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width of available O-rings is so wide and so closely graded that almost any application is covered. O-rings are standardized in DIN ISO (former DIN ). DIN MEASUREMENTS IN MILLIMETERS. MEASUREMENTS IN INCHES. DIN SIZE. ID. ±. CS. ±. ID. ±. CS. ±. SIZE. 1,80 X 1, DIN. Part 1. Fluidtechnik; O-Ringe; Maße nach ISO - 1. In keeping with current practice in standards published by the International Organization for .

Din 3771 Pdf

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ISO & DIN (METRIC). ID mm. TOL. ID mm. TOL. ID mm. TOL. ≤ ± ± ± ± ± ± ± The DIN o-ring standard is issued by The German Institute for Standards ( Duetsches Institut für Normung). This standard identifies O-Ring. DIN PDF - DIN Metric O-Rings Size Chart The DIN o-ring standard is issued by The German Institute for Standards (Duetsches Institut.

Image brochure. Product group Sliding Bearings. Catalogue Sliding Bearings.

Technical informations Sliding Bearings. Product group O- and X-Rings. Catalogue O- and X-Rings.

Technical informations O- and X-Rings. Instructions for storing elastomers.

DIN Metric O-Rings Size Chart

Packaging Unit O-Rings. Dimensions X-Rings. Data Sheet O- and X-Rings.

Product group V-Rings. Catalogue V- and Gamma-Rings. Technical informations V-Rings. Ethylene propylene: The cross-linking of peroxide results in an excellent resistance to steam and hot water from EPM joints, a very good resistance to other atmospheric conditions, such as UV radiation, the action of ozone and humidity, as well as a good resistance to acids and alkalis.

Flouridated: Extraordinary resistance to the action of mineral oils, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, concentrated and diluted acids, and weak alkalines.

Fluorosilicone: Compared to the typical properties of normal silicone rubbers, fluorosilicone rubber has a greatly improved resistance to oils, fuels and solvents. This applies mainly to aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, and to alcohols.

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Despite the many types of synthetic rubber available and their special characteristics, natural rubber still has an important field of application. NR Polyurethane: Seals made of polyurethane rubber stand out for their particularly high efficiency: The polyurethane o-rings show high mechanical values, such as resistance to breakage and abrasion, a very good rebound elasticity and a high level of tightness to gasses.

Their resistance to fuels and the resistance to many technical oils, especially oils with a higher aromatic content, are excellent. AS ISO JIS B unit in mm unit in inch. OR We offer O-rings in Download O-rings PDF dansk.

Smiley elite, schilles og AAA AS A Stainless steel. This standard DIN - - Beuth. PDF download Amendments; Relationship to other standards; Relevant seminars; Recommendations; Customers who bought this Is there any standard?

Bei bewegten Standard Type URI. URI — Rod Seal Standard spring material C: Stainless steel. Material: 1.

UR-Rings are delivered in following standard materials:. APG StyleData Sheet Gamma-Rings.

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