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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Firefox now has its own pdf'ing capability. PDF toolbar, the add-on reads the page out of the browser and does an HTML-to-PDF conversion. Extensions do not change, they are, and files automatically open in Adobe Acrobat, but icons became "firefox HTML documents". After "Refresh"ing Firefox, it now by default saves a file with the page title, such as the following (example is Adobe Create PDF extension).

Firefox Ing Pdf As Html

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we would have stuck with pdf'ing our webpages rather than trusting There is a mitigation process at to. It places a button on your toolbar -- just click it to save the current page as a pdf. It uses Pdfcrowd html to pdf online service. If the button is not. When I click on PDF links Firefox tries to save them instead of opening them. This is so even though in "Options" under "Applications" I have all.

Afterwards, you should re-enable the setting in FF because evidently, there is a war going on and we innocent folks are in the middle of it.

When you use the Print method, Acrobat intercepts the static printout generated by Firefox and you should immediately get a Save dialog. On the plus side, you get live links and the appearance is better on some sites that have especially ugly printouts.

On the minus side, form fields look absurd and it can be quite slow. I still use the printer driver and add-on from Acrobat XI so your new version may work differently. This preference no longer exists in Firefox This is listed in about: Also, what extension are you talking about installing?

That extension is properly signed so even in older versions of Firefox that allowed signature exceptions, there's no need to do so. Modified August 2, at 8: Yes, I get immediately a Save dialog but once I click save, that's when Adobe kicks in and FF takes a long time to create the pdf. My question wasn't about the add-on.

Using files from web applications

I don't use it Also, you can't print a whole gmail thread - only with the regular print - create PDF dialog can you print nicely a gmail thread. I also have set to keep background images so it comes out perfect.

Modified August 2, at 9: Thanks for the suggestion. I don't mind an ugly footer as I only print emails from clients that approve work to be sent to print so it's really just for my records. About your XI version I have only printed pdf's from gmail but just for testing purposes, I tried to print the home page of my own site. It was stuck for 36 seconds until it finally opened the pdf page.

It was mainly stuck on "checking fonts". I attached both screenshots. Please test my site homepage and tell me how long it takes to print pdf from your XI version.


The site is: I see what you mean about the spinning A now. The results are inconsistent. Usually after Firefox's progress bar completes, a panel appears above the icon saying the PDF is ready, and it opens instantly not necessarily in that order.

But sometimes the same panel floats there and the PDF doesn't actually open for more than 5 seconds.

Accessing selected file(s)

I'm not sure why that is. Did you try clearing all the preferences Firefox has stored for the printer in about: Fix printing problems in Firefox. Yes, I've tried that. I guess it has to do with the Adobe version I'm using. Anyway, I installed pdfFactory and it works great.

Although it's not the solution for FF, I'll mark it as solved and not spend more time researching this. Probably the simplest way to do that is using a bookmarklet.

That's a short script you save on the Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu so it's easy to run. Here are two examples:.

Right-click a spot on the Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu where you would like to add the button, and choose New Bookmarks. Then click the Add button to save the bookmarklet. To test it out on a page, just click.

If you would like something more customized for that particular site, there's a good chance it's possible, so feel free to ask. Thank you! Once I'd added the "Title Save" extension, the "Save File As" option showed the original filename which is how I want to save the files.

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Click into the Old Firefox Data folder on your desktop. Then you should see: If none seems obviously useful, try this instead: In the file, search for any part of the extension's name and you should see information such as the following example is Adobe Create PDF extension: If you skim through the parameters, hopefully you can find the full title.

Read this answer in context 1.

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This thread was closed and archived. Then I right clicked on one of these firefox html documents and chose "open with Adobe reader". The other options described above and in other threads did not fix the problem for me.