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Service Manual Download new firmware from the HP Web site. To install the HP Digital Sender c, the computer system must have the following. use the software to install and manage networked products effectively. Network For instructions, see the user guide that came with your product. NOTE The HP EWS for the HP C Digital Sender supports IPv6 on the Information,. Settings . Manuals or user guides for your HP c Digital Sender. Note: Use the most current version of the reader for viewing these PDF user guides by clicking the " Adobe" link below. You will be taken to the Adobe site to download the reader.

Hp 9250c Digital Sender Manual Pdf Download

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The HP C Digital Sender connects directly to your network converts You can also install the included HP Digital Sending Software (HP DSS) program to. HP C DIGITAL SENDER MANUAL PDF DOWNLOAD NOW HP C DIGITAL SENDER MANUAL PDF READ ONLINE HP Color C Digital. HP Digital Sending Software 4 uses your existing LDAP or NTLM . HP c Digital Sender, power cord, User's Guide, DSS 4, documentation CD, Mylar kit.

The following table describes each button.

Home button. Touch the home button to go to the Home screen from any other screen. Start button. Touch the Start button to begin the action for the feature that you are using. NOTE: The name of this button changes for each feature. For example, in the E-mail feature,the button is named Send E-mail. Page 23 Navigate the Administration menuFrom the Home screen, touch Administration to open the menu structure.

You might need to scroll tothe bottom of the Home screen to see this feature. The Administration menu has several sub-menus, which are listed on the left side of the screen. Touchthe name of a menu to expand the structure. Continue opening the structure until you reach the option that you want to configure. Page 24 Default Job Options menuUse this menu to define the default job options for each function. If the user does not specify the joboptions when creating the job, the default options are used.

Page 25 Default E-mail OptionsUse this menu to set default options for e-mails that are sent from the device. Use a lower setting to createsmaller files. You can optimize the output for text, pictures, or a mixture. If you select Manually Adjust, you can specify the mix of text and pictures that will most often be used. Use the setting to adjust the lightness or darkness of the output. Background Cleanup Adjust the value within the range.

Increase the Background Cleanup setting to remove faint images from the background or to remove a light background color. Sharpness Adjust the value within the range.

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Adjust the Sharpness setting to clarify or soften the image. Choosing higher quality for output increases the size of the output file. Use this feature to select the resolution. Use a lower setting to create smaller files.

HP c Digital Sender

Specify whether the will be in black or in color. Use this feature to specify the TIFF version to use when saving scanned files. Choose the file format for the file. NOTE: Values shown with " default " are the factory-default values. Some menu items have no default. The device exits sleep mode according to this schedule. Using a sleep schedule helps conserve energy and prepares the device for use so that users do not have to wait for it to warm up.

The factory default setting is 15 seconds. If the stream of data that the device receives for a job gets interrupted, this setting indicates how long the device will wait before it reports that the job has failed. Embedded Jetdirect See Table Jetdirect sub-menus on page 21 for the list of options. Host Name An alphanumeric string, up to 32 characters, used to identify the device. This name is listed on the HP Jetdirect configuration page.

An address in the form x.

Subnet Mask: The subnet mask for the device m. Syslog Server: The IP address of the syslog server used to receive and log syslog messages. Default Gateway: The IP address of the gateway or router used for communications with other networks.

Idle Timeout: The time period, in seconds, after which an idle TCP print data connection is closed default is seconds, 0 disables the timeout. Legacy: The address is set, consistent with older HP Jetdirect devices.

Specify the IP address n. Off default : IPv6 is disabled. On: IPv6 is enabled. Address Use this item to manually configure an IPv6 address. The router specifies whether the print server obtains its address, its configuration information, or both from a DHCPv6 server. Router Unavailable: If a router is not available, the print server should attempt to obtain its stateful configuration from a DHCPv6 server. Always: Whether or not a router is available, the print server always attempts to obtain its stateful configuration from a DHCPv6 server.

Use this item to manually set IPv6 addresses on the print server. Enable: Select this item and choose On to enable manual configuration, or Off to disable manual configuration. Address: Use this item to type a hexadecimal digit IPv6 node address that uses the colon hexadecimal syntax.

Proxy Server Specifies the proxy server to be used by embedded applications in the device. A proxy server is typically used by network clients for Internet access. It caches Web pages, and provides a degree of Internet security, for those clients. To specify a proxy server, enter its IPv4 address or fully qualified domain name. The name can be up to octets.

For some networks, you might need to contact your internet service provider ISP for the proxy server address. Proxy Port Type the port number used by the proxy server for client support. Embedded tests help to identify whether a network fault is internal or external to the device. Use an embedded test to check hardware and communication paths on the print server.

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After you select and enable a test and set the execution time, you must select Execute to initiate the test. Depending on the execution time, a selected test runs continuously until either the device is turned off, or an error occurs and a diagnostic page appears. This test performs an internal loopback test. An internal loopback test will send and receive packets only on the internal network hardware. There are no external transmissions on your network. Select Yes to choose this test, or No to not choose it.

Select All Tests Use this item to select all available embedded tests. Select Yesto choose all tests. Select No to select individual tests. Data Path Test This test helps to identify data path and corruption problems on an HP postscript level 3 emulation device.

It sends a predefined PS file to the device. Execution Time [H] Execute Use this item to specify the length of time in hours that an embedded test will be run. You can select a value from 1 to 60 hours. If you select zero 0 , the test runs indefinitely until an error occurs or device is turned off. Yes: Initiate the selected tests. This test sends link-level packets to a remote network host, then waits for an appropriate response.

The minimum is 64 default and the maximum is Specify the length of time, in seconds, to wait for a response from the remote host. The default is 1 and the maximum is Specify the number of ping test packets to send for this test.

Select a value from 1 to To configure the test to run continuously, select 0. If the ping test was not set for continuous operation, you can choose to display the test results. Select Yes to show results.

HP C Digital Sender

If you select No default , results are not shown. Specify whether to initiate the ping test. Select Yes to initiate the test, or No to not run the test. Shows the number of packets received from the remote host since the most recent test was initiated or completed. Shows the percent of ping test packets that were sent with no response from the remote host since the most recent test was initiated or completed.

Shows the minimum detected roundtrip- time RTT , from 0 to milliseconds, for packet transmission and response. Shows the maximum detected roundtrip- time RTT , from 0 to milliseconds, for packet transmission and response. Shows the average round-trip-time RTT , from 0 to milliseconds, for packet transmission and response. Shows whether a ping test is in progress.

Yes indicates a test in progress, and No indicates that a test completed or was not run. When viewing the ping test results, this item updates the ping test data with current results. Select Yes to update the data, or No to maintain the existing data. However, a refresh automatically occurs when the menu times out or you manually return to the main menu. Link Speed The link speed and communication mode of the print server must match the network. The available settings depend on the device and installed print server.

Select one of the following link configuration settings: CAUTION: If you change the link setting, network communications with the print server and network device might be lost.

Auto default : The print server uses auto-negotiation to configure itself with the highest link speed and communication mode allowed. A T half-duplex selection is not supported. For more information, see the embedded Web server guide on the device CD. Menu item Values Description Address Validation On default Off This option enables the device to check syntax when you type an address. Valid addresses require the sign and a ". Copy the local Send settings from one device to another.

HP DSS is a software package that handles digital sending tasks such as faxing, , and sending a scanned document to a network folder. Use this feature to select a different language for control-panel messages. When you select a new language, the keyboard layout might also change.

Keyboard Layout Select the keyboard configuration from the list. Use this feature to select a different layout for the keyboard.

The factory default is 60 seconds. Use this feature to specify the amount of time that elapses between any activity on the control panel and the device resetting to the default settings. Use this feature to set the amount of time that a clearable warning appears on the control panel. Use this option to configure the device behavior when the device encounters certain errors. Menu item Sub-menu item Values Description Event Log Show button Use this features to view such device events as errors or a calibration.

Calibrate Scanner Calibrate button Use this feature to compensate for offsets in the scanner imaging system carriage head for ADF and flatbed scans. You might need to calibrate the scanner if it is not capturing the correct sections of scanned documents. Control Panel LEDs Use this feature to make sure the components of the control panel are functioning correctly. Restore Factory Settings Restore button Use this feature to restore all device settings to their factory defaults.

This menu is intended for use by authorized service personnel. The guide comes with devices in which an HP Jetdirect print server is installed.

Use the following procedure to change the IP address manually. Scroll to and touch Administration. Scroll to and touch Initial Setup. Touch Embedded Jetdirect. Touch IPV4 Settings.

Touch Config Method. Touch Manual.

Touch Save. Touch Manual Settings. ENWW Network configuration 33 42 Touch IP Address. Touch the IP Address text box. Use the touchscreen keypad to type the IP address. Touch OK. Set the subnet mask 1.

HP c Digital Sender

Touch Subnet Mask. Touch the Subnet Mask text box. Use the touchscreen keypad to type the subnet mask. Set the default gateway 1. Touch Default Gateway. Touch the Default Gateway text box. Use the touchscreen keyboard to type the default gateway.

Digital send functionality is through IPv4 only. These cards support multiple network protocols and operating systems. HP Jetdirect print servers facilitate network management by allowing you to connect a device directly to your network at any location. Refer to the HP Jetdirect print server documentation for more information.Help is available for many menus on the right-hand side of the touchscreen.

Or, to open the global Help system, touch the Help button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Adjust the media guides until they are snug against the media. The Secondary email feature is designed to work with one of these third-party software programs for users that require an extra measure of data security.

Choosing higher quality for output increases the size of the output file. This test sends link-level packets to a remote network host, then waits for an appropriate response. Windows networking systems: Provide the domain name. Any warranty support needed would be completed by the reseller that sold the product.