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I will include a PDF version (both in Spanish and English if it's possible), so any of the ☆The song of Achilles, Madeline Miller () E / S. link to free download of the song of achilles! suburban0utfitters: “https://drive. Download Madeline Miller's The Song of Achilles as a free PDF, EPUB, or MOBI file. For those who haven't, it's a must read; it's essentially a.

The Song Of Achilles Pdf Tumblr

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the Iliad: lol Patroclus and Achilles are gay. Plato: haha yeah man, who do you think tops?? I think Achilles bottoms personally. everyone in Greece: *banging. Achilles killing the site Queen Penthesilea. Greece, BC. Amphora ( wine-jar) “signed by Exekias as potter and attributed to him as. a blog dedicated to the marvellous novel We are @stack-of-books-with-legs, @ lastdrinkbeforesunrise and @thenonsence.

Clear, orderly, a wonderful resource.

My actual fave books are the little booklets by Glennie Kindred. They are also packed with activities. This is more with the western ceremonial trad than anything else, however - I go nowhere without this one.

Do you need to know which tarot card corresponds with which sphere of life? Or what about the dates of the sun signs?

The meaning of the I-Ching or Ogham? Bonus points because it looks like a gorram spellbook. Magical Movies For training up your visual imagination.

The Matrix or Inception for working with dreamscapes, say. I really enjoyed American Horror Story: Coven recently; I learnt a lot about what it means to be a witch. Magical fiction is great for sparking wicked ideas.

It has footnotes for as many of the ideas as possible, so you know what author or tradition they came from. From the start, Freddy knows something is wrong.

And even when her relationships with her friends begin to suffer. Laura Dean is what I look for in realistic high school fiction. Tamaki puts in the effort.

Her character traits include… being a lesbian. She cultivates weird hobbies cutting apart stuffed animals and sewing together the mismatched parts with her friend, Doodle. She even talks to the stuffed animals and gets imaginary responses as a cute quirk to her character, which again, makes her feel much more real than your average protagonist.

Freddy is so starved for positive attention from her neglectful girlfriend that she drops responsibilities to her friends, either forgetting dates or straight up abandoning a hard conversation because Laura Dean wants to hook up. While Laura Dean is not given a sympathetic eye by Tamaki, she is still much more nuanced than an ordinary villain.

The other side characters have their own worlds in motion, too - the girl who works at the donut shop is saving up for college.

Salt Lake UnderGround

What makes Buddy even more compelling is that, while Buddy is the voice of reason and positivity to his friends, Buddy is not necessarily able to see reason when it comes to himself.Friendly reminder that until his last moment, he was a little shit. Armistice picks up where Amberlough left off, its cast of characters scattering to the winds as the fascist state closes down around the titular port city.

Tamaki puts in the effort. Friendly reminder that Patroclus was loyal to a fault.

In Ilium , by Dan Simmons , Achilles and Patroclus share a close "brothers in war" type bond, but are also shown to engage in group sex , each with a woman and possibly each other. From the get go, we expect a certain flow of time, a certain pattern of events, a certain trajectory of character arc - and most all, a certain amount of levity.

What would a boy growing up in mythical ancient Greece, a land where even Zeus took male lovers, think about his own romantic and sexual desires?