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Take my word for it - don't never let nobody make a movie of your life's story ' Forrest Gump is back! The lovable man for all ages captured America's heart in. Forrest Gump is back! A little older, and wiser in his unique way, he is still running through the kaleidoscopic events of our times—and straight into the age of. Get this from a library! Gump & Co. [Winston Groom] -- The job-hunting adventures of an unemployed widower with a daughter to support. He is Forrest Gump.

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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The continuing adventures of You- Know-Who. Gump & Co. Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction. Ebook Gump & Co. by by By Winston Groom. Forrest Gump captured our hearts in the #1 New York Times bestselling novel Forrest Gump, and. download the eBook Gump & Co. by Winston Groom online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia today.

Nov 30, Brittany Young rated it liked it. Both of these books are strange.

I could t stand the original. A rambling author does nothing good for a book; R. Stine writes better. Killing Lt. Dan pissed me off as well. Oct 24, Grahame rated it liked it. I laughed quite a bit when reading this. It was written after the movie was made and the endearing bits of the movie seemed to lead the author to include those types of stories.

I didn't find the writing too flash but the story overall was very readable. Oct 11, Jay DeVine rated it did not like it. THis sequel should never have been written. It is atrocious. Aug 02, Judd rated it liked it Shelves: Reread the first one so I figured, what the hell? Let's give Gump and Co. It is a sequel to the novel Forrest Gump, a story about an idiot savant with a seemingly low IQ and the wild situations he finds himself in.

Refer to my other review if you like, or just grasp the gist that if you loved the movie and hold high expectations for similarity, you will be handily disappointed. With that out of the way, I think Gu Reread the first one so I figured, what the hell?

With that out of the way, I think Gump and Co. I think Groom deserves a tip of the cap for writing this after the movie came out and doing it true to his characters. The movie was groundbreaking and amazing while the book is light and humorous. I'm sure that's gotta be a double-edged sword.

So I think this book is partially a continuation in the life of Forrest Gump but I also think it's a response to an acclaimed movie that largely wasn't Groom's own. There are a couple of jabs at the movie while also acknowledging that it was great in its own right. It takes a big person to pull that off and Groom does it well.

I enjoyed the adventures that Forrest got himself into and there were plenty more of them the second time around.

I had to look up a couple of references and was surprised to find out that they were true events done by real people. Not with Forrest Gump of course, but once again, Groom manages to capture the people whom he satirizes while greatly exaggerating them.

I won't give any away but there was an obscure pull or two that made for a great succinct story while setting up the bigger picture.

There was an emotional moment or two that also made me appreciate the book a little more. It's a humor novel and it never takes itself too seriously but the characters are thought-out enough that when misfortunes occur, we the readers can empathize and feel for the character.

As far as drawbacks, I would just say that this is more of the same from the first novel. I wasn't expecting anything fantastic in terms of growth or curve balls but the situations changed while the characters remained largely the same. Once again, not expecting War and Peace but I would weigh it in as a factor between three and four stars.

If you want something easy and enjoyable that will make you laugh out loud, jump into Forrest Gump's world. Just do yourself a favor and appreciate it independently from the film.

Gump & Co.

Otherwise the comparisons will outweigh any potential enjoyment and you'll miss out on a good time. Jun 24, Oleksandr Fediienko rated it really liked it. I adored the first novel, and it's sequel did not disappoint. Groom's articulation of Forrest's speech is a delight to read, he has a unique ability to portray Forrest for the genius idiot he is - it's amazing! This novel continues the journey with the same pace and unexpectedness as it's former does, delivering unbelievably memorable moments each ark.

The sequel adds another layer to Forrest, the father, the provider. With this, it allows Groom to take Forrest to new heights and lows - with their accompanied rewards and punishments. The inclusion of the movie was a beautiful touch and I appreciated that, especially with the Tom Hanks feature.

Gretchen was a beautiful touch to the story, and it warmed my heart when reading her remarks and disposition towards Forrest, despite her limited English; "i am so glad you came tonight, I have been missing you, Forrest", and proceeds to plan a picnic.

She then digresses at Forrest's proposition and states "ach! This American football, I do not understand. But if you want me to go, Forrest, then I will go. I also enjoyed when she squeezes his arm when he informs her of his leaving. Her affection and compassion is later realised in her letter to Forrest, which entails her missing and worrying about him.

Overall, their reunion and relationship is beautiful, and I am overjoyed when contemplating how my Gretchen will enter my story. Concluding the novel with the premiere, and little Foryest's declaring to be Forrest's son, is a sweet finale to the story of Mr Gump.

He now has it all; a proud son, a beautiful partner, steady business, friends from his adventures all around, legacy, and his now-passed friends well wishes. Forrest's tale is over, he humbly resigns from his position and closes the curtains on his life for us to be a part of: And I'm okay with that.

Une chouette lecture vraiment sympa de laquelle on sort avec le sourire. Jan 21, Ryan rated it did not like it. In the first book, Forrest Gump is a goofy, lovable idiot who has no power over the situations he manages to get himself into — no matter how absurd — and he more or less always does the right thing.

This sequel, a cash-in effort if there ever was one, is a follow-up to both the first book and the movie Somehow the kitsch works in the movie; here, it just projectile craps all over everything.

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Oct 09, Roberta Sallee rated it it was ok. Loved the Forest Gump movie. In reading the original book, I could see that the movie screenwriter had taken all the best bits from the book and made them better. The movie made Forest endearing and the incidents funny, the book, not so much.

When I read an article saying the Tom Hanks didn't want to do a the sequel, although another Gump book had been written, I decided to give the book a try. I read it quickly, but just to get through it, not Jenny was still alive long enough for the son, who hadn't lived with Forest growing up, to be introduced as a young man Forest, meanwhile, had lost all his shrimp fortune by the book's start he'd been duped as well as not much shrimp was available anymore.

Situations related to famous historical events or people were still included, but not as widely known and nothing ended up as positive It wasn't a pleasant book.

Gump & Co.

I'm glad I read it, but I don't recommend it. Forrest Gump on kuin Arto Paasilinnaa amerikkalaisittain. Aug 27, Kev Willoughby rated it did not like it.


Quite possibly the worst book I have ever read in my life. I tried to look past the fact that Forrest Gump is the narrator and that poor grammar and spelling are just part of his endearing character, but even the plot itself was very choppy and poorly arranged.

This "franchise" is one of the very few book series that is easily dwarfed by the movie it inspired. Tom Hanks portrays a beloved character on the silver screen, but Forrest Gump is a nuisance to be endured on the written page. Whoever th Quite possibly the worst book I have ever read in my life. Whoever the screenwriter was for the movie deserves every accolade that the movie has earned. Without the movie, this book doesn't sell.

As a sequel, the only audience for this book will be fans of the original movie, but any time or money spent on this tale is wasted. Please verify that you are not a robot. Would you also like to submit a review for this item? You already recently rated this item. Your rating has been recorded. Write a review Rate this item: Preview this item Preview this item. Winston Groom Publisher: New York: English View all editions and formats Summary: The job-hunting adventures of an unemployed widower with a daughter to support.

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Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Be the first. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Similar Items Related Subjects: Life -- Fiction. The three are persecuted by an overzealous lawyer, whom Forrest thinks " acts like he is the mayor ".

The trial is soon disrupted with news of a crash , and pandemonium ensues. Forrest is knocked out in the mayhem, wakes up in his penthouse to be met by two MPs , who tell him that due to an error in being medically released while in Vietnam, his enlistment has yet to expire and he is back on active duty.

He is taken from New York to a remote post in Alaska, while his son stays behind. Forrest considers Alaska a nice change of pace from the superficiality of Manhattan, but is worried about being separated from his son, and pays exorbitant shipping fees to send Little Forrest an Inuit totem.

By chance Forrest also runs into Mr. McVicker, who lost his pig farm due to Forrest's dung power accident and has moved to Alaska. McVicker is surprisingly forgiving, saying he wanted to be near the sea, but is also a heavy drinker, and after a riotous party with Forrest, the two commandeer an oil supertanker. Forrest accidentally crashes the tanker when trying to subdue McVicker. In the environmental hoopla that ensues, the Army spirits Forrest out of the States and decides to quiet his involvement, as court-martialing a Medal of Honor recipient would look bad.

Forrest is then assigned to the reputed worst job in the Army: While in West Berlin, Forrest is reunited with Sergeant Kranz, who is now working alongside him, and he is now known as Private Kranz as he suffered a separate misfortune. Kranz said that back in Alabama, they used Forrest's idea of selling organic trash to the local farmers and made a windfall budget, celebrating with a new club and hiring a famous exotic dancer.

The commanding general stood atop a table and had his hair lopped off by a ceiling fan, getting him in an awkward explanation with his wife. Similar to Forrest, the Army decided to toss away Kranz by reducing his rank and sending him to Germany.

Forrest, however, is glad to be reunited with his Vietnam war buddy, and both men laugh at their turn of events. Forrest also meets an attractive blonde woman named Gretchen, who works in a beer hall. Originally from East Germany, Gretchen was spirited to the West, but her family still remains in the Soviet zone.

Forrest and Gretchen start dating, but when Forrest suggests downloading Little Forrest an oompah horn, Gretchen thinks he cannot afford such a gift on a private's salary and suggests better rapport could be built through writing letters explaining his situation in Germany.

When Forrest's background in pro football is discovered, he gets recruited for the Sour Krauts, the unit's football team, to play against an intelligence unit, the Wiesbaden Wizards.

Forrest certainly does not consider it the extent of when he played with the New Orleans Saints, but noted the Wiesbaden Wizards sure knew every play pattern.

During the game, Forrest punts the ball, which flies over the Berlin Wall, causing another turn of events where people in both East and West Berlin start breaking the wall with sledgehammers. Gretchen is overjoyed to be reunited with her loved ones, but Forrest is chewed out by the base commander. Forrest protests it should be celebrated that the Cold War is ending peacefully, only to be told the Cold War provided the backdrop for choice postings and espionage events, which Forrest has ruined the rationale for.

Norman Schwarzkopf is shocked at this, while privately praising such initiative, he remarks they got all of them in trouble with President Bush as it was not in the orders to get Saddam, and orders Hussein returned. They do so, taking Hussein to the outskirts of Baghdad.

However, right afterwards they are hit by friendly fire. Forrest and Kranz flee to safety, but not Lt. Dan, who says his time has come like all his ancestors who died in an American war.

Forrest starts harvesting oysters and builds it into a very successful business with the help of Forrest Jr. Dan's death is ironic given his oft-mentioned enthusiasm for oysters.

The office decor includes the Jonathan Swift quote "He was a bold man that first ate an oyster". When thinking about investing the proceeds, he meets Bill and Hillary Clinton at Whitewater. The business had been threatened by locals angry that the competition was racially integrated, and Forrest defends Kranz against the bullies.

The final chapter deals with Forrest arguing with Forrest Jr. Forrest also marries Gretchen, and his story gets put into film , causing Forrest to remark "Well, you know that one". A sequel had been in the works, due to the success of the first book and film, [6] but was delayed after the September 11 attacks [7] and languishes in development hell ; the script for the sequel was submitted on September 10, , a day before the attacks.

A screenplay was written by Eric Roth based on Gump and Co. In , Paramount took another look at the project, [8] but nothing came of it.

The proposed film was mentioned in Cecil B. Demented , a John Waters film. Larry King reportedly called it "the funniest novel I ever read".English Number Of Pages: Hopewell, but Forrest cannot remember the ingredients added, and Forrest is given a new job in Coke's research and development department.

There was an emotional moment or two that also made me appreciate the book a little more. Jul 09, Horace Derwent marked it as to-read. The office decor includes the Jonathan Swift quote "He was a bold man that first ate an oyster". I grew up with four disabled siblings and though their disabilities made certain things harder for them, they didn't have a hard time "succeeding" as the stereotype leads us to believe.

First edition. This sequel, a cash-in effort if there ever was one, is a follow-up to both the first book and the movie Forrest and his son get jobs at a pig farm owned by Mr.