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On the peripheral of Julietta Bonaventura's friendship circle are two hippies in love with each other and in trouble with their parents because they ran away from home together. One of them is under eighteen. These two teens steal a couple of horses to find their freedom camping out in the rural farmland and forests of Illinois. How will Julie protect them? Should she protect them?

Jitterbug is a novel of the Fifties.

This is the second book in the Bonaventura Cozy Mystery Series. The sequel to Jitterbug. It is a novel of the Sixties. Julietta Julie Bonaventura sells tie dyed hand crafted blouses, skirts. And pot. She is active in the struggles of the social and drug revolutions of the Sixties.

Since so many hippies were hurt during the SDS draft riots at the Convention, she was glad she went home early that day and just about missed all the head-bashing. There were plenty of other, more peaceful, demonstrations to witness on Michigan Avenue while she was sitting under her favorite maple tree in the park. Her dad, Vincente, travels to Japan to learn Zen meditation.

All in all it is a hippie dream palace. He seeks his fortune selling Fuller Brush and Electrolux vacuum cleaners door-to-door around the south while raising his infant daughter Julietta.

An old childhood "friend" Bannister Willis stashes 5 kilos of uncut cocaine in the trunk of his Studebaker at a gas station in the backwaters of Tennessee, forcing Vince to mysteriously mail it General Delivery to the Princeton Department of Archaeology where it will be picked up.

The gas station owner kidnaps Julietta unknown to Bannister while he is working for his cartel, thinking he will gain positive attention from the Willis family cocaine business and force Vince to send the cocaine.

See silverlakemysteries. All internet and cell phone reception has been hacked by satellite. None of it works. Concentrating on Cyber-Crime, this book will educate the reader on the very interesting principles of hacking and some hacker-type organizations, real and fictional.

This is the second book in the Silver Lake Cozy Mystery series. Silver Lake is a small, rural, gentrified tourist and farming town on the banks of the Mississippi River, across the Missouri border from Mingo Wildlife Refuge. It is famous for its extreme sports such as bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, parachute sports and whitewater rafting.

As their wireless goes down, the whole town of Silver Lake is set back a quarter of a century. The hackers that caused this problem are difficult to trace and all three of our usual protagonists, Asia Reynolds documentary film maker ; Elise Snuggles African-American cable news anchor and Sergeant Sheila Rodriguez of the Silver Lake police need the help of several federal agencies to solve this local catastrophe.

Follow us into the wilds of Europe and the mysteries of underground London to find our hacker antagonists. Book 4 in the series Solstice is the sequel to this cyber crime novel. Retired college president Frank Pooler is home after a difficult first interim assignment.

Winter is setting in and he begins to see snow shoveling as his winter fitness program. He did have one interim assignment the previous year and felt he would not be called upon for other opportunities. He upset the applecart far too much in dealing with problems there.

A phone call changes all that. He is offered another interim assignment; this time in Hawaii. Another small college in a relatively small isolated locale. According to the placement firm there were no major issues at this college, other than a dearth of senior leadership, after planned departure of two senior administrators and the unexpected passing of its president. Sun and surf, palm trees, the beach, and warm weather. Lots of work, but could it be as bad as the first interim gig?

Like everyone else Frank arrives in Hawaii to find a beautiful island. Unlike everyone else he finds a college divided by culture, religion, and any number of ideologies. His administrative assistant seems to be a phantom, the students rambunctious, the local townspeople dismayed with the college, the media more shark-like than usual, enrollment is declining, but the weather is lovely. Although this becomes a problem on campus, the real issue develops when the pregnant woman, well-liked by all reports, is killed in a grisly murder.

Frank works with the police and others to maintain some level of order on campus; repair community relations; deal with faculty, student, and enrollment issues; and find out who butchered the faculty member and why. The Blackfriar Apartment Building once again seemed like a quiet, safe place to live. A rash of blackmail and murders had plagued the residents but now all seemed peaceful again She was instructed to download a very distinctive handbag when she'd collected the money and put it in her window so the blackmailer could see and tell her where to deliver the loot.

Most of her acquaintances didn't know she wrote titillating books. Nor did they know she had a secret British bank account holding millions, but the blackmailer knew. Irene's window wasn't the only place the distinctive designer handbag showed up.

Were the other women who'd bought the same bag also being blackmailed to keep their secrets safe? Irene and her lover were determined to track and trap the criminal mind preying on three women who lived in The Blackfriar Apartments.

Morgan, a junior researcher at Bukhari Pharmaceuticals, first encounters Sheikh Sofian Bukhari in an office meeting. She dares to tell him that a new drug is not safe. Sofian challenges her opinion and asks her to provide proof.

She does so and he promotes her to be his assistant. His brother had been the crown prince of Kaslan and now Sofian has to take on the role. Will Sofian master his new duties and fight his growing attraction to Morgan? Tony Baltoni has worked his way up from the gutter and with the help of his brother Sal now runs a number of clubs, arcades and a casino in London. Life couldn't be better. When Tony's wife, Shelia, decides she wants to slow down and start a family the obvious answer to Tony's need for a beautiful woman on his arm is a mistress.

Shelia gives her blessing and Abby arrives.

No one could have envisaged how complicated things would become and once there is a baby on the way the deceit and cheating moves to a whole new level. The blue moon murders of Sanguis continue. Sienna Benjamin struggles to solve the mysterious deaths not only in Sanguis, but also in the picturesque countryside at Sun Shadow Stables.

Just when she thinks she has life by the reins, death strikes again. The question is, can she ride this one out? You better think thrice before riding a horse! There was terror in her eyes He smiled.

He could be anyone. He looks like everyone. He looks like His last years working for the Agency had been in analysis and training of new agents. During his years as a field agent, Max had many adventures and a few close calls. Once, he had been positive his life would end. Max Springer found himself being drawn back into a world of intrigue, mystery, and murder.

In a short time, Max would learn about this demon of countless nightmares. See how Max faces up to his own demons and overcomes his past. A secluded Montana ranch A family under siege A seductive wife And Jack Widow. Once Quiet is a taut action thriller where Widow must fight against his insatiable feelings for a married woman in order to stop a sinister enemy that lurks in the shadows. Lately, Widow has enjoyed a quiet life on the road with no troubles, but a lifestyle like his costs money.

A low bank account balance causes Widow to take temporary work on a dying, secluded cattle ranch in northern Montana.

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Widow works for the Sossaman family, taking orders from a hauntingly beautiful wife named Crispin. Quickly, Widow grows attached to Crispin Sossaman and her two sons. But his attachment to her may be more than attraction.

Two strange things are going on around the ranch. The first is that the husband has been in a mysterious coma for ten years.

He's wired to hospital machines, feeding tubes, and a breathing apparatus to keep him alive. The second thing is that someone is watching the ranch. Someone with sinister intentions. Someone with a dangerous agenda. Once Quiet is the fifth thriller in the Jack Widow series.

Readers are saying Lives depend on them. Download your copy now to join their fight for survival. The Reverend Digby Rolf's crusade for justice in an unfair world! Pick up this page turner Today! Skilful—Another book I found hard to put down, very well written. Another great ghost story from Raymond M Hall.

This time, Rick races to find Mary Rooney, the only woman he ever loved, and her kidnapper, Mitch Evans, while being dogged by the police for killing a bunch of renegade bikers. In need of an attorney to defend himself, Crane reluctantly agrees to become the lead investigator for shady defense attorney Sheila Morgan, who has a secret agenda of her own, in exchange for her help.

As dark secrets and hidden pasts are revealed, Crane shows once again that he's the man for the job, and Yost is the one to tell this riveting, finely crafted noir mystery filled with the twists and turns Rick Crane fans have come to expect. I can't wait. Egypt Rosen, Southern California P. The powerful Skelton family noted for military heroism sets up roadblocks at every turn. And the marines circle the wagons to protect one of their own.

The daughter of one of General Skelton's Vietnam comrades is murdered; and Egypt becomes convinced her murder and the general's suicide are somehow linked.

The deeper Egypt digs, the more the danger increases—to herself, her friends, and her sister China. And Spotty King, a blonde giant police detective, partners with Egypt personally and professionally to unravel the mysteries.

The trilogy is best read in order as strands weave through each book, building to a grand finale. When a dead pig, dressed in an evening suit, is found in a storm drain in the sleepy Scottish town of Dumfries, Jin cannot hold his curiosity at bay.

He decides to investigate. It is a bad decision: Jin Johnstone is not really a detective: Sometimes he charges for his services. It depends. Then another body is found. Its many twists and turns evolve quickly into a thrillingly tense and topical story. Philip Drew has taken on many clients, but never a child. There is something about the child's story that immediately sets off alarm bells.

When one of the cities leading figures is implicated and the Feds step in, what was once an open and shut murder case, leads Philip Drew into a case of international money laundering.

Holmes and Dr. Watson travel west to Liverpool where they look into the disturbing verses which are being received by an important government scientist. On their three month journey back to England from Hana Bay , Holmes and Watson find themselves in the kingdom of Siam in search for three stolen Egyptian artifacts.

While doing so, they discover a brother and sister exacting revenge for an evil deed cast upon their father. Suspicion falls on Dan when his bloody hammer turns up at the scene. Meanwhile, two mysterious strangers seem to be playing a game of cat and mouse in the area. Attempts by his Uncle Wally to gather evidence end up getting them deeply embroiled in a case with international connections and ties to mid-twentieth century history.

He attempts to clear his name and find the real killer while Syd, his faithful cattle dog, tries to keep both of them out of trouble. Upon returning to New York from a disastrous love affair in St. When a golfer discovers two badly-mutilated bodies on the side of a golf course fairway, Danny and his partner, Virgil "Spider" Webb investigate. The bodies are identified as wanted for the torture murder of Patty Ann Malloy, the pregnant middle daughter of Governor Thomas Keegan.

Physical evidence implicates Sonny in the murders and also in two murders which occurred 34 years earlier -- murders that reach right up to the Governor's office and eventually force him into an agonizing decision.

Will he pardon Sonny for the golf course murders, or allow him to die to protect himself from public exposure of the terrible deed he committed long ago? All of the characters you love from the trilogy! The angels and the New Orleans Series continues: Book 4 Catahoula! The Chief prosecutor for the U. Attorney General's office, is Sabastian Delacroix. He had been nicknamed Catahoula by the New Orleans press as praise for his courtroom style of cunning, lethal attacks; much like the famous Louisiana Catahoula dog breed.

A high profile murder from eight years ago was never brought to trial. The accused murderer, Ed Meyer, was declared dead in the prisoner transfer during Katrina. Alive, but in hiding, Ed brings evidence of his innocence to the only man he trusts. Ed risks everything that Cat will believe him. A rogue lawyer at his core, Cat follows his gut instincts to secretly investigate Ed's case. Cat ignites a storm of twisted, deadly events by depraved, cold-blooded killers determined to keep the past a secret.

The City of New Orleans, infested with people of criminal intent, focus their terrifying powers on Cat.

This action-packed thriller follows Cat chasing justice against all that is dead wrong. A woman murders her husband for sexually abusing their daughter and goes to prison for twelve years. The daughter plunges into despair. An investigative reporter attempts to right perceived wrongs. Her husband wants her locked away in a psychiatric facility. His business partner wants her dead. Cold Case Detective Paul Sutton has dedicated his life to evil. Finding it. Ending it.

To bringing justice to the dead and answers to the living. Behind the mask of light lay darkness… It took San Diego Detective Paul Sutton exactly eleven days to realize retirement would not work for him. Her tormented husband has never stopped grieving. And a missing woman may hold the key to unlocking a deadly puzzle.

How does a girl who has everything going for her find herself in such a mess? Driven in her career, but careless in love, Kali Hanson is in thrall to the one man who can fulfill the dark desires within her. But after an act of ultimate betrayal, she finds herself tangled in a web of deceit, where a charming mask can conceal a monstrous soul, and the brightest light is in danger of being extinguished in the depths of darkness. As boundaries blur and the difference between truth and lies becomes indistinguishable, Detective Sutton finds himself in a race against a ticking clock.

Only one thing is certain: But Sutton is not about to let evil win this time.

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This mystery-thriller is for Mature Audiences due to moderately graphic sexual scenes, violence, and adult language. Other Books in the Detective Paul Sutton series: Harry finds a sliver of bone in an old hatchet. His curiosity piqued, he and Cat stumble down a path that lead to murder, anguish, and ruin.

With the Dwell's expecting their third child in just a few months, it was supposed to be a happy time. But a tragedy consumed them short after moving into a new home. Years later, their oldest child, Layla, decided to investigate what really happened. What she found was much more haunting. How deep are your secrets buried?

Emma introduces Harry Neal, 63, an existential dropout cursed with a trouble inducing curiosity. Harry's lazy day is interrupted when a friend hauls him to a shallow grave in the woods and shows him a skeleton with a bullet hole in its skull.

Aided by persistence and the occasional dollop of cheap wine, he follows a vague trail of hints back twenty years. A serial killer is loose on the streets of Memphis. The only thing the police know for sure,the killer seems to be a Doobie Brothers fan. It is up to a reluctant psychic, two determined homicide detectives and a radio dj to bring this homicidal maniac to justice.

Even the slightly nerdy medical examiner gets involved. As the bodies start piling up, the characters become closer than the thickening humidity! They all have their secrects, their dreams, and their disappointments. Who will find the killer? Who will find love? Who will just be singin' the blues? The new paranormal mystery series by 1 bestselling authors J.

Rain and Matthew S. Maddy knows the universe wants to balance itself out, so she isn't above tossing around a spell or two whenever a killer's karma needs a little nudge in the right direction. As a member of a practicing coven, she's used to strange looks, hushed whispers, and rolled eyes, but couldn't care less what people think of her.

After a man turns up dead in a grisly satanic rite, her fellow detectives are quick to crack jokes. Since they can't tell a pentacle from a pentagram, Maddy's happy to get the case. She suspects the ritual to be the work of amateurs, a theory that pans out when they track down the pack of clueless high school students who made the shrine in the woods.

Convinced all is not as it appears to be, Maddy asks the Goddess for a push in the right direction and learns a disturbing truth: The Devil's Eye is watching her. Along with learning what really happened the night Patrick was murdered, Remy discovers hard truths about her family and herself. A little babysitting with a chance to enjoy the coast should be a recipe for enjoyment and relaxation; unless your names are Carson and Buella.

Their uncanny ability to place themselves in the mists of mysteries rears its head once again. Will they stand together or will the love they still have for each other falter under the weight of revenge?

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Jonah Montgomery and Matt Garrett had it all: Army careers they loved; Team Panther, the men they bonded with as brothers, and each other. Now five years later, a terrorist seeking revenge has come for Jonah. Will Matt take the opportunity a sniper bullet provides?

Can Team Panther find their missing brother in time? Does their compass really point to true love? On a hot July afternoon in , Harriet Ross gives her six-year-old twin cousins, Yvette and Yvonne, a fistful of change and sends them to a country store for soft drinks. Yvonne never returns, and when Yvette is finally found, she has gone mad with terror.

Thirty years later, when Harriet returns to the same small South Carolina town to settle the estate of the twins' mother, Missella Mayhew, and set up a trust for the care of her disabled cousin, Yvette, she decides to investigate the circumstances surrounding her cousin's disappearance. She consults Balt Monroe, a lawyer, who refers her to his friend Hollis "Doc" Halliday, a private investigator, and together the three of them begin going through Missella's records in an effort to find out the real story behind what happened on the dark day when the twins vanished.

As their efforts bring them closer to the truth about Missella and her daughters, they uncover a long-hidden tale of miscegenation, racial hatred, and murder. And they find out that the man behind the story they are threatening to expose, a powerful South Carolina senator, will go to any lengths to preserve his secrets.

Two Random Murders, Somehow Connected An innocent teenage sleepover turns tragic as a hail of bullets rip through a sleepy neighborhood.

Philadelphia Homicide Detective Kyle Simmons is assigned one task: Catch the killer before someone else decides to take matters into their own hands. He's barely begun to investigate when another body is found with nothing but Simmons' business card on it. This evidence is crystal clear: Simmons' contact was the victim of a cold and calculated hit. As Simmons starts to work both cases, a disturbing thought keeps popping up in his head: What if the two cases are somehow connected?

In a matter of hours, Simmons finds himself in a desperate race to solve both murders before the carnage continues. Michaels delivers a debut action-packed thriller with white-knuckle twists and unexpected humor that will leave you wanting even more. It precedes "The Countdown". Operation Freedom Kindle Worlds Novella. Books are focused on current-day events and social issues that include human trafficking, terrorism, disease outbreaks, and biological weapons.

A dangerous man with an unbelievable past fights unimaginable beasts in the heart of the Zambian jungle, raises an orphan brother, conquers death, and quests to find meaning to his incredible life story. Kindle Dirty Deeds 2 by Armand Rosamilia: The second book in the award-winning crime fiction series! The girls of St. Whether evading German spies with Flora Mackintosh, or embarking on a harebrained crime spree with Lady Emmeline, these ladies are sure to bring a smile to your face, and have you reaching for the champagne.

Pip pip! Dev Haskell is a P. Dev deals in the day to day problems and troubles that come from people making bad decisions. But then, bad decisions make for interesting tales…. The sweet smell of success… a bitter dose of death! As a bakery owner, Madeline McDougal spends her days baking a large variety of tasty treats, that everyone loves.

Yet everything changes when Madeline notices that the backdoor of her shop has been tampered with, and is led to an even more gruesome discovery, placing her as a prime suspect! Members of the Midtown Book Club are found murdered.

It is just the beginning of a series of deaths that lead Walt and Ox into the twisted world of a serial killer. He left a calling card with each of his victims — a mystery novel, resting in their blood-soaked hands.

An American contractor is kidnapped in Latin America and taken to Spain by Basque terrorists, and a DOD intelligence analyst must race against the clock to save her while uncovering hidden US secrets. An award-winning period spy thriller and a page-turning book! FBI agents Curtis and Frankie survived Blind River, but when they are assigned to investigate the suicide of a revered 4-star general, the consequences of their choices come back to haunt them.

A missing son; a mysterious woman; a dead pig in an evening suit. In this sleepy Scottish town, an ordinary guy, Jin Johnstone, decides to investigate. It is a bad decision.

It puts his life in danger. And hers is just the beginning. Over positive reviews on site. FBI data analyst Lacy Merrick manages the threat of terror every day. And when terror strikes home, she begins to unravel a furtive plot to discredit not only her but her husband and cybersecurity expert, Jay Merrick. The plot, she soon discovers, balances on the tip of a deeply embedded secret that has the potential to destroy a nation.

Their disappearance is a message from a familiar killer: Help me or your friends will disappear. Azza Amari, a headstrong, hijab-wearing international student flees her dangerous life in the Paris ghetto to enroll at staid Northwestern Ohio State College. Together, Kip and Azza discover an extraordinary kinship. Things come to a head when Kip and Azza find themselves on an unusual treasure hunt. The first book in the engrossing mystery series from the Queen of Scream: With her new hero, Jack Ryder, as a loving father and committed detective, a new location in tropical Florida, and a story that moves at an incredible pace, Hit the Road Jack is Willow Rose at the top of her game.

Kate Benedict is a successful architect at an elegant firm in London with a penchant for sleuthing. But she has something else going for her no other investigator does — the ability to see a death-predicting aura over the people around her.

When real estate tycoon Bucky Bloom is found stuck to the end of a sailboat mast, a land war erupts in Pineapple Port. Four hot suspense thrillers in one box set. Vigilante justice. Crime in the brutal heart of darkness in this series ranked 1 in Crime Thrillers, 2 in Assassination Thrillers, and 3 in Police Procedurals in a recent free promotion.

A mysterious woman, obsessed with her psychiatrist, has set out to destroy his picture-perfect life. What is it she knows about him that threatens his marriage and future? Is there more than meets the eye between doctor and patient? Is his wife a pawn in their game, or is she Queen? An MI5 agent is caught in a series of actions that threaten his life, creates a new and unusual partner, and puts him in the crosshairs of every side.

An admirable hero set amid some very dangerous, sadistic enemies. The surreal splendor of Venice mesmerizes as six so-called friends who, it turns out, barely know each other, meet at Carnival to play a malignant game that quickly turns murderous. In this psychological tour de force, surging identities wrestle to emerge in people forced by violence to confront their inner Harlequins and Medusas. Mia Kazmaroff is able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch, which comes in handy when her Atlanta Police detective brother is murdered.

Mia reaches out to his partner Jack Burton to find the killer while they attempt to ignore the sparks flying from their mutual attraction. Discover this gripping page-turner now! Unfortunately, there are more suspects than mourners for the elderly town leader…. Joe finds he disappeared, weeks before the dreams began, so he investigates until he stares into the dreadful face of the unimaginable.

I watch the handsome stranger from a distance. But I was never supposed to talk to him. And trust me, you have no idea who I am. With the help of a handsome but grumpy detective and a host of supernatural friends, she discovers — is she a little bit witchy? This British comedy-mystery is something completely different. Long-time Chicago homicide detective has been working the case of a missing girl with little success.

Now, her father has been found executed and a serial killer is leaving a trail of female bodies across the city. Are all these cases related? An avenging assassin. The spy who loves her. How she won his undivided love is revealed in the heart-pounding sequel to this action-packed romantic suspense series. The Phoenix believes criminals should pay for their crimes.

The system often fails to deliver the correct punishment. He can redress the balance. Kindle Scam by Jack Stroke: One theft, five stories, a whole bag of trouble. Five interconnected tales about Nuke, a gangster with an explosive temper, his bored wife, his psychotic bosses, some dodgy cops and Jonathan, the man with the plan.

An ex-husband with a secret past. A murderer who enjoys playing with his prey. If you enjoy nail-biting crime thrillers with surprise endings, download your copy today! When a body is found near the mysterious mansion on the hill, Pepper is too close to the victim for comfort… and perhaps the killer.

Will she catch the killer before her bad luck turns worse? Years ago, Polly lost her daughter to a phantom abductor on the playground. Now, for the first time, the shocking truth of that day will surface.

Can Emma Frost discover what really happened so long ago? As she digs deeper into the story, she soon finds herself entangled in a web of disturbing events. A 1 site Bestseller from Willow Rose. Lo The St. Lo Series Book 1 by F.

An engaging, wittily funny story of how the resilient powers of joy and beauty allow one young woman to escape the quagmire of a seriously insane birth-family and learn to love the delights of one she builds for herself. Along with this entry into the peerage, kept…. Samantha Hale has never met her mother. Raymond had known pain and neglect from an early age and vowed to make amends. Driven by ruthless ambition, he became a chef of some repute.

When he meets Diane, he finds out her parents have money.

No one was good enough for her little girl. How can he win Madge over? And satisfy his ambition and greed? He might be drop-dead gorgeous. She might be forming a real attachment to his dog. But is any man worth this? Running for her life with a truly delicious hero, the help of his seven equally yummy brothers and one adorable dachshund named Jaws? Okay, maybe he is worth it…. In the brutal war on Elephant poaching in Africa, one man takes a stand against a ruthless international ivory smuggling syndicate.

A stand that almost costs him everything. For those who like their violence in large doses, this book delivers very well. An unwed mother is sent to a Poor Farm to have her baby. She discovers a vocation, forms a lifelong friendship, and possibly uncovers a murder.

Were the two small bodies found in an unused cell an accidental death? Volume of the New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Series follow female sleuth, Brandy Alexander, as she figures out her family, love, and the dangerous transgressions she continually stumbles upon. On the run, Alice Trent must find a way to survive. The bright lights and burning heat of Las Vegas draw her like a moth to a flame, promising freedom with a new identity.

But her plans fall apart when the Vegas mob threatens those she has come to love. Now, it will take all of her skills to protect them and not end up in a hole in the desert. Chelsea gets dumped… so she goes back to the orchard she grew up on. Back home, everything should be comforting.

And safe. But someone has to go and get killed. And Chelsea gets pulled into the investigation… with a belly full of fear and apple pie. Kindle Die Again, Mr. January In London, Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James discover clues linking a crime boss and two missing persons to a priceless and deadly treasure.

Then the murders begin.Built-in Free 3G connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or commitments - site pays for Kindle's 3G wireless connectivity. Anita Shreve. Caroline Mitchell. Recipes included!

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