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Read Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam book reviews & author details and more at Divine Games of Lord Shiva Thiruvilayadal Puranam - English. Thiruvilayadal Puranam Book - download Religious Books at best price of Rs / piece from Pappa Publications. Also find here related product comparison. Thiruvilayadal puranam is nothing but thepuranam of Madurai city that describes about thegreatness of Lord Shiva The Thriuvilayadal Purana describes about.

Thiruvilayadal Puranam Book

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Book Source: Digital Library of India Item Paranjothi Hindu Theological Printing. Thiruvilaiyadal puranam (THE SACRED SPORTS OF SIVA) . When the bench of learned brahmins were disagreed concerning the merits of different books, the . Thiruvilayadal Puranam Yennum Shivaleelaigal: download Thiruvilayadal Puranam Yennum Shivaleelaigal online -

Indiran fought with received by Devas with all festivities at Indiralokam. But the mean- all his might but could not withstand the onslaught of the demon. He minded Nakushan desired to meet first Indirani, the beautiful wife of ran to Brahma for advice. Brahma took him to Lord Vishnu. Lord Indiran-in exile. Lust blinded him. Being the head of Indiralokam, his Vishnu said,"Indira! Your weapons are no match to Viruthirasuran.

You go to Sage Thatheesi.

At the time of churning of the Ocean of milk Unmindful of this he ordered the rishis to go faster. His foolish Parkkadal , the Devas and Asuras were asked to deposit their behavior irked the rishis and he was cursed to become a serpent.

Subsequently no one claimed them Without a king to rule them, Devas were worried and they went to back for long.

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Fearing the possibility of them falling into the wrong their guru and represented this. Brahaspathi, with his divine insight, hands, the sage swallowed them all. Those weapons merged with his understood the whereabouts of Indiran. He took the Devas to the pond spinal column.

You request the sage to give his spinal column and where Indiran was hiding inside the lotus and called out. Indiran came make a Vajrayutham out of it. He is a great soul who does not turn out and fell on the feet of his guru, seeking apology for his mistake. Guru magnanimously forgave him and asked him to go to earth and worship Lord Sivaperuman at various shrines to get rid of his Indiran thanked Lord Vishnu and went to Sage Thatheesi.

After hearing Indiran, Thatheesi agreed to sacrifice his life for the sake of Indiran and other Devas.

Through his yogic powers he separated his Indiran obeyed and started off on a pilgrimage. After soul from his body. He attained moksha leaving behind his mortal worshipping at various places, he happened to reach Kadambavanam remains.

Indiran got a strong weapon Vajrayutham made out of the in south. As soon as he entered that forest, his brahmahathi left him. He then challenged Viruthirasuran and fought a Pleasantly surprised, he consulted his guru and the guru said that it was bitter battle.

After neutralizing the demon's various weapons, Indiran the place where his brahmahathi was destined to be removed.

On seeing that Viruthirasuran lost his nerves Kadambavanam was a lovely place where Mother Nature was at her and ran for his life. He dived into the ocean and plunged to its pristine glory.

There was greenery everywhere and the birds were unfathomable depths. Indiran pursued him but could not trace him.

Thrilled by the ambience, Indiran asked his Indiran sought the help of Brahma again. Brahma advised to seek the men to explore the area. They came and reported that they had sighted help of Sage Agasthiar. Indiran rushed there and was overwhelmed by the Agasthiar listened to Indiran's plight and promised to help scene. He prostrated in front of the lingam and worshipped. He took him. He shrunk the ocean into a droplet of water and drank it. This bath in the pond and looked around to gather the choicest flowers to exposed Viruthirasuran who was sitting atop a hill and doing penance.

Instantly there appeared numerous golden colored Without hesitation Indiran killed the demon with his Vajrayutham. He collected them and ordered material from Though he vanquished his enemy, Indiran was caught by the the Indiralokam itself for performing a grand pooja. He asked brahmahathi again. It dogged him and haunted him mercilessly.

To Viswakarma the craftsman of Devalokam to construct a fabulous escape from its torture Indiran hid himself inside the stem of a lotus vimanam for the lingam. At once, a magnificent vimanam studded flower in a pond. Without Indiran the Indiralokam lost its glory. Then Indiran performed a grand 2 3 pooja as per the scriptures to the lingam. Episode 2: The story of how Airavatham, the white elephant got salvation from the curse Pleased with his worship, Lord Sivaperuman appeared in front of him and asked Indiran what he wanted.

Gratitude filling his heart, Sage Dhurvasar was rewarded with a golden lotus flower by Indiran requested that he be granted the boon of worshipping Lord at Lord Sivan one day. The sage was very happy and carried that flower kadambavanam forever.

Lord said," Worshipping me here on the full to Devalokam. At that time, Devalokam was celebrating the victory of moon day of Chitrai month every year Chitra Pournami day is Indiran over Asuras. Indiran was sitting atop his royal elephant, the equivalent to worshipping me through- out the year. So you come here Airavatham, coming as part of a huge procession. Music, dance and on that day every year to worship and now you return to your other festivities were on.

Devas and rishis were there to greet Indiran. Indiran worshipped again the Dhurvasar also thought it fit to greet Indiran with the golden lotus Golden- lotus pond Potramaraikkulam and the vimanam sheltering flower he got from Lord Sivan. But when he offered the invaluable the lingam.

Then he returned to Indiralokam. As if this was not enough, he placed the flower on the head of the elephant.

Thiruvilayadal Puranam Book

When Indiran himself did not realize the value of that flower, how elephant could? It took the flower with its trunk, threw it on the ground and trampled over it. How dare you showed such a disrespect. That was the flower worn by none other than Lord Parameswaran. He gave it to me and I gave it to you. Your elephant further insulted by trampling over it. You recklessly forgot that the position you enjoy was the boon given to you by Lord Sivan.

Let your head be shattered by a Pandian king and your white elephant be turned into a wild elephant! All Devas pacified the sage and pleaded for mercy. It wandered here and there for a long time and by chance reached the periphery of Kadambavanam. By then hundred years had passed. At kadambavanam it saw the golden-lotus pond and the magnificent vimanam. Its good senses returned and it took bath in the pond. When it got out of the water, it regained its colour and status. It had turned into Airavatham again.

Joy and humility filling its mind, it started to worship Lord Sivan inside the Vimanam.

Lord appeared and asked the 4 5 He decided to share his experience with the king himself. The elephant what boon it wanted. You have been so much merciful to me. Please permit me to kadambavanam on the following day.

Airavatham was reluctant to leave the place. But then obeying Next morning the king along with his men went to the orders, it went back to Indiralokam after creating a pond called kadambavanam and worshipped Lord Somasundarar.

One day when the king was discussing how to go about establishing the city, Lord Sivan himself came to the king's court as the siddhar. As the king was already familiar with the appearance of the siddhar, he welcomed him and paid tributes.

The siddhar then advised the king and others in-detail about planning Episode 3 : The story of the origin of the city of Madurai the city. Then he disappeared. The king followed the siddhar's instructions meticulously. First, a beautiful temple was constructed The king Kulasekhara Pandian was ruling the Pandian around the glittering vimanam, with separate sanctum sanctorum for kingdom with Manavoor situated east to kadambavanam as his goddess and other deities as per Aagama sastras.

Then, around the capital. At Manavoor there lived a trader by name Dhananjayan. He temple wide streets and lanes were provided to house mandapams, was very noble at heart. He was also a devotee of Lord Siva. By virtue choultries, parks and ponds. There was a beautiful palace for the king of his trade he used to travel a lot. One day at dusk he was returning also. When he reached the fringes of the kadambavanam it had become dark and he was sure that it would not be possible to cross the When all the works were completed, the king prayed Lord forest in darkness.

At that very moment, he sighted the beautiful Somasundarar to bless the city. The Lord was amused and made a few vimanam and the golden- lotus pond nearby.

Thiruvilaiyadal puranam (THE SACRED SPORTS OF SIVA)

He rushed there and to his drops of the nectar Amudham be sprinkled from the crescent on His immense joy, found Lord Sivalingam under the fabulous vimanam.

Recalling malayadhwaja from the dead. The incarnation of subramanyan in the form of ukkira-pandian. The god sundaresvarar gets his son married and furnishes him with three weapons.

Varunan is compelled to retire by the casting of the spear. Ukkira-pandian strikes off indran's crown. Ukkira-pandian struck mount meru and thence obtained wealth. The god explained the inner meaning of the vedas.

The god provided jewels for the crown. Varuna sending the sea to try the god's power; The latter called four clouds to absorb the sea. Varuna sending much rain, the god protected the place by a covering of clouds. Sundaresar condescended to assume the form of a religious ascetic.

The sittar gave sugarcane to the stone-elephant. The god killed the elephant which was born from the fire Of a sacrifice made by the chamanals or jains. The god on account of gauri, became an old man, a young man, and a child. Natarajar the dancing god altered his attitude, In the silver temple, at the request of the king. The god relieved an innocent person who feared the avenger of blood.

The removing of the great crime. The god punished the guilty disciple, by killing him. The destroying of the striped serpent sent by the chamanals jains.

The god's nandi conquers the cow sent by the chamanals. The god came with a great army, on account Of savundra samuntan general of the pandian. The god gave an exhaustless purse to the pandian. The god came and sold bracelets to women of the merchant caste. The god taught the eight great meditations.

The god opened north gate, and showed the Temple to the chera king, closing the gate afterwards With the bullock seal. The god preserved the pandian's army by the Miraculous appearance of a booth for giving away water. The performance of alchemy by the god. On the chera king making war, both he and The pandian fell into the lotus tank, from which The pandian was rescued.

The god gave a stock of paddy to a vellalan. The god, coming as the maternal uncle of a merchant, settled a dispute. The cure of varaguna pandian, and showing him the world of siva.

The god sold wood, and overcame the minstrel, named yemanathen in song. The god gave to his votary, pattiren, A mandate, addressed to the chera king, requiring money. The god gave to the minstrel pattiren, a golden board to sit upon.

The god, in the guise of a musician, Decided a contest in singing between two female performers, In the presence of the king. The god nourished certain motherless young pigs, And endowed them partially with the human form.Hardcover Edition: The god came with a net as a fisherrman, And removed the sentence denounced on parvati.

The importance of this book is undeniable and a good height of Indian English Literature as well. At that very moment, he sighted the beautiful Somasundarar to bless the city. Siva becomes old man, then youth , then baby, in order to console the girl Kauri who, although Saivaite, must marry a Vaisnava.

Sundara and tatakai diasppear in the Temple. When he reached the fringes of the kadambavanam it had become dark and he was sure that it would not be possible to cross the When all the works were completed, the king prayed Lord forest in darkness. The ambience was lovely and enchanting. Then follow the chapters proper: 1. Shaiva Lahari.