Standard 0. Regrind the manifold cylinder head fitting surfaces if the measured values are greater than the specified limit but less than the maximum grinding allowance.

If the measured values exceed the specified limit. If the measured values exceed the maximum grinding allowance. Valve Stem Outside Diameter Measure the valve stem diameter at three points. If the measured value is less than the specified limit. Use a caliper calibrator or a telescoping gauge to measure the valve guide inside diameter. Measure the valve stem outside diameter. Intake and Exhasut Valve Thickness mm in Standard 1. If excessive wear or damage is discovered during inspection.

Use a depth gauge or a straight edge with steel rule to measure the valve depression from the cylinder head lower surface. Install the valve 1 to the cylinder head 2. Valve Depression mm in Standard 1. Measure the valve contact width. Make smooth the valve contact surfaces.

Use the free adjustment valve cutter pilot. Do not let the valve cutter pilot waver inside the valve guide. Remove only scratches and roughness. Check the valve contact faces for roughness and unevenness.

Be sure not to harm the cylinder head. Do not apply too much pressure with the press. Remove compound completely after grinding.

Attach compound on the valve seat surface. Arc-Weld 2. Contraction due to cooling makes it easier to remove the valve seat insert. Valve Seat Insert 3. Valve guide remover and installer: Install the valve guide. Press 2. Attach Compound 1. Install the oil seal. Valve Seat 2. Special tool When replacing the valve guide. Oil Seal Installer 3. Select the cylinder head gasket.

Cylinder Head Gasket Selection Cylinder head gasket is determined by the piston head projection from the cylinder body upper surface. Install the intake manifold assembly. Install the intake and exhaust valve. Select the appropriate one out of three grades of gasket. Refer to the illustration for the piston head this manual. Exhaust Manifold in this manual. Install the rocker arm and shaft assembly. Cylinder Head 3. Install the valve spring lower seat.

Three types of gasket are provided with difference of thickness. Install the exhaust manifold assembly. Use a dial indicator to measure the piston 7. Before measurement. Install the turbocharger. Install the throttle assembly. All measuring 8. Obtain the maximum value in the four cylinders. Measure the points 1. Determine the gasket grade required to the maximum value described above in accordance with the following table.

Difference of each piston projection must be equal or within 0. Select the gear case gasket. Calculate the average value of the piston head projection on each cylinder. Install the water by pass pipe. Tighten the bolt to the specified torque. Install the cylinder head within 5 minutes Tightening torque: Do not reuse cylinder head bolt. Install the cylinder head bolt. Apply liquid gasket ThreeBond B or equivalent at the two locations.

Install the cylinder head gear case bolt and nut. Apply soapy water to the O-ring. Install the rocker arm shaft assembly. Install the tension lever. Install the chain guide bolt from cylinder head. Install the vacuum hose 1.

Exhaust Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly 1. Attach the hook of the timing chain tensioner. Yellow Link Tighten the nuts 3 to the specified torque. Install the timing chain tensioner 1 and the 3. Install the timing chain with idle gear D. Attach the hook 5 to the pin 1 to hold the plunger in place.

Blue Link gasket 2. Insert the plunger 2. Timing Mark Install the timing chain tension lever pivot. Exhaust Camshaft Gear 2. Intake Camshaft Gear 3. Unlock the tensioner hook. Install the camshaft bearing cap. Align mark on camshaft to mark on camshaft Legend Install the timing chain cover upper 1. Remove the lock bolt from the camshaft gear.

Install the fuel injector. Tighten the glow plug to the specified torque. Install the timing chain cover lower. Install the cam end gasket.

Tighten the nut to the specified torque. Cam End Gasket 2. Install the glow plug. Glow Plug Connector 2. Install the baffle cover. Liquid gasket 1. Refer to procedure for Cylinder Head Cover in this Tighten the bolts and nuts to the specified torque. Install the glow plug connector. Tighten the bolt and nut to the specified torque. Bolt Legend 2. Install the fuel injection pipes. Tighten the fuel injector clamp bolt to the specified Tighten the bolt to the specified torque.

Isuzu D-Max Service and Repair Manuals.

Install the engine oil level gauge guide. Connect each connector. Install the fuel injection pipe clip. Fuel Injection Pipe Tighten the injection pipe to the specified torque.

Nut 1. Refer to procedure for automatic transmission in this manual. Clip Tightening torque: Install the turbocharger water return pipe. Legend Tighten the bolt to the specified torque. Install the turbocharger engine oil return pipe 1. Turbocharger Water Feed Pipe Tightening torque: Install the turbocharger water feed pipe. Install the intake hose. Upper and lower. Install the EGR cooler water pipe. Install the harness bracket. Refer to procedure for Turbocharger and Exhaust Manifold in this manual.

Install the radiator fan shroud. Connect the front drive shaft. Install the exhaust front pipe. Intake Hose for Turbocharger and Intercooler Install the fuel leak off hoses 1.

Install the EGR cooler heat protector. Install the engine head cover. Piston Pin 5. Remove the gear case assembly. Snap Ring 4. Bearing 4. Demount the engine assembly. Remove the camshaft assembly. Remove the connecting rod cap. Piston Ring 6. Piston 2. Remove the oil pan. Connecting Rod 3. Sort the piston rings in the same order as the cylinders LNW21BSH when reusing them so that they are not confused with 4.

Remove the piston and connecting rod. Sort the removed bearings according to cylinders by using tags. Clean the piston.

Visually inspect the piston for cracks. Remove the piston ring. Be sure not to damage the oil jet and cylinder block when pushing out the connecting rod. Sort the disassembled piston pins. Remove the snap ring. Remove the piston pin.

Remove the connecting rod bearing. Remove the connecting rods from the piston. Do not use a wire brush to clean the piston because it scratches the piston. Sort the bearings in the order of cylinders when reusing them so that they are not confused with the bearings of other cylinders. Inner diameter of the cylinder block. Cylinder block inner diameter mm in Piston replacement. Measure the gap between the piston and the inner diameter of the cylinder block.

Thrust C If the gap exceeds the standard value. Radial B Oil ring 0. Grade 2. Inspect the piston ring. It must be perfectly horizontal. Front Mark Cut 8. Inspect the piston pin. Until that time, since the development of the world's first diesel engine which happened thanks to the German engineer Rudolf Diesel in , no one in Japan has not found ways of its practical application in the automotive industry.

While many private companies have made attempts in this direction. In , Tokyo Ishikawajima Ship Building and Engineering signed an agreement with the British company Wolseley Motors and in began to gather at the factory trucks under license.

The first released model called A Alliance was named to Automobile Industries Co. The following year, , Automobile Industries Co.

He founded the Committee for Research on diesel engines - it was part of the labor policy of the then president of the company Tomonosuke Cano Tomonosuke Kano. And two years later, in , he was born in Japan, the first diesel engine with air-cooled - DA6. This was a major breakthrough in the development of diesel engines in Japan.

And in , Automobile Industries merged with two other companies and changed its name to Tokyo Automobile Industries Co. In , Tokyo Automobile Industries is the only company to receive permission from the Japanese government on the issue of diesel vehicles.Install the gear case cover.

Remove the intake hose and duct. Oil Filter Cartridge Removal Installation 1. In accordance with the agreement reached between Isuzu and General Motors, Isuzu is actively working on diesel engines, GM group performing in the role of an expert in this field. Insert soft metal protectors aluminum between the vise and component.

Confirm that the crankshaft turns smoothly. Matters that require attention in terms of If more than 5 minutes has elapsed, remove the maintenance existing liquid gasket and apply a new liquid To prevent damage to the engine and ensure reliability gasket. Install the engine oil level guide tube. In May , it was announced the new interim business plan Isuzu - V-Plan.