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Buku Sekolah Elektronik (BSE) - SMP/MTs Kelas 9 - Bahasa Inggris by Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . kelas atau dengan melakukan adaptasi seperlunya menyesuaikan KTSP .. viii Scaffolding | English for Grade IX Students SMP Kelas 9 - Contextual Teaching and Learning - Matematika. Buku Matematika Smp Kelas 8 Semester Genap Free Search PDF Books. com Soal Fisika Smp Kelas 8 PDF(2) Related PDF eBooks dan dapatkan soal soal latihan matematika smp kelas 7 semester 1 dan 2 ktsp. 9 - kunci jawaban buku erlangga mandiri matematika smp kelas 9 ->->->-> download 1 / 3. other mobile devices. download kunci jawaban pr fisika kelas x semester 1 ktsp download buku pdf kunci jawaban mandiri ips terpadu smp jilid 1 ebook 7 sep untuk kelas viii - bsdndidikan - kunci jawaban solusi.

Buku Matematika Smp Kelas 8 Ktsp Pdf

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download buku matematika kelas 9 smp mts kurikulum ktsp k 13 buku materi semester 1 pdf penerbit erlangga smp 2 paket mandiri. Download Buku Bse Matematika Smp Kelas 8 kelas 8 SMP/MTS Matematika KTSP pdf • Buku paket kurikulum KTSP kelas 8 KTSP - J. Buku pelajaran smp kelas 8 kurikulum pdf. Download our buku matematika ktsp kelas 8 eBooks for free and learn more about buku.

The steps to uninstall the JetFlash. The steps to install QuickMenu of the JetFlash.

Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP/MTs K13

The steps to copy files and folders to the JetFlash. Where do we plug the flash disk? Into the IDE port. Into the power slot. Into the USB port. Into the power outlet. What indicates that the JetFlash is successfully connected to your computer? The computer is restarted automatically. The computer is removing the data to the JetFlash. If the icons do not appear, you must reinstall the JetFlash elite. If the icons do not appear, you must check your hardware configuration.

In some computers with different operating systems, the icons may not appear. You must install the icons so that the icons may appear in the Windows System Tray. Aspects Very much Much Little Asking for repetition. To express gratitude, you can say: To respond to gratitude, you can say: There are two main parts of procedure texts.

They are what is going to do the goal and steps to do. When you see something great or somebody doing something amazing you sometimes spontaneously express your admiration. Do you know how to express it? In your daily life do you often read instructions on how to do something or recipes?

Do you know how to read and write instructions on your own? Learn these and more in this unit. Picture 3. Why do you think there is so much garbage or rubbish around us? Where does the garbage come from? Do you think we can reduce the quantity of garbage thrown away? In pairs, recall the meanings of the words below.


Asep made his plastic piggy bank on his own. Asep said it is hard to make the piggy bank. You only need a plastic bottle, a cutter, and paint or fabric to make it. We can recycle … to make bottle banks. We can use … to make the bottle colourful. We can find many necklaces made of … in Malioboro. The coin should be able to … through the opening. We can cut paper, plastic, etc. Task 5 Study the dialogue below and notice the expressions in bold. Then, study the expressions. Look, I can make a bowl from CDs.

Did you really make it on your own? Yes, of course. This is really cool! Can you show me how to make it? Asep Certainly. Here are some other expressions. Task 6 Complete the dialogues using the suitable expressions. The first one has been done for you as an example. This is cool! Did you make it on your own? Yes, I did. I made it from my old CDs. Can you show me how? How does my tie dye T-shirt look? Yes, you should. What do you think of this birthday card? I made it on my own.

What are you doing Aspani? From a handicraft book. What are you going to do with all of those cans? How are you going to do that? Like pen holders, bird feeders, small can baskets, and other things. Your friend has a great idea.

You express your admiration. You see a unique bag made out of a coconut shell.

You are amazed by it. Your mother is making a rag from old cloth. You admire her work and creativity. Your friend asks you to help her recycle unused paper. There are some handicrafts made out of unused plastic bottles, card board, and cans.

You really admire them. Listen to the following monologue on how to make a windsock out Task 8 of an unused plastic bottle. Then, complete the flow chart below.

The words in the box may help you understand the text. What does the instruction tell you? What do you need to make a windsock? What are the fishing lines for?

What do you think is the function of a windsock? Task 10 Study the following dialogue with your classmate sitting next to you and guess the meaning of following words based on the dialogue. Then, act it out in pairs. Putri, I have a lot of unused cloth. What should I do with it? You could make a quilt out of the cloth. I know how to make a simple quilt. Will you show me how? All you need is some unused cloth, thread, and needle. The first thing that you have to do is cut the unused cloth or fabric into squares 8cm x 8cm or 10 cm x 10 cm.

Then, fold the edges of the square a little bit about 0.

After that, sew the folded edges of two squares together. And then, keep sewing the square cloth together in a pattern that you want, for example heart, face, flower, stripes etc.

When you have finished sewing all pieces of your square cloth, turn the sewed squares on its back side. Next, spread the large fabric sheet on top of sewed squares.

Finally, sew the large fabric with the sewed squares. Wow, you have a beautiful unique table cloth. Have you ever made one? Yes, I just made one last week. Here it is. Yes, it great. What are Ida and Putri talking about?

Who shows her friend how to make a quilt? What do you need to make a table cloth quilt? How many steps are there to make a table cloth quilt? How many centimetres do you have to fold the edges?

When do you sew the sheet for the back of the table cloth? How did Ida admire the quilt that Putri had made? From the dialogue between Putri and Ida you can find the word needle. The word needle has —ee- double vowel. Put a tick Task 13 under the correct sound. You may consult your dictionary. Words u: Task 14 In pairs, study the instruction below and guess the meaning of the words in the box based on the context.

Then, take turns retelling it orally to your classmate sitting next to you. We can use clean tuna and cat food cans to make holiday candy containers. First, paint the outside of the cans white.

Then, punch two holes near the top edge on opposite sides and used light weight craft wire to make a little handle. Now it sort of looks like a little basket. After that, stamp around the outside with simple shapes made from kitchen sponge and craft paint, as hearts, Christmas trees, shamrocks, etc.

Next, fill rectangles of coloured cellophane with a few pieces of hard candy and tie the top with a piece of narrow ribbon and put that inside the can. Contributed by Jewell Halwachs Adapted from: You need a can, a hole puncher, wire, paints, and sponge to make the candy container.

The holes should be on the bottom edge. The wire is to make the handle. The plastic cellophane is used to wrap the candies. The stamps should be made from wood. Read the instruction on how to make a bowl from old CDs. The Task 16 following words may help you understand it. First, place the CD in a metal bowl and heat it with a hair dryer. Or put it in the oven on low heat. Then, bend the CD softly when it softens. After that, let it cool off.

Finally, glue a small plastic saucer or anything to cover the hole. What do you learn from the text? What do you need to make a bowl from CDs? What are the steps to make a bowl from CDs? What is the hair dryer for?

Can we use other things to heat the CD? Why do we need to heat the CD? In the dialogue between Ida and Putri you find the following sentences: First, second, third, etc…; then, and then, next, after that, finally are connectives. Connectives are words that connect sentences to indicate that the sentences are still related.

Connectives usually are followed by a comma. Tie Dyeing Old T-shirt Things you need: First, wash a percent cotton T-shirt. Second, place the wet shirt flat on the work surface. Dissolve 5 tbsp. Fifth, let the mixture cool to room temperature. Ninth, hang the shirt to dry, out of the sun. First, shape wires into a rectangular shape. Then, cover the wire frame with insect screens and sew it. After that, rip the paper into small pieces. And then, put the torn paper in a bucket and fill it with warm water.

Add one table spoon of bleach. Soak the paper for a half an hour. Next, put a cup of soaked paper in a blender, add some bleached water and blend it. And then, pour the blended paper in a large rectangular container. After that, repeat step 5 and 6 until all of the soaked paper are blended.

Then, add and mix two table spoon of white glue to the blended paper. After that, dip the screen frame into the blended paper. Lift and rinse the water for a minute.

Then, dry the paper with the screen frame still on in the sun. Finally, iron the paper. What is the main purpose of the text in Task 20? When should we blend the paper? How long do we have to soak the paper? Where should we put the blended paper? How much glue do we have to add? How do we dry the paper? Pour the blended paper in a large rectangular container.

And add and mix two tablespoons of white glue. Next, put a cup of soaked paper in a blender and add some bleached water. And blend it. Rip the paper into small pieces. And then put the torn paper in a bucket and fill it with warm water. Shape wires into a rectangular shape. Dip the screen frame into the blended paper.

The cotton batten cat was bitten by a rat. The kitten that was bitten had a button for an eye, And biting off the button made the cotton batten fly. Notice how the words in bold are used. Put the torn paper in the Pour out the blended The blender is on the bucket. Dry the paper under the The lamp is above the The box is beside the ball. The bucket is behind the The boys are in front The glass is between the boy.

Complete each sentence with the correct word based on each Task 24 picture. The lamp is … his head. The bag is … the chair. You may look back at the text in Task 20 as the model. Greeting cards from unused papers 2. Toys from unused stuff 3. Flowers from used straws. Express your admiration on the following things. Use the Task 26 expressions that you have learned. Read the following instruction. Then, answer the questions and Task 27 retell how to make snow globes to your class.

Snow Globes Glue a small object to the inside of the lid - a plastic figurine, f, etc. Add glitter, beads, or foil confetti, etc. Fill the jar with equal parts water and corn syrup, add food colouring if desired. Seal the lid onto the jar using a watertight sealant the kind used for aquariums, or the stuff found in the plumbing section of your hardware store.

Put a bead of sealant on the threads of the jar and on the inside threads of the lid. Close it up, leave overnight to dry. What do you need to make snow globes? How many steps are there to make snow globes? What is the watertight sealant for? Why do you have to leave it over night? Task 28 Find two instructions to make something from unused things. Rewrite them in your own words and present them to your class.

Look Burhan, that lady is throwing rubbish into the river! The rubbish is polluting the river. It can also cause flood. Yeah, me too. Hey look at that machine. It chops and cleans the plastic. Wow, …. What about that machine. What does it do? I think it melts the plastic. Recycling is great. We can reduce pollution and save money too. I know. Sanusi, I think we have to leave now. Yes, I hope that we can stay here longer too.

You made a snow globe from an unused jar. It looks beautiful. You want to admire it. Your friend made a present box from an unused carton. It looks great and you want to admire her work. You saw a unique wind chimer from unused bottle caps and some small bells. You are amused by it. Read the following instruction and decide whether the following Task 31 statements are true or false.

Wash the cotton T-shirt. Place the wet shirt flat on the work surface. Tie knots in the T-shirt, or twist it and secure the folds with rubber bands or heavy-duty thread.

Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Put the entire shirt in the dye and let it soak for at least 20 minutes. Rinse the shirt in cold water until the water runs clear. Undo the knots and rinse the shirt again. Hang the shirt to dry, under the sun. The instruction tells you how to make a t-shirt. You need rubber bands to hold the twists on the t-shirt. You have to soak the t-shirt in hot water. You need to add the salt into the hot water and dye mixture.

You need to rinse the dyed t- shirt more than once. In pairs, discuss what you can do or make with the following items.

Task 32 Then, write the steps to make it. Aspects Very much Much Little. Summary In this unit you learn:. First, second, third, etc… ; then, and then, next, after that, finally are connectives. Some prepositions are in, under, or, below on, beside, above, behind, in front of, and between. When somebody is talking to you, you have to pay attention or listen to him or her. If not, the person who talks to you may get offended. On the other hand, if you do pay attention to what others are saying, they will feel appreciated.

Do you know how to show that you are listening to others? You can find information about general things, such as living things, cities, countries, and planets from books, encyclopedias and even radio and television. Do you know how to read and write that type of text?

Learn those and more in this unit. Do you know the animals above? Do you know that those animals are endangered? Do you know anything about those animals? Do you know what makes them endangered? The definition in the box may help you. Alive and well: Picture 4. Listen to the dialogue between Tora and Sanusi and then answer Task 3 the questions. The words in the box may help you understand the dialogue. What are Tora and Sanusi talking about? What endangered animal do you find in Kalimantan?

What endangered animal do you find in Java? Why are orangutans endangered? How many Javanese rhinoceros are there now? In the dialogue between Sanusi and Tora you hear the following expressions: It is important to show your attention when you communicate with other people.

By doing so you are making the other person speaking to you feel appreciated. It is one of the manners that you must remember. Here are the expressions that you can use to show your attention to others:.

Showing attention Right. I see. Complete the dialogue with the suitable expressions showing that Task 5 you are listening or paying attention.

Is there any endangered animal in Bali? Yes, there is.

Buku ipa kelas 8 ktsp pdf

Do you know the Balinese starling or jalak Bali? Well, the Balinese starling is from Bali and it is endangered because of hunting and habitat loss.

How does it look like? And it has a crest. Then, you show that you are listening to him. Listen to the following monologue on orang-utan. Then, complete Task 7 the following summary and find the meaning of the words in the box based on its context. Orang-utan General information: Specific Information: Habitat loss and hunting.

Hunting and helping. Killing and reserving. Habitat loss and saving. Keeping food. Producing a loud groaning and bubbling call. Producing bubbling call and keeping food. Only in Borneo island. Only in the Java island. In Borneo and Sumatra islands.

In Borneo, Sumatra, Kalimantan islands. What do they mostly consume? Soft inner barks. When do they reproduce? Every once a year. Once every two years. Once every three years. Once every four to eight years. Act it out after that. Do you know anything about the tiger? Yes, I just read a book about the tiger. Could you tell me about it? I have to make a report on it. The tiger or panthera tigris is the largest member of the cat family.

They are also the only cat that has stripes. There are many types of tiger. The Sumatran tiger is the smallest tiger, yet the Bangal tiger is the largest tiger.

Right now they are endangered because of habitat destruction and illegal hunting for sport and body parts. Can you tell me specific information about them? Well, tigers can be found in Southern Asia, China, and Russia. They usually live in forests, grasslands, savannas, and swamps. And what else?

Well, they weigh from 75 to kg. Their body is about 2 to 3 metres long. And their tail is about 1 metre long. Their colour varies depending on their type. Some are brown and black, orange and black, and white and black. Mm… Laila: Tigers are carnivore, which means that they eat meat.

They like to eat large mammals, such as deer, buffalos, and antelopes. That was very complete information. Thanks Laila. Tigers belong to the cat family. Tigers are endangered because of habitat destruction and illegal hunting.

Tigers live in forests, grasslands, and savannas only. They eat large mammals. The smallest tiger comes from India. Task 10 Do the crossword puzzle by completing the sentences below. Some tigers live in …………… 4. Killing tigers is …………….. The tiger is 5. Task 11 Study the following report. Then, summarize it and present it to your class. Use the questions as your guideline. Sumatran rhinoceros The Sumatran rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis is the smallest rhino species. It is also the most distinctive rhinoceros.

It has been hunted a lot that it almost extinct. There are less than Sumatran rhinoceroses surviving in Malaysia and Indonesia. Between and , the number of Sumatran rhinos declined by 50 percent because of poaching and habitat destruction.

The Sumatran rhinoceros has unique gray or reddish-brown coat. It is believed to be the only survivor of the lineage that included the woolly rhinoceros.

Sumatran rhinos stand up to 1. They have folded skin, like the other Asian rhinos, except that it is covered with coarse, bristly hair. The Sumatran is the only rhino in Asia with two horns. The front horn is usually the longest, reaching a length of 90 cm 36 in , and the rear one is sometimes so small that the animal looks as if it is single-horned. They move mainly at night, and spend most of the day wallowing in mud-holes and pools.

Sumatran rhinoceroses usually feed on leaves, twigs, and fruit.

Female rhinos reach sexual maturity at about the age of five or six. The males mature between the ages of seven and eight.

However, they do not father calves until they have claimed a territory, which may take them three or four years. Rhinos always have a single calf, born after a gestation period of 15 to 18 months. The calf is only raised by its mother. All rights reserved. What is the text about? How do you define them? Why are they endangered? How do they look like?

How big and how much do they weigh? Where do they live? What are their diets? How long is the gestation period? How long does the calf stay with its mother? They are:. Read the report about the blue whale and then discuss the Task 14 meanings of the vocabulary based on its context. What is being Picture 4. Blue whales were hunted a lot for oil, baleen, meat, and of what is other products from the s to the s. This hunting almost being caused the extinction of the species.

They are now protected and reported may gradually be returning in several areas. Habitat Blue whales are mainly found in very cold waters, like the Arctic and Antarctic waters. They migrate to the tropics in the winter and to the Arctic and Antarctic in summer. Anatomy Blue whales can reach over 24 m 80 ft long; mature females are usually a bit longer than mature males. They weigh between 87, Specific , kg.

The skin has a light grey and white spotty pattern. Blue whales are mammals. They give birth once every two or description Reproduction three years. Mating occurs during the summer season, and they give birth after about 11 months. The calf nurse for seven or eight months and gain weight about 90 kg lb per day. What is a blue whale? Why are blue whales endangered? What do they eat? When do they usually mate?

How long does the calf nurse? The text about Blue Whale above is called an informational report. Such a text has several parts. The parts of a report are: What is being reported title. Definition and general information of what is being reported. Description or specific information.

It usually consists of: How it looks size, weight, etc. Where you can find it origin c. What it consumes diet d. When and how it reproduces reproduction e. Prices for things such as electronic devices, utilities, cars, motors, etc.

Information reports are used to present information about something. They generally describe an entire class of things, whether natural or made: The common grammatical patterns of a report include: Most sea turtles live in warm seas around the world. The Leather Back is one of the biggest sea turtles. Sea turtles are about 8 feet and can weigh up to lb. They eat animals and plants. Females are the only ones that leave the water to lay their eggs.

The female buries its eggs and leaves because it is helpless on land. Sea turtles are reptiles. There are at least 7 kinds of sea turtles. They swim by beating their flippers.

They can't withdraw into their shells. Task 17 Read the report about Komodo dragons and find the meanings of the words based on the context. Then, complete the vocabulary web. It is a reptile, a cold-blooded animal. It is diurnal, most active during the day. The Komodo Dragon is a fast runner; it can run up to 11 mph 18 kph. It is also a good tree climber and swimmer.

It is in danger of extinction because of habitat lost. Its life span is about 20 years. Komodo Dragons live on islands in Indonesia, including the island of Komodo. They live in hot, humid, grassy lowlands and in rainforests. The Komodo Dragon is about 9 feet 2. It has large jaws, four short legs, and five- toed feet with sharp claws.

The tail is longer than the body. It senses chemicals with a long, yellow, forked tongue. The Komodo Dragon is a carnivore meat-eater. It eats almost anything that it can catch, including goats, deer, wild boars, other lizards, and carrion dead meat that it finds. The Komodo Dragon has disease-ridden bacteria in its mouth. After it bites its prey, the victim will get sick and die from blood poisoning in one or two days.

The Komodo Dragon will then find the body and eat it. The eggs hatch in about 7 months. Hatchlings eat mostly insects and live in trees.

Habitat … kg Komodo dragon …. Anatomy …. Lay eggs … Four short legs. When you want to compare something you usually use —er or more. Bangal tigers are larger than Sumatran tigers.

When you want to express superlative you use —est or most. Task 20 Complete the sentences using the correct words. You may change the forms of the words to suit the context. The blue whale is the … animal on earth. The Sumatran tiger is the … tiger. The Bangal tiger is … an the Sumatran tiger. The cheetah is the … land animal. The orangutan is …than the gorilla. Find the information that you need from the internet or any sources.

Ask your classmates if they know about the following animals. Then find an article about the animal that is the least familiar to your friend. Summarize it and present your summary to your class.

Read the following report and complete the information table. Task 23 Then, choose the correct answer to every question. The polar bears, which are usually called white bears, are found on the sea ice of the Arctic Circle throughout the North Polar basin. They are classified as Ursus maritimus.

They live for about 25 to 30 years. They are now endangered because of habitat Picture 4. Polar bears have white fur which may yellow in the summer. Their bodies are longer than other bears and streamlined for aquatic life. The females grow up to 1.

Most male polar bears weigh an average of about kg about lb , and most females weigh about kg lb. They have the plantigrade feet heel and sole touching the ground, with five sharp, curved claws on each foot for grasping the ice and holding its prey. Long hair between the pads protects. Stiff hairs on the forelegs, and very broad front feet, help the bear swim. Polar bears have a strong navigational sense and an extremely good sense of smell, and they are unusually clever at solving problems in order to obtain food.

Since they are carnivores; they eat primarily ringed seals, and occasionally bearded seals, walruses, or white whales.

They also feed on berries, sedges, mussels, and kelp. They live in pack ice where water is accessible. They can be found throughout Arctic regions. Except during the breeding season, male polar bears are solitary and roam over vast expanses of sea ice while hunting. During the breeding season May to June , the males fight furiously over females.

Both the male and female may mate with other individuals as well. The female typically gives birth to two cubs after a four- to five- month gestation period. Cubs remain with the mother for about 28 months, often nursing the entire time. The young are very small when born: Their eyes remain closed for about 40 days and they must nurse every few hours. The mother holds them close to keep them warm.

Grizzly bears. Honey bears. White bears. How long can a polar bear live? Up to two and a half years. Up to twenty years. Up to fourteen years. Up to forty years. It has five sharp claws b. It has a nine-month-gestation period c. It has two cubs at a time d. It is the longest type of bear. What is the meaning of the word nurse from the last paragraph? A person who takes care of sick people. Keep feeling. Take care of something special. How long do the cubs stay with their mother? Two years.

Less than two years. More than two years. Three years. Task 24 Ask three of your classmates about five endangered animals that they know. Music profile for Blink, formed Merubah huruf jadi tebal. Why should I share my scoops? I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account.

Mandiri: Matematika untuk SMP/MTs Kelas VIII (Kurikulum ) (Jilid 2)

Mudah Belajar Matematika Kelas: Sd buku bse kelas 7 gratis belajar bahasa inggris cepat soal matematika kelas 8 semester 1 free bse tik smp kelas 8. Erlangva Uvaa Movie In 3gp. The best software to Azon profit master forum financial lm hku mba. Blu-ray Player for Windows latest version: All albums made by Blink with reviews and song lyrics. Start your free trial. Travis Barker has confirmed Blink will release their seventh album in Sharing your scoops to your social media accounts is a must to distribute your curated content.

Join Rhapsody and access full-length songs on your phone, computer or home audio device. How do I follow my topics' performance?Based on the result of the paired t-test calculation showed that the null hypothesis Ho was rejected and the alternative hypothesis Ha was accepted.

Dialogue 3 4. Inas opinion, in picture 8 Mr. Dari seringnya berbagai alamiah melatih dan mengembangkan pemikiran tentang bangun-bangun geometri. Khusus untuk Geometri ruang, di Kelas I Semester 1, kompetensi dasarnya adalah mengenal benda-benda geometris sederhana. Puji syukur kami panjatkan kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa yang telah melimpahkan petunjuk, kesehatan, ketabahan, dan kesabaran kepada kami sehingga penulisan buku Scaffolding: There are many new buildings.

Hidayat wants Mr. You must install the icons so that the icons may appear in the Windows System Tray.