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Interface Zero Hacking - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. TESTE. Interface Zero - Hacking - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Requires Savage World rules. This PDF is best viewed with the most recent version of the adobe Reader Hacking brings a much needed update to the In- terface Zero it's been nearly two and a half years since interface Zero was first released for.

Interface Zero Hacking 2.0 Pdf

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Interface Zero Hacking - In , the Tendril Access Processor connects The PDF has a short intro from Gun Metal Games' David Jarvis. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: This mini PDF requires Savage Worlds and Interface Zero for maximum use, as it is an overhaul of the hacking rules from Interface. Savage Worlds - Interface Zero - - The New York Reclamation Savage Worlds - Interface Zero - Hacking pdf, , MB.

I want any new edition I do to address these issues. I've talked with developers such as Sean Patrick Fannon about ways to streamline elements of the game and make them more Fast, Furious and Fun; things like totally revamping the hacking rules, addressing balance issues with cybernetics, and especially dealing with hacking. The philosophy behind hacking was to make it as simple as possible, base it on skill use, and essentially make it a 2 or 3 step real-time process. Setting elements of Interface Zero were designed so that characters who wanted to hack wouldn't get into situations where they were off in some remote locale, totally separate from the group.

I didn't want to have hacking play like a mini-game, and I think for the most part, the setting elements supported that. In practice, though, there were issues. Most skills in Savage Worlds are based around a Target Number of 4, with raises increasing the effectiveness of what your character is attempting to do.

This didn't work well with hacking, because in order to make certain things more perhaps realistically, perhaps unrealistically difficult, like hacking more secure systems and networks, I had to introduce penalties to skill rolls. Trying to hack into the most secure database or network had extreme penalties, and even having your skill maxxed out didn't make things easier, or even possible without acing rolls. Definitely not FFF! Hyper combat, while interesting as a concept, didn't work out well at all.

Interface Zero - Hacking

In retrospect, I believe we were trying to do way too much at one time. There were other issues, like programs called engrams , creating them, and keeping them balanced with everything else. Hyper gloves link a user's TAP with computer networks in She might simply get locked out of the system or. Gun Metal Games Like any piece of technology. In truth. The main book will introduce advanced hacking concepts which augment the Basic rule set.

During that time. I have decided that it's time to look at the core concept of the Deep and streamline it. The main change is the additional of three modes of the Tendril Access Processor. Keep in mind. You all have been very helpful with your feedback and suggestions for this new incarnation of the rules.

In light of these comments. The target number varies depending on the type of system being hacked. The consequences are determined by making a simple roll on a failure chart for each system. Failure on a Hacking roll means not only does she not succeed in her task.

For starters. I want to thank everyone who has been involved with this project up to this point. This approach provides a level of versatility which should please GMs who don't want to learn a ton of new rules or constantly flip through a book during a game session just to find a specific number for a certain computer system.

In an attempt to deliver something that was and I believe still is conceptually unique. I say for the most part because interestingly. If you've ever played the Mass Effect video games.

[Gun Metal Games] So, a 3rd edition of Interface Zero

The core of the basic system is a very simple use of the Hacking skill roll compared to a target number. I would be simultaneously alienating another. I've had the opportunity to talk with many fans of the game setting and get their opinions of the game and the setting rules. Put simply. The flexible penalties act like a dial.

Your VR armor and Firewall ratings are increased by 1. Mode Specialist. Unlike other script kiddies who just wanna look cool. Expert Hacker Hacking Edge Requirements: You ignore up to a -2 penalty applied to firewalls when a system goes on Active alert.

Interference Background Edge Requirements: Novice Something about your electromagnetic signature makes you harder to hack. To gain this bonus for an additional mode you must take this edge again and apply the bonus accordingly.

Mode Specialist Hacking Edge Requirements: Hacker Professional Edge Requirements: Hacking Smarts: As the name implies. Advanced Programming Hacking Edge This edge is removed. Knowledge Programming Smarts: This skill is no longer used.

Characters in Interface Zero no longer start with an automatic d4 in hacking. You re-write it on a whim. All attempts by opponents to hack you are made at a -1 penalty. And let's face it. Mode Expert Hacking Edge Requirements: Hacker Professional Edge. Programming Hacking Edge This edge is removed.

You ignore up to a -4 penalty applied to firewalls when a system goes on Active alert. Expert Hacker. Cool Under Pressure. This edge may be taken once for each mode type.

This only applies to a single mode. You suffer a -1 penalty to all Hacking rolls when hacking in this mode. With the major version of this edge. Your toughness is considered 1 lower for when taking VR damage.

Interface Zero Full Metal Cyberpunk (Savage Worlds) PDF

I don't speak your street slang. If you know what hyper reality is. I don't hang with your pals. Hyper gloves make it possible to manipulate and even create digital representations of objects like vehicle schematics. In other words. Every time you see. Simply put. First things first. I'm not only doing YOU a favor. If you're knowledge is a bit fuzzy.

When you hack those signals. I'm also watching the backs of my friends out there. It's there when you're working. Just sayin'. Hyper reality is a digital overlay of the world around us. In order to hack hyper reality however. While hyper gloves were originally designed for legitimate uses.

We'll see about that. While you and I may never work together. What they can do legally. I know I could have just said " understand?. But now.

The glove translates the neural signals in your brain into commands which are keyed by hand gestures. I don't know you for squat.

Ya better get a few different languages under your belt if you want to communicate effectively in this brave new world. For most people.


It's information presented in countless ways. Hyper reality is there when you drive your car or walk down the streets. Hacking 2. But for people like you and I. The underlying code is still based on the old programming. Back in the old days. Table 1: The price per trait raise is also noted.

This hacking bonus will vary depending on the quality of a hyper glove. Each range increment imposes a penalty to the Hacker as if they were making a ranged attack as per the Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition rules.

Hyper glove traits languages. Hackers tend to upgrade their own hyper gloves If you know how to alter those icons.

This trait determines the maximum distance in game inches an object can be and still be hacked. Today blocks of code resemble icons that represent universally accepted concepts. Signs with golden arches or a red-haired girl in pig tails A Basic Hyper glove has the following statistics: VR ARMOR One of the security features of a hyper glove is its ability to generate a dampening field that protects against harmful bio-feedback signals generated by IC Intrusion Countermeasures and attacks by other hackers.

Just like any piece of tech. You're not spending hours writing a language. VR Armor. Each above object. These symbols and multitudes of others Table 1: We call them traits. There are four important traits which make up Table 1: Hacking bonus every hyper glove. This translates into a bonus to their Hacking rolls. Hacking Bonus. Switching from one mode to another is a free action.

If a hacker takes control of a device that is normally operated by use of a skill like Piloting for a plane or Shooting for a gun turret she must have that skill to use the device.

In this mode. While in edit mode. They can rewrite. If the hacker gets a raise on the initial Hacking roll the item is completely destroyed and must be replaced. She shifts her hyper glove to destruction mode. The yellow screen shifts to green and the other digital panel with the list of commands flashes back to the foreground. These items can be fixed with a successful Repair roll. This is where destruction mode comes into play.

The pipe bursts in a number of places. Two guards bravely or perhaps stupidly stand in the center of the hallway. A raise inflicts the damage rating of the hacker's hyper glove on the object. The sentry gun shuts down with a whirring noise and rises up into the ceiling.

Still in edit mode.

Midway down the hall. As her pals return fire. The alarm was activated by a pressure sensor in the floor. If the vehicle has any VR armor. With another flick of the wrist. Success on a Hacking roll incapacitates simple items cameras. The goal is to illustrate the possible uses of a hyper glove. In destruction mode. When in destruction mode. She shifts back to edit mode. It also teaches you basic ways to find and construct shelter.

A lethal mode module allows the user to generate enough bio-feedback to inflict lethal damage against other hackers in Virtual combat. If you use a MOD for skill rolls. When running this mod.

Typical VR overlays include Fantasy simulations. Micro material analyzers within the glove compare the item to the database and calculate the authenticity and monetary value of the item. This is handled like any regular Shooting roll. VR armor still shields against this bio-feedback.

Biology rolls. This bonus also applies to appropriate Notice rolls. The Tool expert will analyze a machine and display a 3D hyper-reality image of the items needing to be repaired while guiding the user through a step-by-step tutorial. These analyzers— sensitive enough to read DNA samples— scan evidence and compare it to an onboard database of various samples ranging from bullet casings and fabrics to hair follicles and fingerprints.

Once an object has been hacked. Some hyper objects have stronger defenses than others.

The Game Master decides that the blast doors are more heavily protected than other areas in the installation. Example 1: Making a Hacking roll is a regular action.We're all having to pay for the latest patches to the old operating system…Most of us at least.

We're working on a bit of errata, and the next update will have the bookmarks as well. As the Hacker doesn't jump into the system, instead he manipulates objects in rea [ Only one day of effort to write an engram worth 10k, certainly not!

System shut down. The Tendril Access Processor is over fifty percent organic. Should the hacker succeed on the roll.