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Interface Zero is a cyberpunk game with adult themes. Interface Zero is created by Peter J. Wacks, David Jarvis, Hal Maclean, Matt Conklin jr., and. Savage Worlds - Interface Zero - - Adv - Drip By Bloody, , KB. file, Savage Worlds - Interface Zero - - Adv - Extraction With. FROM GAZA WITH LOVE. Interface Zero is created by Peter J. Wacks, David Jarvis, Hal Maclean, Matt Conklin Jr., and Patrick Smith. Development: David.

Interface Zero 2.0 Pdf

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Interface Zero - Core Rulebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Core Rule book for Interface Zero , a Scifi Setting. FULL METAL CYBERPUNK!In a not-so-distant future, the world has been ravaged by global warming, subjected to the horrors of nuclear war and natural. Get Instant Access to Savage Worlds: Rpg: Interface Zero By Anonymous # bb EBOOK. EPUB KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online.

Anyhow, I get my bearings, shake the dust outta my hair and suddenly realize, I just captured the perps on Digifilm! I follow the red hover car all the way out past the Sea Wall, where it lands on this Chinese freighter.

Judys pushin her range limits at this point, so I call her back. He grabs a glass of water, his hands shaking. The drones feed showed three large, muscular men in regular clothing exit a hover van adjacent to one of the targets of the attacks just moments before it exploded. Facial recognition software identified one of the men as First Sergeant John Moore, a member of the North American Coalition regular army.

The MEDIAfile goes on to follow the three men as they jumped into an unmarked hover car that took off and shot over the Boston sea wall to land on a freighter bearing Chinese markings. The vessel promptly sailed east into international waters.

Tell us what happened next, Penny prompts. I cant say anything else about that. I think theyre still watching me In fact, this interview is done. The video feed cuts to white noise. How much of the ocean remains unmapped?

Augment List. TAP Range Upgrades. Sample Hyper Objects. Campaign Power Levels. Xenomorph Other Attributes. TAP Firewall Upgrades. Medical Treatment Cost.

Interface Zero Livro Básico - Taverna Do Elfo e Do Arcanios

Twists And Complications. Dramatic Conflict. Gang Activities. Submachine Guns and Shotguns. Xenomorph Dermis. Baseline Payouts. Communication Equipment. Avatar Upgrades. I think he needs a hug: What I need is a ticket to Mars. What follows is a brief overview of the major events that have shaped the world in which we currently live. Oh Billy. Some speculated a Canadian black ops unit known as taskforce Harfang did the deed.

Instances of racial violence erupted across the North American Coalition as law enforcement officials began arresting zeeks. The Racial Purity Act also outlawed the use of psychic powers within the borders of the nation. If you have a TAP. The Revolution IS Coming. The Mandarinate is becoming an imperial power. All I can say is.

The past two years have seen a number of major events take place in the world. N intervention. Do the research. The Global DataNet was flooded with conspiracy theories. What was true at the time I acquired it may not necessarily be accurate now. Ask If just one or two things would have happened. That said. Others went on to claim the NAC was behind the attacks. All genetic modification parlors and simulacra production facilities were ordered to shut down. It was just as bad for hybrids like myself.

The NAC is just a patsy. Things are about to get crazy. An estimated 2. So here we are in January. Various watchdog organizations were created. The Great Lakes Union. Are you finally coming to understand the truth? China did carry out the bombings.

You know full well that information. Just look at what they are doing with Russia now. When those genetic modification parlors shut down. Governments across the continent decried the draconian tactics and called for U. You again? I told you no mystic bull shit. Insanity is a weak word for the weakminded. The MEDIAfile goes on to follow the three men as they jumped into an unmarked hover car that took off and shot over the Boston sea wall to land on a freighter bearing Chinese markings.

With the genie down. I get my bearings.

Interface Zero Full Metal Cyberpunk (Savage Worlds) PDF

In what will be his only interview. I just captured the perps on Digifilm! I follow the red hover car all the way out past the Sea Wall. I lost a ton of money on that bet. It might have been orchestrated by agents working for Charon. Facial recognition software identified one of the men as First Sergeant John Moore. As the days stretched into weeks. What a load of crap.

Charon is an AI. Thinking it was going to result in violence. Can you not add another useless one to the stinking heap? Puns intended? As you all know. The vessel promptly sailed east into international waters.

Nobody has seen or heard from him since that interview. Prove it. What may appear as insane to you might simply be someone having achieved enlightenment and living according to a higher truth. How much of the ocean remains unmapped?

As the situation evolved. You sound like a fool. Charon is an emergent AI. Numbers can be fudged to make things seem more dramatic than they really are. Swindon and the Manchester-Liverpool sprawl. I do know the vast majority of the weapons are made by Act of God Armaments. President Bonheur responded by disbanding the armed forces of France. I Kant W8! Earthquakes register at a certain scale and get downgraded all the time.

Former Lieutenant-Colonel Adrien Boucher. Stopwatch will halt it in its tracks. Fair enough. U should C the zones. Amen brother. Statistical data can be hacked. The world burned for about a week until programmers could fix the problem with firmware updates and hot patches to get the filters up and running and an off switch installed. On June 27th. The elections were rife with scandal. Militias are forming. Germany was crashed by a previously unheard of virus named Charon. They always catch these things.

All attempts to rebuild the original databases failed. Thus far. In fact. Evar since the last expansion dropped in spring I know one thing. The truth is. This has caused numerous issues. The president responded by declaring martial law throughout France until the renegade movement could be put down. Over the next few months. Introduction Luciferion: Who do you think died trying to get it out of the D-bases in Bonn? Lock and Load U mushrooms!!

I splatter you n00bs with my AK. Some programmers and freelance hackers hired to go in and purge Charon from the databases lost their lives in the process. In the London-Reading Megaplex. Instances of mob violence skyrocketed. Dictionaries are also for the weak-minded.

Nobody has ever debunked it. Have been for a whyle now. The only question now is whether or not it sparks a singularity event. The New Pirate Party seized power after a wild.

More instances of violent protests followed in Bristol. Over forty five trillion dollars vanished without a trace. Adrien the Butcher is causing problems. They have advanced weaponry.

Of course they are. As Billy mentions. Chancellor Konrad Gerste authorized a financial bailout of the three largest manufacturers of weapons and military equipment for the German army.

So think about what I said before you scratch that itch at the base of your skull with a scalpel. All that convenience you were used to goes out the window when you unplug. Watch out! Zee Germans are cumming! LOL Klaus: And why the veiled reference to WWII? China took advantage of the weakened Eurasian Union. Why bother putting up more and more filters? It is senseless. Vast resources have been found ever since Siberia began to thaw.

So how have the above events impacted life as we stumble into ? In numerous ways. I know. Which causes a multitude of problems. Hyper Reality has become smarter. I do find it ironic that. Of course. Russian patriots have begun an insurgency. You can do that. The point is this. But no door which is designed with security in mind will open so easily. Germany is moving to a war footing. Open your eyes. Life in General As I mentioned above. By August. Mandarinate mouthpieces paint the insurgents as little more than terrorists to little effect.

So there you are in your local Malmart looking for some cloned steaks to fire up on your grill later on. And NO. You know. Try walking out of your house. Pay attention peeps. So what does this mean for you? A futile fight against powers far greater than yourself.

Introduction Sure. Sucks to be a victim of your own success. Lots of gangers wear them as trophies. Legends die. Most people approach the game as a means to an end.

If you want to survive the game. So if you drop a shot on a copsucker. The streets have always been violent. Put some creds away. So take my advice and get strapped. When you cram millions of people into a concrete and steel petri dish. This upsets the balance. Protect and serve? The only person you can count on in the concrete jungle is you.

Dreamers get sloppy. Think twice before trying to claim a badge bounty. The streets are a war zone. My advice? Find a way to deal yourself out clean. This chapter provides you with the tools you need to make a character for Interface Zero 2. The wicked always thrive in a world where violence. Human DNA is no longer a mystery. No skill may rise above d12 during character creation. Characters in Interface Zero 2. For more information on attributes.

If you are using the skill specializations rules you get 20 points for skills and each new specialization costs 1 skill point during character creation. Will you play a hacker? Perhaps a mercenary or bounty hunter is more your speed. No attribute may rise higher than d12 during character creation. They define how strong or fast your character is.

In When your character advances. Traits determine how much cyberware she can put into her body. Maybe you want to be the guy or gal! Raising any skill above the linked attribute.

Your morality marks you as prey. He spends 1 point to raise a skill to a higher die type. These are Agility. The process is the same as creating a character for any Savage Worlds game.

In the grim. Take a few minutes and skip ahead to the archetypes section in this chapter to see a variety of options available to you. Sooner or later. You have 5 points with which to raise these attributes. STEP 3: Hacking Smarts: The Hacking skill is used whenever a character wants to hack a computer network. But if you can keep your moral code. Are mercs and hunters too cutthroat for your style of play? If so. The first thing you need to do is decide on a concept for your character.

For information on all other skills. Acting like an ass can get you green-lit just as quickly as playing the role of the goody-twoshoes marks you as a sucker. Each attribute starts at d4. Firewall Penetration.

Object Editing. Cyber Surgery. Hyper Combat. Vehicle Weapon. Jump Bike. Martial arts by style. Object Control. Piloting assumes a character has the skills to pilot all types of aircraft including fighter jets and spacecraft! Pinnacle Entertainment addressed this issue by adding the Skill Specialization setting rule in the Savage Worlds core rules.

For example. Skill specializations work great for gritty settings like Interface Zero 2.

Simple failure will result in premature detonation or no detonation at all. The following list of skill specializations are provided to get you started. In theory. Using the regular skill rules. Surgery 17 Character Creation 2. If you choose to do that. Gang Turf. Global DataNet. Intrusion Detection.

Sleight of Hand. With it. Speaking of Hacking… Some skills have computerrelated specializations. Take the various Driving. Car 4 wheels. First Aid. Knowledge Programming: Characters use this skill when attempting to make any kind of change to a network they have hacked. This skill is used any time a character wants to put a satchel charge together. Successful use of demolitions can mean the difference between destruction of the target as planned.

In addition. Long blade. A Critical Failure will result in immediate detonation. Body Language. Local Area specific. The bottom line is any use of computers outside of the Hacking or Knowledge Programming skills is limited to basic data searches and information retrieval.

Run Program. Each Knowledge skill is technically a specialization of Knowledge. The skill also lets the character have an understanding of what the best type of explosive is for the obstacle. The Hyper Combat skill is used whenever a character engages in combat with another hacker or virtual entity in Virtual Reality. This skill allows a character to undo damage done as a result of a hack. Disarm Trap. Submachine gun. Suggested Knowledge Skills: The major trade languages used in Interface Zero 2.

Sport specific. Character Creation 2. Visual Interface Zero 2. I propose lumping them together into a single skill which would allow for specialization: Athletics as a catch-all for a number of physical endeavors. Each occupation has a requirement that the character must meet to take it. These contacts can be anyone from a bartender.

If your character does not have the Fighting skill. The maximum Street Cred a character can normally achieve is 10 Some Edges and Occupations can increase this number. Occupations are integral to your character concept. Additional languages can be learned by using an advancement opportunity. For more information. All characters begin play with 2 points of Street Cred. High levels of Strain can lead to death.

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Unlike Charisma. More details on Strain is located at Augments on page Each character can choose two contacts. Strain measures the amount of stress cyberware and bioware puts on your body when you install it.

For more information on Parry. These Hindrances can be removed by spending an Advance. Characters can also pick up Minor or Major Hindrances that have a lasting effect on their Street Cred score during the course of an adventure.

Charisma is also added to Streetwise and Persuasion rolls. Human characters have a base Pace of 6. All characters speak their native language. For more information on Toughness. Street Cred is a point pool that can be spent to obtain services. For more information on Pace. Strain starts at zero and each piece of cyberware adds to your Strain stat. Athletics should be used instead of Agility in foot chases. For more information on Charisma. Charisma starts at 0. This pool refreshes each adventure unless circumstances in the prior adventure like not getting the job done.

Other races in Interface Zero 2. Edges are special qualities that separate characters from the average sprawler. Every Power Level above Gutter Punk allows the players to start with at least one augment from the core book equal to or below the monetary amount listed. If the GM wants to tell a story of gang members barely scraping by.

Unspent Credits from this pool do not carry over when the game starts. The more detailed your background is. TABLE 2. Starting Credits: This is the amount of money characters start with at the beginning of the campaign. Share these ideas with your Game Master! GMs are always looking for good plot hooks and little tidbits they can use to personalize your experience at the table.

Two New Adventures for Interface Zero

In Interface Zero 2. Hindrances are physical and mental flaws that add more depth to the character. Sometimes you may want to quickly create a character for a one-shot or convention adventure.

All are built for a human character with two Edges. New Edges and Hindrances are provided later in this chapter. These credits may be spent on anything the player wishes and the GM has not barred from the campaign. These augments must be chosen from the master list of augments. If she envisions a campaign where the players are a special government task force dedicated to hunting down super terrorists.

See the Savage Worlds core rules for more information on downloading Edges and Hindrances. For those occasions.

If you wish to play a race other than human. Bounty Hunter. Independent Bounty Hunter With the balkanization of the world in Agility d6. Vigor d6 Skills: Climbing d4. Notice d6. Strength d4. They use those skills to protect and promote the interests of the government they owe allegiance to.

Smarts d6. Alternate Identity. Streetwise d8. Investigator Occupation: Bounty Hunter Contacts: Choose two Street Cred: Secret Major: Investigation d8. Agents have extensive training in various subjects including but not limited to counter-terrorism. Spirit d6. Shooting d6 Charisma: Shooting d6. Atlantica Intelligence Bureau Agents engage in a variety of operations ranging from deep cover operations. Tracking d6 Charisma: When someone must absolutely be brought back to stand trial.

Government Agent Occupation: Sometimes images can be grainy, or bleed through; it just depends on whether or not the specs are right. Hardcovers don't have customization options. They are all done in standard glossy format. Overall, the quality is good enough that I'm happy using them, but not for large print runs designed to go into distribution to games stores world-wide. For that, I go with offset printing. With offset printing, the color really jumps off the page.

It feels better to the touch. I generally use semi-gloss paper for my books, at 80lb. Binding is much better, especially for Hardcover books. With offset, I can do stuff like put custom end pages, choose stronger binding, and change the type of hardcover style, which can really improve the book as a whole.

The only downside is that it takes longer to get the books. Here are the Shipping Costs for all orders for books shipped directly from our warehouse in the United States, as well as overseas partners. Our plan is to deliver the PDF and have the book ready to go to the printer in June, After that, printing will take approximately 8 to 12 weeks, so we should be getting them right at the end of August, Once we get the books in our warehouse, we'll start shipping them to you, along with any other physical rewards you ordered.

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Risks and challenges I'd like to stress upfront that this project is not a pre-order. My team and I are working on the project as we speak, and this will get finished and released. You have my word on that, but as someone who has been publishing role-playing game supplements since , I can attest to the fact that things don't always go as planned. Writers and artists pull out of projects, or turn in manuscripts and illustrations late.

Editing and revisions sometimes take longer than anticipated. The proofs for books come back from the printer with errors that need to be fixed. These things can happen. It's a part of the publishing business. But I've been around the block, and I know that a large part of dealing with issues like the ones I mentioned above is communication.

I have regular conversations with everyone involved in this process to ensure that I know things are progressing the way they should be, and if they aren't, I roll up my sleeves and work with my team to find the best solution to a problem before it gets out of hand. As a backer, you'll receive regular status reports from me about this project.

If I do happen to run into issues that might delay this project, you'll be the first to know it. Questions about this project?He may activate this power using his Spirit as the arcane skill die. Console Cowboy. This is a fantastic Fate Core cyberpunk game. Laborer simulacra are only designed to live for ten years. Fighting d6. Tap Applications. The lender is also likely to be more…unhappy with defaulted payments. Your character knows people.

The reasons may vary.