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'Bottle Of Lies' Exposes The Dark Side Of The Generic-Drug Boom

Issues in bioequivalence The author also chooses to underplay the nuances of the debate on bioequivalence of generics and the innovator product. There are also criteria — called biowaivers — by which bioequivalence testing requirements, especially involving human participants, can be waived safely.

And these waivers are applicable for many of the generic drugs in common use. In addition, there are at least a dozen other parameters on which quality is to be established. Quite a few manufacturers in India comply with these quality requirements. For instance, the National Drug Survey showed 26 of the 46 samples picked up from retail outlets in India and that were manufactured by Pfizer Maharashtra, or almost 57 per cent of the samples, to be NSQ — Not of Standard Quality — well above the national retail average of 3 per cent.

Big pharma of the West has anything but clean slates. In India, most foreign and Indian companies are also complicit in making products that are irrational, useless and harmful.

However, any amount of wrongs of Big Pharma and MNCS do not right the wrong of the Indian companies making substandard products for any market. The whistleblower The book is also the story of Dinesh Thakur, the Indian American who left his relatively secure job in Bristol-Myers Squibb in New Jersey to join Ranbaxy in India only to find there the worst of manufacturing and data integrity practices. Bottle of Lies needs to be read with due diligence.

It is basically caused by irritable bowel movements and a common reason of painful defecation and can be worse if not taken seriously. However, there is nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Here are a few simple homes remedies to decrease the irritation:. Lemon can be used to cure constipation. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon and a bit of salt in it not only purifies the intestines, but also helps in smooth passage of stool. Eating fiber rich food as dried beans, prunes, and figs can really work wonders. Such eating acts like a sponge thereby preventing stomach bloating. Raisins are also high in fiber and help a lot in aiding digestion and relieving constipation.

Triphala powder: Consuming Triphala powder acts as a great laxative. Just mixing one teaspoon of it in warms water and a bit of honey and drink it just an after wake up empty stomach in the morning. It will certainly work amazingly. They are big source of Vitamin C and a orange can give Original Source: The publication has its own office in six A class Cities across the India and headquarter in New Delhi.

Drug today was founded in , keeping in mind the need of information on the drugs that are available in the Indian market and their substitutes.

The publication has proved itself to be well known in the pharma industry. And is considered to be south Asia no 1 Medical formulation journal. Everyone in the industry has always cherished the hard work of Drug Today Team.

Get A to z drugs and medicine dictionary in India

The information that matter on Drugs or medicine and the market is found between its two covers. The continuous updating of medicine over the past two decades has made Drug Today Book as an authority and a final relied journal for drug information to the pharma industry.

View Complete Details. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. Get Latest Price Request a quote. Share via. View Mobile Number. Call Product Details. Product Specification. Everyone who matters in the Pharma Industry in this region cherishes Drug Today.

Human Drug Index

Every information that matters onmedicines and the market is found between its two covers. Constant updating of information over the past two decades has made Drug Today an Authority on the subject and thefinal word to be relied upon by the industry. We have spread our wings to neighboring countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and have subscription-based readership from across the globe.

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Our mission: To give our clients correct and accuratemedical formulation information for their ready reference. We say it with conviction based on our track-record thatDrug Today is the best medical Journal with the latestupdated medical formulation information.Eban describes accounts of companies hurriedly cleaning workspaces, shredding records and fabricating documents, even destroying visibly contaminated drugs. Skip to content Skip to menu Constipation is a disease from which people suffer frequently due improper, unbalanced and untimely eating.

Product Details. Trending News After 8 failed attempts, Pune woman gives birth to baby. The information that matter on Drugs or medicine and the market is found between its two covers. The author does not elaborate — when she advocates brands over generics — how a branded medicine, even if made by the innovator, is superior ipso facto to an unbranded equivalent.

Nor does the book spare the USFDA which has had its quota of rule-bound bureaucrats, unwilling to act with needed alacrity. Some Ranbaxy plants received warnings and other regulatory actions from the FDA, though Eban characterizes them as inadequate given the scope of the problems.

The main aim of the journal is to prove accurate and correct information to its reader and reflect as a ready reference of medicine in details.


Raisins are also high in fiber and help a lot in aiding digestion and relieving constipation.