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Datavideo SE Quick User Manual 3 pages. Summary of Contents for Datavideo SE Page 1 Digital Video Switcher SE INSTRUCTION MANUAL Four-input sd video switcher. The SE AV & DV video switchers are flexible. The SE switchers also include an internal audio mixer. Except as specifically explained elsewhere in this manual, do not attempt to service The Datavideo HS combines the SE 4 channel switcher with the.

Datavideo Se800 Manual Pdf

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Every Datavideo product is available for a two week evaluation. Please check our SE's dissolve, chroma key and more than 50 built in effects with its full size keypad and . instruction book and web site explain how. Q: Is there a video. Except as specifically explained elsewhere in this manual, do not attempt to service this Thank you for downloading Datavideo's SE Digital Video Switcher. Datavideo SE is a four channel audio and video switcher where producers can combine a mix of different SD formats *All prices shown are a guide only.

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Digital Video Mixer Review:Datavideo SE

Tel: Email: info datavideo. Composite video input BNC 1c. Monitor output, composite video BNC 1d.

DV input Firewire 6-pin with cable power Page 10 2. For more information, see Using SDI, page Some General Notes on Installation There are a few other things to be aware of when you are installing and integrating the SE Please make sure you have read the Warnings and Precautions section on page 3.

There are lots of different names for these plugs. Fortunately for us all, they are not easily confused in the size and shape While all the outputs of the SE are very high quality, keep in mind that the video quality of the various formats, in descending order, goes like this: SDI serial digital , Y.

This device allows you to make the SE do certain things at the specific moment you press the trigger, such as making transitions and effects happen.

Page Quick Start Do this: Connect the recorder, input, and monitor devices as shown. Turn on all peripherals, then power up the SE Page 17 Do this: Connect the recorder, input, and monitor devices as shown.

Page 18 Do this: Connect the recorder, input, and monitor devices as shown. Page 19 Audio meters Audio input selectors and level controls Joy stick and mode selector Main Video source selector Sub video source selector Audio follow video switch Input format selector Color processor Border control Background control Mode selectors T-Bar The SE provides the ability to easily and reliably monitor video and audio at both the input and output stages.

Some of these work on a single source, and some need two sources to work.

Page 22 Border control 9. By now, you should have a good idea of some of the capabilities of your new SE Digital Video Switcher! Audio meters 2.

Audio input selectors and level controls 3. Joy stick and mode selector 4. Main Video source selector 5. Sub video source selector 6.

Datavideo SE Manuals

The unit packs a number of transitions, including fades, wipes and zooms. You can use the T-bar fader, but in practice, the automatic Play button was more effective.

The SE has 30 user-programmable effects presets to store your transitions and execute them with a single button press. The chromakey effect was easy enough to set. We trained one camera on our talent against a green chroma-wall and cued our deck to the sub-source. We pressed the Chromakey button and used the incremental level buttons to get a decent key, pushing the button to step through the various key settings there is also a color button for different colored keys.

You could distinctly tell that it was a chromakey effect.

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Of course, the quality of a key critically depends on your lighting. In our opinion, the keys we were able to create would be adequate for live projection at clubs or parties, but the unit did not offer us enough control to sufficiently key a weather person for a news broadcast.

Next, we set up a primary source and a sub-source to create a picture-in-picture PiP effect.

We selected one of the preset border colors and widths, and chose one of two PiP window sizes. We used the number pad on the board to position the PiP in one of nine preset locations, but we really liked using the mini-joystick controller to freely slide the PiP around.

We also used the joystick to adjust the color of the video, which was mostly useful as another special effect. You could use this to correct the color, but there is no substitute for proper white balancing your source cameras. Audio As an audio mixer, the SE is convenient, but will not likely replace the need for a stand-alone audio mixer for programs requiring multiple mikes.

We were able to mix the audio from camcorders connected via FireWire with four other audio sources e. When passing your audio and video through various pieces of equipment, it is possible to lose sync. The SE has a feature that allows you to match the audio with the video, although this is a very challenging process.

The output from the SE is delayed by about 0. In our tests, however, we did not have audio syncing issues.T-Bar There are lots of different names for these plugs.

Datavideo SE Quick User Manual

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Do not give power to the pins. View online or download 1 Manuals for Datavideo SE