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All you need is brainpower, discipline, and The Complete Psionics The Complete Psionics Handbook is not a reprint of the old psionics rules; it's a complete. Kemson; Expandled Psionics Previews in Z0;**g४. ardent (with a total of72 power points, not .. See the Player's Handbook for standard skill descriptions. the table equal to that of the Player's Handbook. Whether your game is more akin to the former or the latter, this book, Complete Psionic, will expand your.

Complete Psionics Handbook Pdf

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Sources include the Psionics Handbook by Bruce R. Cordell; various Mind's Eye Sean K Reynolds, and Rob Heinsoo; Complete Psionics Handbook by Steve. You've read the Player's Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER's THE PSIONICS HANDBOOK . the total energy of consciousness directly, utilizing this inner. This handbook describes over paranormal powers: telepathy, ESP, Now you can really put mind over matter with The Complete Psionics Handbook.

A result of double means power points per day, an all variable numeric effects of the increase in manifester power are maximized, as if by the level, and access to new Maximize Power feat. You Anarchic Grace Su: At do not, however, gain any 2nd level, you more fully accept other benefit a character the random nature of reality.

If you had more randomness to make your movements than one manifesting class and posture unpredictable. Even true decide to which class to add seeing and similar effects can't offset each level for the purpose of this ability. Activating the effect is a determining power points per day, free action, and it lasts for a number powers known, and manifester level.

An anarchic initiate expands her power of rounds equal to your class level. Chaotic Surge Su: You embrace through her connection to chaos When it ends, you are automatically the chaos that underlies both your treated as if enervated. As you continue. Whenever you attempt a wild surge, you can instead choose to attempt a chaotic surge. Your wild surge improves at 3rd level and again at 7th level. Once a breach comes fully your manifester level.

If you do not already have the wild into being, it has a duration of 1 round per class level you surge ability, you gain it at 3rd level.

[PDF Download] The Complete Ninja's Handbook (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook:

This ability functions can dismiss it early as a free action. When a complete breach occurs, it rips a hole in reality. Psychic Enervation Ex: At 3rd level, you gain the psy- The hole takes the shape of a foot-radius sphere in the chic enervation class feature EPH 31 if you do not already center of a foot-radius spread the same radius as a minor have it.

This larger area exists on Clarity of Confusion Su: The hole at the center is an open portal between the effects with the lawful descriptor. At 6th level, you can breach the breach at will. On a successful save, the breach being, it has a duration of 1 round per class level you can forms normally 1d4 rounds later and with enough warning dismiss it early as a free action. On a failed As a standard action, you can trigger a chaotic breach that save, the breach doesn't form at all; instead, the subject is takes 1d4 rounds to fully come into being, accompanied by pushed bodily through into Limbo.

Unless the creature discharges of multicolored light, wild gusts, and deep rum- has a method of returning, it is marooned in the chaotic bling sounds.

The breach occurs in a foot-radius spread, realm of Limbo. Once it is placed, the spread is fixed. Your ability to the various elements of cosmology intersect. During your manifest powers or use psi-like abilities is unimpeded. All constant exploration, you can offer assistance to those who other manifesters, spellcasters, or creatures must make a suffer under the tyranny of laws too narrowly interpreted manifester level check or caster level check against a DC of and might in fact delight in undertaking such causes.

Exceptions include references to a spell not There is an organization known as the Scofflaws that being expended power points are not expended, instead or draws initiates into its fold. Its mandate is to fight oppres- to material components not being expended since powers sive authority and foster a sense of independence from do not have components.

However, anarchic initiates are always Postpone Enervation: At 8th level, you discover that suspicious of doctrine and organized groups, even among cause and effect are bound less tightly then you had real- their own number. You must overcome a basic prejudice ized. You gain the Postpone Enervation feat page 57 as a in order to associate with movements or causes of any sort bonus feat.

At 10th level, you can ger this prejudice. As with a minor chaotic breach, chic initiate for a period, because the initiate understands. TABLE 2—1: If properly petitioned, however, you need not ruling councils, and other authorities. While this isn't necessarily a be shy in explaining your philosophy and offering further bad trait, open, public scorn of Officialdom tends to create powerful instruction on the topic.

Subtle, anarchs are not. Of course, populated with psionic creatures and characters.

Neutral initiates are rare, abilities of spellcasting or manifesting foes with your minor but such characters often become legendary within the chaotic breach ability—if you're working alone, be sure to ranks of their comrades, since their vision is unclouded by center the breach on yourself to have the optimal effect.

Once you gain the complete chaotic breach ability at 10th Anarchic initiates spend their days in travel and con- level, you might want to save the use of this ability until templation, with an occasional rant and wild outburst you fight against a particularly potent foe. Use it by form- usually against the foes an adventurer comes across. If successful, you have put an end to your both the cosmological implications of chaos underlying difficulties, and your opponent will probably not trouble reality and the role of anarchy in the power structures of you again.

Advancement Organization Prior to your becoming an anarchic initiate, chaos and While the vast majority of anarchic initiates avoid large orga- the nature of reality likely held some significant degree of nizations, a few loosely knit groups exist. One such group is fascination for you. Since you devoted yourself to studying the Scofflaws, made up primarily of anarchic initiates. It is almost more a concept than a group, in that surges, and the planes particularly Limbo. The rest of your it is made up of small cells that come together to accom- time is spent in practical application of your research—after plish specific tasks and then disband.

The cells have no all, psionic characters are a cerebral bunch who learn the hierarchy to answer to and act independently of any other truths of their abilities through self contemplation, at least existing cells.

Its members are expected to find their own in part. The very idea is comical, as individualistic as you ferent abilities, including those with martial, spellcasting, and the few other initiates you have met are.

While you divine, or psionic training. No cell is allowed to exist for are happy to discuss your research and beliefs with other longer than it takes to achieve a particular goal. While many initiates or wilders, you don't particularly have a need to of those who made up a previous cell might also make up the seek them out.

As random uncertainty. Because the group has no headquarters with regular wilders, it isn't a bad idea for an initiate to pick up or centralized location for meetings, it is difficult for people the Enervation Endurance feat page As you increase in to petition the Scofflaws for aid, or to take vengeance against level, the powers you choose should include ones that have a Scofflaw cell for its actions.

Of course, any time you can discover some Embersage Fenwillow, is herself an anarchic initiate. In craft- method through which to learn or add the chaos descriptor ing the organization, such as it is, she attempted to balance to a power, you should do so.

She also enjoyed Anarchic initiates can attempt to make contacts with the the inherent chaos of breaking apart and putting together a Scofflaws or similar splinter groups for information or tem- group of people over an uncertain time interval. Once someone fits the above criteria, that person is free to organize a cell of his or her own, pulling people together for.

NPC Reactions years of petrified law or orthodox tradition. Her perception of Most people are not aware that anarchic initiates draw the characters varies depending on whether they are agents their power from a mental connection with the plane of of that law or transgressors of it. Chaos and anarchy are viewed as more danger- EL Embersage Fenwillow accosts the characters during ous than law, however, so general NPC attitudes toward some yearly festival or outside the offices of a royal court or someone calling himself an anarchic initiate range from governmental institution.

Depending on their public status at indifferent to unfriendly. If an NPC actually witnesses an the time, she either invites them to join a Scofilaw cell she is anarchic initiate breaching reality with leakage from the forming or attacks them for being agents of the government plane of Limbo, the resultant fear shifts the NPC's attitude she is trying to dismantle.

An anarchic initiate can trigger a type of fit that Weakness psychic enervation can supercharge his psionic abilities—unless it knocks him Speed 20 ft. Anarchic initiates can tap into Limbo, the plane Special Actions anarchic grace, chaotic surge, surging of chaos itself. EPH Volatile Mind Ex Telepathy powers directed at Embersage cost 1 power point more to manifest. Drawn to this remote citadel, wilders travel from around The Eternal Circle was founded a century ago.

Some stories the world to expunge every last element of order from hint that the original master was a mind flayer. Graduates of their minds, embracing chaos and becoming an anarchic its halls are sworn to secrecy regarding all they see and learn initiate.

The building's structure mirrors the eternal while enrolled. This is especially true for their encounter cosmos, providing endless challenges for potential anar- with Ven'Do, which no graduate can recall once he or she chic initiates to focus their minds and hone their skills. All questions about to their craft. The school is built into the side of a rocky outcropping answered with silence. Once a visitor Powerful anarchic initiates live permanently at the site.

As students master each new challenge, they prepare initiates who wish to enter the Eternal Circle. A are allowed to move deeper into the school. Each circle multicolored crystal shard is given to each would-be initiate and challenge they overcome strips another orderly, who wishes to try the circle, along with instructions for doctrinal constraint from their minds. In the end, they the crystal's use: It is rumored becomes too great, break the crystal.

You will instantly be that Ven'Do possesses the highest status among anarchic plucked from danger and brought back here. Do not use initiates, in that he is capable of completely breaching the crystal except in dire need, however; those who use the crystal are forbidden from reentering the Eternal Circle for a year's duration.

Only break the crystal if you have no other choice. The ebon saint lives in the darkness, but seeks to expose his enemies to the light. Flitting from the shadows to learn the secrets of his enemies and dispatch them quickly, the ebon saint seeks to further his personal agenda by gathering and exploiting information on those who oppose him.

The goal of these dark infiltrators is to sneak into the lairs of their enemies, uncover their dark secrets, and expose them to the world. Whether an ebon saint seeks to right the wrongs of the world, maintain the status quo, or strike tyrannical fear into the hearts of the oppressed, he does so from the cold, unchanging certainty of the darkness in which he resides.

A fair number, however, are rogues with the Wild Talent feat. Whereas a lurk might use the shadows to achieve his ends, an ebon saint lives in them, seeking to master the art and discipline of the dire strike in the service of an ideol- ogy that is greater than any one person. The nature of that ideology is determined by each ebon saint, and is molded by his alignment and life experiences.

Bluff 8 ranks, Disguise 8 ranks. Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks. Combat Expertise, Improved Feint. Must have a power point reserve of at least 1 power point. TABLE 2—2: The class augments in a single dire strike as a single swift action , focuses somewhat on stealth, but mostly on the acquisition of provided you can pay the power point cost of each ability.

At information. Ebon saints' abilities allow them to steal what 5th level, you can combine any three of your dire augments they seek from the minds of their foes. At every level above 1st level, you gain cost of each ability. Beginning at 2nd level, you can gain level, and access to new powers as if you had also gained a insight into any hazards you will encounter in the near level in whatever manifesting class to which you belonged future that your victim is aware of.

If your dire strike is before adding the prestige class level. You do not, however, successful, you can access the creature's mind in a manner gain any other benefit a character of that class would have similar to the read thoughts power EPH The informa- gained. If you had more than one manifesting class before tion you ascertain is the nature of any hazards the creature becoming an ebon saint, you must decide to which class to is aware of within 50 feet.

Hazards include traps, enemies, add each level for the purpose of determining power points and other obstacles intended to impede you or cause you per day, powers known, and manifester level. You become aware of these hazards in only the Dire Strike Ex: Ebon saints are trained at infiltration most general sense.

You might learn, for example, that a and gathering of information through subversive means. If trap lies 30 feet down a corridor from your victim, but you study a creature for 1 round and then make a successful not the nature of the trap or how to bypass it. You might sneak attack against that creature, you gain an insight into also learn that a patrol of four guards comes down the that creature's abilities.

Using this augment costs 3 power points. For every 2 minimum 1. In addition, a creature you have used dire additional power points you spend, the save DC of the ability strike against is subject to dire augments that are unique to increases by 1.

Mind Interrogation Su: Beginning at 3rd level, you gain Once you have completed your round of study, you must the ability to steal specific important information directly make your dire strike attempt within the next 3 rounds. If from the mind of the victim of one of your dire strikes. You cannot use a deals damage, you can visualize one question in your dire strike against an unconscious opponent.

As with a sneak mind and spend 4 power points. If your victim knows the attack, you can deal nonlethal damage with a dire strike, answer to the question, you immediately know the answer which becomes important when you master the disappear as well. Steal Form Su: At 4th level, you learn the pinnacle of Shadowfriend Ex: While you are psionically focused, successful infiltration: You can become the victims of you gain an enhancement bonus on Hide checks and Move your dire strikes.

If you make a successful dire strike Silently checks equal to your class level. An ebon saint gains dire augments into that of your victim as a full-round action, as if using that function much as the lurk class feature does see page an alter self spell PH cast by a spellcaster of your ebon While a lurk's abilities cover a spread of options, how- saint level.

You can spend a of power points. You can also shift back into the form of number of power points less than or equal to your character your victim again at any time during the next 24 hours by level on a single attack. You can use your dire augments a spending 5 more power points.

Once 24 hours have a dire strike attack, not a normal sneak attack. You are subject to Indeed, without allies, you are hard-pressed to use your the same limitations as described in the alter self spell when abilities to their full effect. You can move fluidly within using this ability. Seek out flanking or near-flanking hour period that you can use, although you must pay power positions from which to strike, or else find shadowed areas points separately for each one and you must still successfully from which you can set up a dire strike.

Eventually, you can use your abilities to take on the appear- Disappear from the Mind Su: At 5th level, you master the ance of your foes, enabling you to move through enemy art of disappearing right in front of your victim. When you strongholds more easily and find the highest-ranking oppo- make a successful dire strike attack that deals nonlethal nents. At the highest levels, you can make surgical strikes, damage, you can spend 5 power points to erase your pres- gaining information and then erasing your presence from CHAPTER 2.

This works as the cloud mind your victim's mind. Advancement If you have dealt lethal damage to your victim within the This path is chosen by a lurk or rogue whose ability to bring previous 24 hours, you cannot use this ability against that down his foes has evolved into a sort of personal code, or target.

If you deal lethal damage to the target at any point even a pseudo-religion. These dedicated individuals often after using this ability successfully, it remembers everything end up gaining a reputation for their single-minded pursuit about this encounter. Ebon saints look for individuals with that drive and You must remove yourself from the victim's line of sight conviction and set out to recruit them into the organization, within 1 round of using this power, or the creature remem- making the group stronger as a whole.

You must remain out of sight for at least 1 After becoming an ebon saint, you are encouraged to minute; once this time has passed, the creature treats you as pursue your cause through whatever means you find worth- if the previous encounter never happened if you again expose while. The organization is a loose one, more a brotherhood yourself to its line of sight.

At 3rd level, the damage you deal on a individuals. You are largely left to your own devices as sneak attack improves by 1d6 points. If you have the psionic far as training and acquiring resources are concerned. As sneak attack class feature, that ability improves instead. If you the other saints look at it, if you are devoted enough to a have both sneak attack and psionic sneak attack, choose one truly worthy core of beliefs, you will find your own way or the other to improve.

One ebon freedom of movement or that give you a combat advantage such saint might be concerned with religious matters, another as psychofeedback and temporal acceleration. Nonpsionic feats with philosophical issues, and yet another with something such as Dodge, Mobility, and Spring Attack can be a great else entirely.

The one sure thread that ties you to all other help as well ebon saints is your belief that those who oppose your goals Any magic item or psionic item that enhances your Hide should be exposed and removed, or as the saints say, "rendered and Move Silently checks boots and cloak of elvenkind or that unto the Ebon Dawn. Any Having a differing viewpoint alone isn't enough to item that increases the DCs for the saving throws against qualify someone to become an ebon saint's target.

To a saint's special abilities headband of intellect is desirable be marked for the Ebon Dawn, a creature's entire philo- as well. For example, an ebon saint might be convinced that slavery is the greatest Resources injustice and seek to destroy all slave traders.

Another You were initially recruited into the ebon saints by an exist- might believe that only through complete acceptance of ing member of the class, who sought you out because of your servitude will the populace at large be truly productive, strong convictions.

He trained you and taught you the basics and thus might seek to make a living in the service of a of being a saint, and how to turn your abilities to even greater terrible tyrant. Still another might believe that a specific advantage in pursuit of your cause.

Once initial training is religion is the true path to enlightenment, and seek to done, you are turned loose in the world to pursue your own expose another church or churches as a group of char- philosophy.

Like-minded saints sometimes join forces on a latans or corrupt bureaucrats. Whatever the cause he particularly difficult task, but most work alone or in small espouses, an ebon saint holds an unshakable conviction groups with individuals of other classes. Ebon slayer is more like it. On the other hand, that You should try to begin every fight from the shadows, Jaed Catt feller keeps the crime lords in the merchant district on studying your opponent to set up a dire strike attempt.

This their toes, so I'm not one to complain. Ebon saints are a great source of adventure. They are almost. A saint is excellent at uncovering secrets, so such a character makes an excellent vehicle for advanc- ing a plot. As an enemy NPC, an ebon saint can make a great recur- ring villain as he attempts to slay or stop the members of an adventuring group.

An evil ebon saint, with his enhanced ability to hide, his acceptance of the dark, and his strong conviction about the way the world should be, could be set up in direct opposition to the PCs' pursuits,. Organization Each ebon saint is governed by his own chosen system of beliefs. Where those beliefs are challenged by civic author- ity, an ebon saint is viewed as a rebel, or in some instances, a vigilante.

Where they are supported by the community, he is regarded as a hero. In almost all cases, however, an ebon saint and his allies operate outside the bounds of established organization structures. Some ebon saints share beliefs with larger groups and latch on to those organizations to further their own ends. An ebon saint with particular spiritual convictions might become an agent of a particular church, for example. Some saints become convinced that the best way to pursue their personal ideology is to recruit like-minded individuals, so they form their own organizations dedicated to those convictions.

NPC Reactions Ebon saints take pride in remaining unnoticed in the shadows.

An individual ebon saint is far more likely to be judged on his own reputation than his membership in such a nebulous organization. Those NPCs who do know of the ebon saints have an initial attitude of indifferent toward such a character. If they are among the target of the character's beliefs, however, their attitude shifts to unfriendly or even An abon saint counts the darkness as his ally hostile.

Other ebon saints are typically friendly toward such a character based solely on his status as an ebon saint. His Characters with ranks in Knowledge local can research fervent adherence to a cause can provide a handy way to an individual ebon saint to learn more about him.

_04 - Dungeons & Dragons - Complete Psionic

When a involve characters in an adventure, though it can lead to character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the follow- conflict within the group if it is relied on too often, or if the ing, including the information from lower DCs.

If he everything else. People who enjoy playing ebon saints are often attracted DC He seems to have a real bined with the freedom to set their own goals as opposed vendetta going, or someone is paying him well to keep the to having to exemplify an alignment, for example. Players pressure on. Each ebon saint class attractive as well.

Ideally, an ebon saint PC has aims is dedicated strongly to his own personal convictions, and and goals that are generally aligned with those of the other will do everything he can to reveal his enemies and expose characters. In this role, the ebon saint is a friend, if one their weaknesses for the world to see.

DC Characters who achieve this level of success can learn important details about a specific notable ebon saint, Adaptation the areas where he operates, and the kinds of activities he undertakes. Ectoplasm is the preferred medium of creation for the ectopic EL 8: Jaed Catt is a notorious advocate for fair trade, attack- adept, and his mind serves as the mold, kiln, and wheel upon ing larger merchants and crime bosses who prey on smaller which his works are turned. An adept sees each new astral merchants and shop owners in an attempt to drive them out construct he creates as a unique work of art, an exquisite of business.

An ectopic adept is more con- dise off a barge down by the docks in a coastal town. The cerned with achieving perfection by creating the ideal astral PCs might stumble upon the rogues first and be surprised construct, regardless of the transitory nature of his creations. Or, An adept seeks any opportunity, martial or otherwise, to the PCs could come upon a fight already in progress, with demonstrate his skills in sculpting the changeable astral Jaed on the ropes and grateful for any aid the PCs decide medium of ectoplasm.

Constantly looking for new ways to sculpt ectoplasm, Undercommon an ectopic adept is largely unconcerned with developing his AC 17, touch 13, flat-footed 15 mental abilities except so far as such development advances hp 38 8 HD his psionic sculpting craft. Psicraft 8 ranks. Skill Focus Craft [sculpting] , Ectopic Form any.

TABLE 2—3: Bluff, Concentration, Craft sculpting , Disguise, Knowledge all skills, taken 26 individually. Psicraft, Use Psionic Device. You frequently enjoy a level in a manifesting class to which you belonged before taunting your opponents as they are being pummeled into adding the prestige class level. You do not, however, gain submission by your latest creation. To your mind, overkill any other benefit a character of is impossible where your constructs are that class would have gained.

If concerned. You delight in using the big- you had more than one mani- gest, nastiest astral construct capable of festing class before becoming getting the job done. It's important to an ectopic adept, you must note, however, that you value your decide to which class to add constructs as much for their beau- each level for the purpose of ty as for their ability to trounce determining power points your enemies.

Combat Resilient Construct If you have more than one Su: Calling on your Ectopic Form feat, you have knowledge of sculpture access to a variety of special- and form, you can craft ized astral constructs to use more resilient astral con- in combat.

You typically be- structs. Any construct gin combat by creating an you create with the astral astral construct suitable for construct power has 2d6 the conflict at hand. Many temporary hit points that last adepts would prefer to never for the duration of the astral personally enter a conflict, in- construct power.

Ectopic Form: At 2nd level and 4th You create astral constructs to level, you gain Ectopic Form page 50 absorb the worst your opponents as a bonus feat. Call- port and help for your construct ing on your knowledge of as needed during a battle. Once in sculpture and form, at a while, after you have created an as- 3rd level you can mani- tral construct, you might use your fest astral construct as a secondary powers to support standard action once per your comrades especially if day for every class level that support allows your com- you have.

At 5th level, An ectopic adept benefit from preplanning made. No one comes and asks you if you'd you become able to better manipulate the shape of his astral constructs like to be an ectopic adept; you can seek the complex strands of ectoplasm that out training, but it is your choice to do comprise your astral constructs. Once so. Training to become an ectopic adept per day, you can manifest astral construct a second time while is like training to become a master artiste.

You practice your a construct you have created still exists. Before you attain art as part of an eternal search for perfection. Apprentice- 5th level, you can have only one astral construct created at ships among existing ectopic adepts are common, as young a time. You lose access to this ability if you do not have a number Each ectopic adept has his own style and indeed preferred of ranks in Craft sculpting equal to or greater than your forms for astral constructs.

It is the perfection of these forms manifester level. The search for the perfect You seek adventure to test your creations against all the astral construct form drives adepts to greatness or ultimate dangers the world can offer.

You purposely seek out con- failure. Some small groups of ectopic adepts occasionally flicts that allow you to create progressively more lethal come together to study and discuss their work together, but astral constructs. Other adventurers might be alarmed by the zeal with which you approach the battlefield—an without forming any overarching organization to which they owe allegiance. Feats such as Boost Construct EPH 43 are mainstays bership rolls, establishes policy, and negotiates with other to an adept.

Membership in the academy is broken down into novi- Resources tiate, journeyman, and elder ranks. Novitiates are those Once you leave your adept apprenticeship, you are largely on new to the academy who have yet to complete a full year of your own. A good relationship with your former master might membership in good standing. They are considered to be on give you some resources you can call on in a time of need, probationary status and can be dismissed from the academy but no other adept is beholden to help you.

Of course, many should they refuse to apply themselves. Unless a member wishes a troubled time. What resources does an ectopic adept need, to take up some manner of administrative task, he usually however, other than his mind and skill? After all, the Astral remain at that rank. Elders, all of whom have been part of Plane is a limitless resource, filled with all the ectoplasm an the organization for at least a decade, handle the academy's adept could ever hope to shape.

The ability that ectopic adepts have to casually create beautiful, lethal pawns to send against their enemies In regions where war is common, an ectopic adept always guarantees that the class's reputation precedes it wherever finds employment. Whether he joins an adventuring parry, it is known. NPCs who are aware of the class typically have becomes a freelance "cleaner," or slides into a virtueless a starting attitude of friendly toward an adept, if only to career as a bounty hunter, an ectopic adept has talents that avoid angering the character.

The exception to this is if the are useful in a wide variety of situations. Moreover, the NPC is involved in a conflict and knows the opposition is sculpted astral constructs created by an adept are artistic using ectopic adepts, in which case his initial reaction is marvels.

Those being thrashed by an emerald gyre astral unfriendly at best. When a character When conflict doesn't beckon, an ectopic adepts spends makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, includ- his day in study and practice, crafting astral constructs for ing information from lower DCs. Perfection isn't always found in the DC Ectopic adepts are some kind of psionic character.

Ectopic adepts are psionic shapers who specialize of form. Ectopic adepts can usually be found at the Astral Organization Sculptor's Academy, but don't cross anyone you meet there.

The Astral Sculptor's Academy is a private organization of They're touchy, and always looking for a reason to call up one psionic characters consisting primarily of psion shapers. The academy has few, if any, open Whether as a valuable member of an adventuring company, adversaries. No one in his right mind is willing to directly or as part of an enemy mercenary group, an ectopic adept is oppose a group of astral construct—creating psions, whose easy to fit into any campaign where psionic rules are used.

In addition to providing training to members in the arts Psionic characters who truly want to focus on astral con- of metacreativity and sculpture, one arm of the academy structs, their creation and use in combat, are likely to find promotes the use of its more militaristic members in the this prestige class a welcome occupation.

Since ectopic adepts armies of rich city states, powerful adventuring companies, live for battle, too much intrigue and maneuvering can spoil and other groups seeking to beef up their strength. Any their fun. To them, direct conflict is the spice of life. The ectopic adept is a well-contained class. In any game that The academy is governed by a board of experienced allows psionic rules, ectopic adepts should work well. The shapers, including several ectopic adepts.

The chairperson, organization associated with the class, the Astral Sculptor's Alliyon Dak'aris, sits at the head of the board through an Academy, is completely dispensable. It could be either. He enjoys waylaying seasoned adventurers far more than timid merchants.

From Abilities Str Dex 14, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 6 time to time, Giles even sets astral constructs against each SQ double creation, rapid creation, resilient construct, other, enjoying the self-created spectacle. The ectoplasm does a perfect job of keeping the interior of 5th—hail of crystals DC 18 , psionic true seeing the structure warm during the winter, providing more than 4th—energy adaptation, psionic dimension door, psionic adequate insulation.

By the same token, it also remains rela- freedom of movement, quintessence tively cool inside during the 3rd—ectoplasmic cocoon DC 16 , energy bolt DC 16 , summer.

Unfortunately, these can be sealed by the chairperson, who can create a this power comes along with the temptation to embrace por- seamless structure with 3-foot-thick ectoplasmic walls pos- tions of their heritage that are truly evil suck as the Illithid sessing the same toughness and hit points as stone that can Extraction feat, page Those who resist the hunger are withstand most standard attacks.

Each room of the guild hall houses an extradimensional Those who give in and indulge the hunger find their per- room with far vaster dimensions than apparent from the sonalities changing to more closely match the creature they outside of the structure. Most of theses extradimensional are becoming. Ability to manifest psionic charm. Only those who can sculpt ecto- Skills: Knowledge psionics 8 ranks. Illithid Heritage. The guild hall houses the academy's board and many of the elders.

The main focus is on duplicating the abilities protecting the Guild Hall Ectopic.

If you had more than one as you avoid temptations that would turn a less hardened manifesting class before becoming a flayerspawn psychic, psychic's stomach. Willing to sacrifice her life, appearance, and even her Illithid Blast Su: At 1st level, you gain the Illithid sanity, the flayerspawn psychic walks a dangerous road, Blast feat. As a flayerspawn psychic, you gain some addi- growing in psionic power as she slowly embraces her tional benefits from taking this feat.

As described on page secret mind flayer heritage. Some psionic characters take 61, you can channel power points into a mind blast as a up this class to gain more power, while others do so to standard action.

The blast stuns everyone who fails a Will gain greater understanding of the illithids. A few do so save within a foot cone for 1d4 rounds. As you gain because they secretly believe mind flayers to be a superior levels in this prestige class, the uses per day, size of the psionic organism. Potential flayerspawn psychics, whether multiclass or single- At 10th level, your mind blast produces a foot cone that classed, must possess psionic ability.

Potential flayerspawns stuns foes for 3d4 rounds. At 2nd, 4th, and 8th level, you gain a bonus psions and erudites page possess the proper frame of illithid feat. Choose any illithid feat for which you qualify. From this beginning, potential flayerspawns undergo Illithid feats are described on page 61 of this book. TABLE 2—4: Bluff, Concentration, Disguise.

Knowledge all skills, taken. By every race that is aware of their existence Because the offensive power of the mind flayers are considered to be the most class is so well assured, you might powerful and dangerous psionic creatures. Of course, this such as Illithid Speech. Of course, temptation is particularly strong in you continue to gain manifester characters that are already evil, or levels in your previous mani-.

Power choices. Law- Resources ful mind flayers are known for their Flayerspawn psychics generally xenophobia and would probably reject compete rather than support you if they knew your true ori- each other. You should always gin. If you have undergone distrust the agenda of another substantial physical modifica- flayerspawn psychic, assuming tion in the acceptance of your the worst—where other such heritage, though, you might characters are concerned, you look so much like an illi- are right more often than not.

You might want to "Aaaauuugghhh! Mind flayer! It can be of great use to DMs blast granted by the illithid Blast feat, page Unlike a true and players alike, allowing an opportunity to roleplay a mind flayer, you can adjust the DC of the mind blast accord- transformation that, while considered positively from the ing to the number of power points you are willing to spend player's point of view merely a means to an end , is thought on the attack.

With a few rare exceptions, it's best to put as of as a degeneration to those around them. Flayerspawn many power points into your mind blast as your manifester psychics are equally useful in campaigns that focus on level limit allows. Once the battle is in full swing, you Organization can support your allies with your psionic powers. A flayerspawn psychic spends her days much like any other psionic character would. She enjoys quiet meditation and Advancement taking the time to work through the mental exercises It isn't uncommon for established flayerspawn psychics to necessary to train her mind deeper in psionic art.

As the recruit impressionable psions and erudites to join them. It is leader of a group, a flayerspawn psychic might direct her equally likely that you learned of the process while studying allies toward jobs and quests that bring the group closer mind flayer lore.

However the knowledge becomes available, and closer to encounters with real mind flayers. If she is once you pick up the Illithid Heritage feat, it is difficult questioned about her undue interest in mind flayers, the to turn back.

The lure of greater power is too attractive to disregard. It might even be true. If problems are foreseen, changing the name of the it is unlikely that an NPC has heard of them in the sense class to something such as Legacy Psychic and changing the of any organized group. A character who has no obvious name of all the feats to something such as Legacy Heritage, physical illithid traits is met with a starting attitude of indif- Legacy Blast, and so forth with the idea that no one knows ferent.

Particularly xenophobic NPCs might have a starting the psychic legacy behind the character, even the character attitude of unfriendly, simply due to a flayerspawn's odd or himself—until some later point when the character is already unwell appearance.

In the later stages of the prestige class, the character might begin to appear like some kind of humanoid—mind Encounters flayer hybrid, depending on her illithid feat choices.

NPCs Zeth'Rin has become a flayerspawn psychic. Even if the flayer- she does not hesitate to indulge, despite a slight tinge of spawn psychic has a good alignment, they might attempt to guilt. She stalks sentient creatures, particularly those of hunt down both her and all her allies. Flayerspawn psychics a psionic bent. When a character makes a skill check, Languages Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Undercommon read or paraphrase the following, including information AC 19, touch 13, flat-footed 17 from lower DCs.

I'd stay away from them. Some who develop the powers of their mind Speed 30 ft. Atk Options improved grab, extract 2d4 Int damage with DC A flayerspawn psychic quickly learns the power opposed grapple check of mind blast.

A third, more likely possibility, however, is that a psionic character is simply Abilities Str 10, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 16 power-hungry. She can grapple Small, Adaptation Medium, or Large creatures. This class could cause problems at the table and in the cam- Hook "I can make this as painless as you'd like it to be.

You add your illumine soul —Din'elen Tiriandara, an illumine soul levels to your levels in the soulknife class to determine your mind blade's enhancement bonus on attack rolls and damage The illumine soul is a living conduit of positive energy. He is rolls and the mind blade enhancement class feature you able to forge a blade of semisolid psychic energy and infuse have as a soulknife. In addition, you can add ghost touch it with the essence of the Positive Energy Plane to deal lethal to the list of weapon special abilities you can choose from strikes to undead opponents.

As an illumine soul practices EPH This ability functions like the. The extra damage dealt. The bonuses Desirous of something more than raw psychic energy, on damage stack with psychic strike bonuses from your an illumine soul learns to reach behind the sky and form soulknife class levels.

He entwines Positive Energy Ray Ps: At 2nd level, you can project a this energy with that of his own psionic mastery to create ray of positive energy from your mind blade that deals damage a formidable weapon of brilliance that extinguishes on a successful ranged touch attack to any undead creature all shadows.

You can project such Whether multiclass or single-classed, illumine souls must a ray a number of times per day equal to your illumine soul have some levels in the soulknife class, since it is that class class level. Death Ward Ps: When you expend your psionic focus, However, while soulknives focus on working with pure you gain protection against the powers of undeath for 1 psychic energy, illumine souls infuse their mind blade minute. While enjoying this protection, you are immune to and mind and body as well with positive energy.

While all magical and psionic death effects, energy drain, and any not necessarily interested in or beholden to divine agencies, negative energy effects. This ability doesn't remove nega- illumine souls focus a portion of their studies on religious tive levels that you have already gained, nor does it affect matters to better understand the source of powerdrawn upon the saving throw you must make 24 hours after gaining a by clerics and paladins. Undead Mind Bane Su: Any non-evil.

This weapon enhancement Skills: Knowledge psionics 8 ranks, Knowledge remains constant, despite any other changes or modifications religion 4 ranks. Positive Energy Healing Su: D10 level, your connection with the Positive Energy Plane Base provides you with a healing ability that you can use on Attack Fort Ref Will yourself once per day. Positive Energy Flare Ps: Autohypnosis, can take a standard action and expend your psionic focus Climb, Concentration. Craft, Heal, Hide, Jump, Knowledge to radiate positive energy that deals damage to all undead psionics , Knowledge religion , Listen, Move Silently, within 30 feet of you.

You deal 2d6 points of damage for every Profession, Spot, Tumble. All the following are class features of the illumine soul prestige class. Once that link is complete, your Positive Energy Conduit Su: At 1st level, you forge a permanent link with the Positive Energy Plane that charges goal is to actively seek out and destroy undead every chance you get. While these feats comes to combating these horrible creatures. Just as you don't are less effective against undead, they can prove useful against rest on your past achievements in bringing undead to their any other foes you face.

It is important to remember that, even final rest, you aren't concerned with an undead creature's though much of your energy is devoted to fighting undead, accomplishments while it was still breathing.

Neither are you other challenges will materialize, some of which might be worried about an undead's current activities or philosophi- the living stooges of hidden undead masters. It is best to be cal bent.

When it comes to undead, there can be no middle prepared for a wide range of possibilities. Becoming an illumine soul is a personal decision. There Resources might exist small groups here and there of illumine souls who Illumine souls frequently find themselves welcome in the feel their goals are best served by organizing their activities churches of various religions that are devoted to the destruc- CHAPTER 2.

Where such groups exist, their primary isn't uncommon for you to expect free room and board from goal is typically eradicating undead, not recruiting and train- these groups, and possibly even a small discount on healing ing new members. As with a soulknife, you should attack with a psychic his peril. An illu- easily bridged, you can attack using your mine soul meshes well in a group that positive energy ray. If you come contains strongly aligned good char- upon undead in a concentrat- acters.

On the other hand, ardents, ed area, you can first use your clerics, and paladins have their positive energy flare to soft- own ideas about where their en up the rotting opposition powers originate that can be at before you bring your mind odds with an illumine soul's blade to bear. It isn't uncommon for you Except for a burning to join a group of adventurers curiosity about the order of on your quest.

There is safety the planes, particularly the in numbers, and undead can Positive Energy Plane, il- be crafty in combat. The lumine souls are not companions who suit particularly religious you best are typically folk. They tend to like-minded individu- take an explanato- als: They adventuring do know that it isn't companions.

They assert that deities are merely powerful the focus of the character to a similar realm, life-affirming beings who have better conduits to the Positive Energy Plane deity, or powerful item that encompasses light or life. For than an illumine soul does—which doesn't win them too instance, in an EBERRON campaign, an illumine soul could many votes for entry into religious establishments.

However, be inspired by the plane of Irian, the Eternal Day. Illumine souls are Sample Encounter welcome in such places. They are particularly welcome in Din'elen Tiriandara might engage a PC cleric or paladin in a the organization known as the Hall of the Illumine, which religious debate, public or otherwise.

He is also likely to be vaguely resembles a secular knighthood. Members are a good source of undead lore, as well as a trusted ally, should recruited from among like-minded soulknives and trained the need arise.

EL In one of their explorations below the earth, the. Once his training is complete, heaped high. Undead of various kinds also haunt the bone- an illumine soul is free to leave and in tact, is encouraged yard, and are soon encountered by the characters. Whether to do so and begin destroying undead. At the same time, necromancers Languages Common, Draconic, Elven and evil-aligned religious organizations who specialize in AC 24, touch 16, flat-footed 19 death or undeath directly are hostile toward any illumine hp 63 9 HD soul they encounter, and can be expected to attack at the Immune sleep first opportunity.

Special Actions death ward, mind blade, positive energy DC They hate undead, too. Illumine souls have a blade composed both of damage to undead their own mental energy and energy drawn from the Positive Combat Gear boots of stomping EPH Energy Plane. Besides enhancing their mind blades SQ able to notice secret or concealed doors, improved mind with the energy, they can fire rays, heal themselves, and blade protect themselves from the powers of undead foes.

As a free action, you can create a raiders with lethal accuracy. The War of Reclamation had begun, semisolid arrow composed of psychic energy distilled from and we led the way in a rain of glory. If your base attack bonus is high enough to grant —NatharaTeng, a soulbow you multiple attacks, you can create multiple mind arrows as part of an attack.

You must have one hand free to create and In the tradition of the soulknife, a soulbow realizes the project a mind arrow. Through desire alone, a soulbow creates arrow shot from a composite longbow. Soulbows who are smaller or larger than Medium nothing but her mind. You gain the usual benefit to your lethal mastery. A mind arrow is considered a magic weapon Any character with a desire to become a master of mental for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

In practice, A mind arrow can be charged with a psychic strike as if it however, becoming a soulbow requires a character to take at were a mind blade. If a soulbow has enough soulknife levels least two levels of the soulknife class to gain the throw mind to have the knife to the soul ability, that ability also applies blade prerequisite. Autohypnosis 8 ranks. You can also choose mind Feats: Point Blank Shot.

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Throw mind blade class feature. Powers or spells that upgrade weapons can be used on a mind blade. D10 requiring specific weapon choice such as Weapon Specializa- Base tion for your mind blade also apply to your mind arrow, Attack Fort Ref Will if applicable. Likewise, these enhancement bonus feat bonuses also improve your soulknife base attack bonus. Autohypnosis, the psionics-negating effect. The Mounted Archery.

You must meet the prerequisites for the abilities described here turn a soulknife into someone who is feat as normal. Feats that grant additional attacks, such as. In addition to that, the class Rapid Shot, allow you to create additional semisolid arrows of psychic energy as needed to make additional attacks. The list of potential bonus feats can be expanded by the DM materials of either bow or wooden arrow—your mind is to include any feats from other supplements that improved the bow, and it provides the psychic ammunition in endless ranged attacks.

For instance, if your game makes use of Com- quantity. With the power of your mind, you can pierce your plete Warrior, this list might also include Improved Mounted enemies at will.

Archer, Improved Rapid Shot, Ranged Disarm, Ranged Pin Other soulknives look upon your specialization with in which case the mind arrow persists until the pinned some envy, and might even ask you to train them in your character breaks the pin , Ranged Sunder, Sharp Shooting, methods.

The ability to produce both a mind blade and a and Zen Archery. This is the same Mind Arrow Enhancement Su: At 2nd level, you can promise you extract from other soulknives before helping.

From now on, mind arrows you produce as part of an attack possess that Combat special ability. You can choose any combination combat shot ability. Still, you have the ability to damage of weapon special abilities that does not exceed the total your enemies from a distance, so you should take advantage allowed by your soulbow level. Because you have the ability to swap out the ranged special Ranged Weapon Bonus Ranged Weapon Bonus ability of your mind arrow, intelligence regarding possible Special Ability Value Special Ability Value foes is very valuable to you.

All other ranged weapon group called the Reclaimers. The Reclaimers are a secretive special abilities are described in the Dungeon Master's Guide. In return, the group You can reassign the ability or abilities you have chosen lays some claim to the newly trained soulbow's affiliations. To do so, you must spend 8 hours in The Reclaimers take a dim view of self-trained soulbows who concentration. After that period, all subsequent mind arrows have no ties to their organization. At 4th level, you can attack with your are on call.

The Reclaimers are a mercenary company whose mind arrow while in a threatened square and not provoke members offers their services to organizations of commoners, attacks of opportunity. At 8th level, you can take a full attack that they might be inclined to support they have never taken action in lieu of your regular attacks to expend your psionic a commission from any king, temple, church, or merchant focus and launch a mind arrow at a target known to you guild—their philosophy is more in line with enlightenment within range.

The mind arrow travels to the target in a straight than with the enforcement of jurisdiction. On rare occasions, path, passing through any nonmagical or nonpsionic barrier you might be called upon to play a part in a short-term mission or wall on its way. A wall of force, wall of fire, wall of ectoplasm, More rarely, you might be asked to take part in a longer-term or the like stops a mind arrow. This ability negates cover, mission that could involve travel to distant areas.

You can pass concealment, and even armor modifiers, but otherwise the on the longer-term missions, but if you pass on more than attack is rolled normally. Rapid Shot should also be Organization high on your list—the more shots you make in a round, Soulbows are free to join any organization, but the organiza- the greater the chance you'll score a strike.

As far as skills tion that is most closely associated with the prestige class is go, continue to download ranks in Move Silently, since this skill the Order of Reclamation, more commonly is important for getting into a good position from which referred to as the Reclaimers. Concentration is also The Reclaimers are devoted to an important skill for you—having a ending tyranny in all its forms. The high Concentration modifier means organization accepts commissions you'll be better able to regain you from supplicants it finds worthy, psionic focus.

Resources Joining the Order: As a soulbow, you can expect The Reclaimers accept resources according to your soulknives who meet persuasive ability, like any the minimum require- other character, if you repre- ments of the soulbow sent yourself as a Reclaimer, prestige class because however, you can expect aid these soulknives can from commoners and down- be trained as soul- trodden in the form of a place bows , soulbows, and to sleep, simple fare shared with archers who use physi- a family, and—from, particularly cal bows and arrows but brave souls—a place to hide from can demonstrate su- authorities should you require pernatural, psionic, or it.

Reclaimers wear an amulet or magical prowess with shoulder patch featuring a silvery their bows. The main Authority figures of various benefit a PC can expect cities, city-states, and countries from being a member of the are beginning to take a dim view Reclaimers is the knowledge of the Reclaimers and the soul- that he or she will continue to bows and regular archers be trained in the soulbow class.

At who make up the least as important to some characters group's member- is the feeling that they are fighting the ship. If you are good fight; such characters revel in the idea that identified as a they are agents working against oppression. Reclaimer by an Headquarters: Because of the underground official of a particu- nature of the Reclaimers, the location of the lar city, even basic services order's headquarters, the identity of its top might be denied to you.

Re- members, and the structure the defines the claimers who wear their symbol group are well-kept secrets. In fact, the group has openly also have taken to wear- a central location out of which it operates—a ing a black bandanna or mask at A soulbow uses fortress located in an uncivilized waste.

Three the same time, so that once they the power of her mind to ancient psionic portals allow the Reclaimers finish a particular mission, they fuel her attacks in their Fortress of Reclamation to rapidly can remove mask and symbol to move to and from three important cities return to anonymity. Itinerant Reclaimers as the majority of the street, you'd best hit the dirt.

There's about to be a fight, and soulbows tend to be who are part of the group in the first sooner or later the city watch will arrive, hell-bent on taking the place—including player characters usually discover their soulbow down.

Who had The ardent calls on the power of cosmic forces, drawing that skill? Physically a bit stronger than ness like the first cold drop of winter rain. Although ties allow him to channel his god's beneficence into psionic you may not realize it, pitting your characters against an powers, as well as auras that help his comrades. Other games go farther down the psionics path, dispatching his enemies from the shadows.

Likewise, Expanded Psionics Handbook attacks of opportunity. Immediate Actions: Much like a swift action, an immediate Some of the class features, powers, and feats described in action consumes a very small amount of time, but represents a Complete Psionic use these concepts. A description of how they larger expenditure of effort and energy than a free action. Unlike work follows. You can perform one swift action per turn a swift action, and counts as your swift action for that turn.

You without affecting your ability to perform other actions. In that cannot use another immediate action or a swift action until after regard, a swift action is like a free action. However, you can per- your next turn if you have used an immediate action when it is form only a single swift action per turn, regardless of what other not currently your turn effectively, using an immediate action actions you take.

You also cannot use an immediate action if you allowed to take a free action. Since swift actions usually involve are currently flat-footed. Casting a quickened spell or manifesting a quickened power is Magic Items and Potions: Activating a spell completion item, a swift action. In addition, casting any spell or manifesting any activating a spell trigger item, or drinking a potion is a standard power with a casting time or manifesting time of 1 swift action action, even if the spell from which the scroll, potion, or item is 4 is a swift action.

What many do not realize, however, mantles of a chosen deify and becomes a champion of is that this nascent consciousness is a form of his faith. Different people value varying Lurk: A mentally empowered killer who focuses on aspects of this energy, whether Charisma, Intelli- dispatching his enemies from the shadows.

Each class description concludes with a starting package Those who decide to build on this holistic potential are called you can use when creating a 1st-level character of that psionic characters. Alternatively, you can roll randomly using the Psionic characters learn to tap into the energy of their following table to determine the character's gold, then consciousness. Psionic character classes embrace the energy download equipment item by item. While the psion, psychic war- rior, soulknife, and wilder offer a tremendous amount of ARDENT versatility and configurability, they're not the only psionic No two places in the multiverse are exactly alike.

This chapter presents three Creatures teem across a multitude of terrains, form- new character classes for psionic characters: the ardent, the ing infinitely diverse ecologies. Despite the amazing divine mind, and the lurk. Unlike prestige classes, new variety displayed, however, some elements—or, as character classes are designed for use from a character's some call them, philosophies—persist. These fun- first class level. These ideas, they believe, are the only constants character's primary philosophies.

Mantles are described throughout the multiverse; as such, they hold the potential more fully on page 66 in Chapter 4. They are The ardent's role in most groups is as a primary manifester, known as ardents. She might be able to provide healing as life, death, annihilation, and fate, among others. Each to the party, for example, or augment her melee capabilities ardent chooses a philosophy that seems the most powerful and wade into the front line of combat.

As a result, an ardent develops a unique to which she will eventually have access, but she also values understanding of her philosophy and approach to the pursuit Intelligence, since it helps her learn more about the philo- of power.

Constitution An ardent gravitates toward a set of philosophical concepts is also important, giving her the stamina to travel and survive suitable to her heritage, upbringing, and life experiences.

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Many mistake an ardent for a cleric or paladin, because she Races: Characters who feel inspired to become an ardent is often as enthusiastic about her personal philosophies as need to select their core philosophies and the mantles any divine missionary could be. Unlike a divine spellcaster associated with them. Among the humanoid races, humans who gains her power through a deity, an ardent directly taps seem most apt to follow such a course.

Ardents are rare among the concepts the deity represents, bypassing any connection savage or monstrous humanoids, since being an ardent requires to a conscious higher power. Some mantles. Each mantle is tied to one of the universal true con- ardents worship deities and choose mantles in line with cepts that an ardent so admires, and is represented by a specific their deities' portfolio and domains; these characters also list of psionic powers and abilities.

An ardent gains access to share some component of their patrons' alignments. In most new mantles as she gains levels, representing her growing other cases, ardents tend toward alignments that match their awareness of the interconnected nature of core truths and a philosophical outlooks few ardents who pursue the death growing understanding of how the multiverse works.

All ardents focus on two mantles, known as their primary mantles. All other mantles are considered secondary and strength from their knowledge of these concepts. They also gain unique powers from each mantle they learn The Difficulty Class for saving throws against ardent to wield.

All others gained are secondary mantles. Her base Primary mantles represent the two philosophies the ardent daily allotment of power points is given on Table 1—2: The feels most strongly about and champions above all others.

In addition, she receives bonus power points per An ardent must maintain at least as many powers in her day if she has a high Wisdom score see Table 2—1: Ability primary mantles as she takes in her secondary mantles, Modifiers and Bonus Power Points, EPH Her race might reflecting that personal allegiance. Each and Good mantles as primary mantles mantle features at least one and the Law and Light and Darkness power or ability with a cost mantles as secondary mantles.

When of 1 power point. An ardent she gains a new level, she could selects two of these powers only choose a power from one of from her two known mantles her secondary mantles if she had at 1st level. For example, an ardent who Under those conditions, that attains 5th level can learn choice is allowed.

As an more than 5 power points to ardent gains experience, her manifest until she attains a worldview changes. Many level capable of manifesting find themselves more devoted a power with that cost. For mary mantle, she must take example, an ardent with powers known exclusively a Wisdom score of 13 can from that mantle at each of manifest powers of 3rd level the next few levels until she or lower. In other words, an 9th-level The ardent chooses the truth he follows An ardent chooses a pair of ardent with a total of 72 power points, not psionic mantles at 1st level and including bonus power points for a high Wisdom score could assumes one additional mantle at 2nd, 5th, 10th, and manifest a power costing 1 power point seventy-two times in 15th level.

Each mantle provides a list of powers usually one day, a power costing 9 power points eight times in one six or more that an ardent can learn as she increases day, or any combination of power point costs that does not in level. Each mantle also provides an ardent with a exceed 72 power points in total.Ectopic adepts are psionic shapers who specialize of form.

As the Force mantle, for example, but anything is possible. Special Actions mind blast Special: Despite being pledged first to their god, divine minds enthusiastically join with those whose com- petencies and abilities supplement their own. Neither are you other challenges will materialize, some of which might be worried about an undead's current activities or philosophi- the living stooges of hidden undead masters. That said, some ardents who share an especially similar Skill Selection: