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Final Fantasy VII - PDF Guides. IGN presents assorted guides for Final Fantasy 7 by GamingDragon91 You will need to download the file and. Does anyone know where I can find a PDF for the BradyGames Strat guide for FFVII? I lost mine years ago and rather not pay $50 for one off. Unoffical Final Fantasy VII Guide This is an unofficial game guide for Final Fantasy VII, it is not official, or endorsed by or connected to the.

Ff7 Guide Pdf

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Final Fantasy 7 Official Strategy Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Walkthrough for FF7. Documents Similar To Final Fantasy VII - Versus Books Ultimate Final Fantasy 9 Official Strategy Uploaded by. throckmi. Legaia Duel Saga. Final Fantasy VII is a huge game. You'll visit many locations and you'll probably get stuck from time to time. This solutions section was made to help you get back .

Go forth and obtain the needed nuts: The Carob and the Zeio nuts. You can find him on the area near Bone Village. Press [OK] and the Chocobo will move into the stable. A Great Chocobo can appear with two Kyuvilduns. My advice would be to try catching the Great Chocobo at the tracks near Rocket Town, since the chances of meeting a Chocobo with one or two Spirals are very low. Feed each of your Chocobos with 5 Sylkis to boost their status.

Go to the Chocobo Square and talk to Ester in the top-left corner of the room. Race and win 3 times with each of your Chocobos 3 times in order to move them up to class B a Chocobo moves up a class when he wins 3 times, but not necessarily in a row. Select the Carob Nut. Now with a bit of luck, you should have a green or a blue Chocobo! Go outside into the world map and fight anywhere between 3 to 10 battles, this should be enough for the parents to have recovered.

Go back to the Chocobo Farm save before you enter. If you got the Blue Chocobo on the first time, you should get a green one of the opposite sex. Check out Chocobo Breeding combinations for help on how to resolve this.

This should boost their stats so that they can easily cruise through the races. Now for a somewhat annoying part: You will need to catch a Wonderful Chocobo. Equip your Chocobo Lure Materia and head to the Chocobo tracks in the Icicle Area the snowy area in the northern continent. This kind of fight is very rare, last time it took me about an hour and a half to finally encounter him!

Anyway, after you catch him, send the Chocobo back to the stables. If not, reload and try again. Release those Chocobos.

Race the Black and the Wonderful Chocobo until both are at class A. Your objective is finally complete! With the aid of your new Chocobo, you can now obtain some sweet rewards.

When the frog gets swallowed, you'll perform a megajump and reach the cave on the other side. Inside is the Apocalypse Sword.

But the plane that caried this equipment crashed into the sea near Costa Del Sol. When you have the submarine, you can visit the sunken plane. When you do this after the Midgar parachute mission, you'll won't meet Rude and Reno. Either way, you can find lots of good items here. If you read them all, and go back to Turtle Paradise in Wutai you'll receive one of each source Luck source etc. Next to her training room on the wall.


Yuffie's Subquest If you have found Yuffie in the forests and talked her into joining you, a small subquest will start when you reach Wutai. She'll steal all your materia and disappear. To get your materia back you'll have to go and find her in Wutai. Once in Wutai, go around the place and visit a few shops. When you find the materia shop, open the box on the right.

Final Fantasy VII Official Strategy Guide Scan

Yuffie will appear and steal your materia again. Now go to the house on the right. Push the clothingscreen and Yuffie will run away. Now go to the restaurant and kick against the pot outside. Yuffie will try to jump out and run, be your friends will catch her.

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She'll lead you to her basement where you can pull a lever to get the materia back. But instead you activate a trap imprisoning your friends. You cannot avoid this so pull either lever again to rasie the trap and go after Yuffie.

Go to the gong near the pagado and use it. A door will appear. Go inside and you'll meet Don Corneo again. He has taken Elena and Yuffie hostage and disappears. After you've defeated Rapps you'll get your materia back. Here's how to get it. First go to Midgar city. You will see a guy sitting near the gate.

He says that he lost his key to the city. If the guy is not sitting here, come back later He also says that he lost it during the excavation. Go to Bone Village and talk to the man at the tent. Choose for "Start Digging" and "Dig for normal treasures". Now head to the docks and talk to the sailor by the cargo ship. You now want to head north east to the river. There is a shallow spot you can cross using the buggy. Do so and head east until you find a cave entrance. Inside the cave you will find a sleeping old man.

BradyGames - Final Fantasy VII

The trick is to make the last two digits of the number of battles you fought match. Just fight outside of his cave until you get a number that works. You are after the Mythril.

If he gives you a Bolt ring just go outside and fight 11 more battles to get to the next number of fights that puts your last 2 digits at the same number. For example if you have fought 22 times and he gives you a Bolt Ring go out and fight 11 more times.

Just keep doing this until you get the Mythril. He will give you a Bolt Ring when the matching numbers are even and a Mythril when they are odd. Now you can proceed with the game until you get to Rocket Town.

Take the Tiny Bronco to Nibelheim. You should come out near Gold Saucer. This house was previously unoccupied, but now you can get off the plane and go inside. The guy inside will talk about the keystone for a bit. Go up the stairs to the top floor and go all the way left.

Open the little box on the wall to receive the Great Gospel manual. The big box on the lower floor just contains a Gold Armlet. Simply travel to Wutai and challenge the masters of the Pagoda.

Cait Sith: He has no level 4 limit break and therefore no manual to teach it to him. Simply put him in your party and then take the sub to the river mouth north of Cost del Sol.

Final Fantasy VII - PDF Guides

Make sure not to miss it altogether. Dive underwater and look for a small cave entrance. Just follow the path until you come to a circular room. You can dock the sub on the side and go into a cave hidden behind the waterfall. Once its over leave the area, and go somewhere that you can fight. When looking for the underwater tunnel be aware that it branches off of the tunnel that leads you to the Key of Ancients.

Once you have the sub travel to the Gold Saucer sub dock. Now you want to dive underwater.

There will be the wreckage of a cargo plane nearby. You can find all kinds of goodies in this plane, called the Gelnika. One of the chests in the cargo room contains the Highwind manual. Go to top A Glitch in the System There is a known glitch in the limit break system that can cause some major problems with your game.

This glitch generally does one of two things. When you start a new game sometimes this glitch will occur. If anyone knows for certain that there are problems caused by this glitch please let me know so I can list them here. The second occurrence of the glitch can be even more frustrating. Well that would be the glitch coming into play again. Basically you just have to start all over or just keep playing without use of the level 4 limit for the character s that this happens to.

Those are the two most common results of the glitch. Learning a new limit gets delayed. For anyone wondering exactly what the Limit Break Mechanics Study was, it basically boils down to myself and a few other people actually physically counting kills and uses throughout multiple play throughs of the game. This was done to try and clear up confusion about the actual kill and use numbers. This confusion initially occurred for two main reasons.

First, the original official strategy guides for this game were actually published with incorrect data on this subject. Second, many people had noticed issues with the limit break system in the game. The data below is accurate according to what the data in the game says is correct. Our study found that the game itself is sometimes correct, but also sometimes not. I can only assume that some minor bugs in the coding can on occasion keep the game from counting correctly.

They are all aimed at causing damage to your enemies. This in combination with Cloud being your main party member for the vast majority of the game result in a higher kill and use requirement to obtain all of his limits.

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It deals about 3. Shock waves from the strike deal roughly normal damage to other enemies. This results in roughly 4. Each meteor hits for roughly 1. Those immune to death effects take about 3 times the normal damage. He does have one limit that can drain enemy MP, which can be helpful when using him as a secondary magic user or healer. Big Shot targets one enemy with a large fireball dealing 3. It consists of a blue ball of energy, which drains MP from the target.

It can deal about 3. It can also hit multiple targets instead at reduced damage.

It deals instant death to enemies not immune to such effects. Enemies that are immune to death effects take no damage. These shot deal about 0. They work kind of like a slot machine. That means that the more limits you learn the more hits you can make during her limit break.Now go to the house on the right. If you jumped left, you can pick up the bee hive and jump down 2. Now with a bit of luck, you should have a green or a blue Chocobo!

First pick up a fly or frog and release it near the plant sacks Not in the sacks yet. Put one in the first plant and pick up another. Jump to the other side and walk towards the hole in the tree 2. Gameshark Codes. But make no mistake - despite the fact that this is my favorite game and despite the numerous awards and accolades the game has received, there are some glaring flaws and issues.