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target KET for school (pdf) II look at the -- - -,,~ Pairwork activities Unit 1 Lesson 2: Student A D Target ket-for-schools-students-book. Target KET for Schools is one of the first courses to help students prepare for The Student's Book contains twelve topic-based units, providing hours of. Target KET Exams Richmond's Target KET for Schools preparation course core material in the Student's Book, Richmond's Target KET for Schools offers a quick, Practice Exam which will give students practice of a computer-based exam.

Target Ket For Schools Students Book

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KET for Schools is the same format as KET. You can do a normal practice test under exam conditions. Icons used in Target KET for Schools There is a list of the . TARGET KET FOR SCHOOLS is a course to prepare students for the Cambridge With hours of core material in the Student's Book, TARGET KET FOR. Each book introduces students to exam formats and provides step-by-step task Target KET for schools Full Pack - is a short intensive course to prepare.

It II. Exam practice; Reading and Wri ting Part 5 Read the whote art ict" firsl. Hals thcrc. IYl n;: Speaking D Do a class survey about animals.

Then tell the class what VOli found out. JQ '"1 1 PUV10d '. UOp ';p"'ud,n. UOtj Qu UO"'" Af. Jt "" 9 II, 6"IP! IitH Z. I waot to 3 I'm going to tile Ile. HI 5u,II Hum"s taking m! Do you know it? If you aN! Wnte soon, Som 0. Speaking a Work in p,tirs. Ask arnl answer qllestions abollt Slinday's tOllr.

St udent A, look at page WIl;,1 are we doing aL? Where are we gOlnglll How lire we gell,ng Q Work ill groups. Then t ell othe' groups about your tour. There ilrt: The buses arc good but they do get very crowded.

Walking illong th" waterfront. Walking is also a good way to get around, if you are fit enough. Reading D Read the website "nd an swer the questions. IT olms cost much mont' y. Excun practice: Listerung PM1 3. C " ' wteh How did rtf. B e' pt'ns,ve. C big 30 Wh.

Have you been there? Listening ParI" Lislen and comple t. UC I'! I S',,",ps. Ijvcrpool', Albert Dod. Cl ubs and men who once worked on the big sh,ps. The Maritime Museum is In a new! I; "" ""ft,. Z The' librJ ry IS ti,e bank.

K Listeni n g "',.. B Liste n to three people asking for dirl'dions. J l' looking for? Draw lines they want to go to. D Mateh the direct ions to the pic t ltrl. Student A. Studenl B. Re ading and Wntmg Part I o e. B Which notice A- H s"ys this I? It may Mlp 3 YOI. S CarS. II Wh ich two notices did you not lise? F""" l AI the lind 1 w. If rou 90 9 tIM! Te l' your "lIumat!! I'i' ,I,,"l I'. Yes,,'tto DO you checlc. Q Use these words to m ake silly Sl!

Ciln you corrKi you r partner's sente nces? Listening -ii" a You will hear a teenager ai led Annie spea kinq on a r adio p hon,,-in programme. Llslen and ans wer the questio ns. I How long does IInnl" spend on line every day? I don', 'hlnk rth. II lJIs.. K use thl' cnntinuous forms of bfol,,,ve and t no",. C Shollid worry!. O muc. JQ 'rs. Reading and Writing Part! Sh" "Oft In Ih.

Sho "'cr """" 5 ", It. Ask qll,stions about some of lhese topics: B Where can you lind the things In the box? Use t he words from Activity 1. Which verb is A and. Un wt.. Un wllile before 1M on t,nuous: I Choose U.. She w,,"'rd In whll. II rell your partner what you well' doing yestelday at these times. Make tlue and lalse sentences. Ale your paltner's sentences t rue? Who is the story about?

What happened? Wher" did it happen? AI" sentences 1-? AT eenage Heroine foo- """"""" ,,, caU 3n. J,h;d' Ylb. It,,, ,, ,,. When l" Oplt on d,trcrt'fll countries hMe. Use thls pliJn 10 help you. Which is t he! Which t. S noA lACH: II 'ON: J"n IOU s. Il" illil41 lil: P UO Inoq. II look at the plttures and make 5fntli! Use thli! Z Vi ktor. How well ca n you d o t he se thln qs? E lislen I. D Ask and answer the questions in pairs to complete Sue"s t lm el abl" ,. I5 Sc: Ionce History 1.

Use t he question prompts to ask ques tions about it. Sludt'nt B about the shop. Unit 8 Lesson 1: Your partner wlll glvf you some advice. D1 Here Is some inlormatlon about some 2 Student a has some information about a swimming lessons.

Answer a'S questions! You don't know anyt hing about about t he swimming less ans. Swimming lessons. Mon Fn 6. Unit 10 Lesson 1: Student B has the ot her hilI!. I's i"rogrll. OII op no" lJ - 9'. You don'l know anythfng aboullhe Ilbr" ry tor leens.. A now magazlne 10 1 ' Hns! Uni t 1 Lesson 2: Sue's timetable. M"" Frtday Compute! M""', M""" HlJIWlry. Here;s some inform. You don't know anything about the Student B doesn't know. Mf , ",n;h ' Dj.

Unit 8 Lesson I: Student B G 1 Your pdr! Your partner wilt give you some advice. Unit 10 Lesson I: Student B G You hay, hall of the group'S programme. CAli '. Unit 11 Lesson 2: Z Ask Student A lor direct ions t o t hese places an d mark t hem on your map.

Unit 12 Lesson 2: Student B a 1 Here is some information about a library. IOJ -J. YOY c. COI """ c. I'TVtIl f. Bicycles to n: AU the sentences "re "boul Ih.. Flrlt read the InSlrurtlnn. Choose corcfully because th c three words ilr e similar, but ilre used In d,fferent ways. C "" Vout: IMllI'II5 ' You need to I ead what the iI. C l"m not.

UOS W. I 01 ilAOI P. I;'JII' W. I "illnS "OIl Ul! I illI! Snail I. In the chang. Ti"I4'y w,1 leI! There m'llll! Read Ihe art kle. InfOl"nldloon yoo need 10 answer ",. II you caon"t lind anvlhOf"oC.

U ,, "g: Jill ' Sfl 01 JaQW. Cent",1 ""'" ,s root I. CIty, tout.. A b'g.. You need 10 w! Ile wards In Ihe spaces to complete a short ted, tlk e " n email. Loo k at the other senleroces nea r Ihe qap. Re member, you must only write one word in each S! You nHd to reoo two snort le. Me lIVe pl! LOok al the! Read lIMo le. Jrk ,I. W,,'e numl ers 1.

J , no words 00'. SO you oJon" make any speRonq m,stakes. Exam Extra! Reading carefully There wiM us Z TldIets cosl no..

How milch art the t'ckets this YNI"? Are you trH on Saturday? I"m afraid I"m busy 0 11 day Suoo. Suzy's Notes School Party.

JII ,. IInQ I I: JfjS 'uO! D Read IMSt uamplt ans.. I Mr'" you ilrt' t. TIC ,! There IS iI qUl'! You need to! Al l thr ee pictures will be t. In the mIdd le. How m.

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The list on tr. Or Ihey coold be adjectives givil1. If you cannot. You Will hear the. II you cannot answe, a qucstoon after listenin g lwiet'. L How wn M. USIcn T,m lil,," You wi ll hCJ' the Informat. Li,len carefu ll y to find 1M corr How tr"UCh i.

U'"""""'U "u! One mee t ing cos1s: Trip to Cine. Price of ticket: Ti me t o meet Graham: J3Utwpxa Ja JlnUIW ual pup ! Ialhs Jf!


Speaking' Part 2. The examine r Wi ll giv"' Mhpl! Tne po'! Ihe uammcr will give you t wo d,flerl'nt ca rd " you dfl swap roltS and. It you don ', under,laod your partner, say. Try to! A you couldo'!

Ilear what! B you do not undl! Cd'lIdiW I" A. Choose your car and race arou nd the cily fUN? Unit 1 Introducing yourself Present simple. I SlIe I It J'm SpMish.

We use I'm to give pNsonallnlormatlon. I She I It doesn't I'm Si1T;]. I'm from Cltfl ldlt. Remember thaI In positlv.. What's old Itrl' you? SIll' goes to a lhearre scllool. WfKorf life roo from? I'm Tim. JI's your fI. The qUf'stlon Howafe yo HOwJre you?

Target KET

I IJy, a nd co. Making questions Describing people Question word We U5e be with adjedive5. She is pr ett y. Where "do you live? We u se have or have got with nouns.

She', gol big blue eyes. Which boy your brother? Present continuous How many slst.. When is your birthda y? How many pel, have you got? Am working? I'm wash ing my hdir at. We can use have got or have w ith the same Jack plays footbali every Saturday.

He IldS two sisters. He', got two ". Notice how we form nega t ive sent ences and Look at the difference between these questions. He doesn'1 nave any brothers. He ha. Whd t is he domg? We use play lor tnm lportS. We can use C. Could you. We use go to lor plac,s. We use Irl'l. Imperatives Sh. We use how.

Jbou11JC'''9 Giw me 11",1 Il. We can. JII we Wille"? Ooo't 0j II1l Ill" r. Accepting and rejecting W" don', us. Shul Ih. ITlends or '"mlly. We otten give" ,. Unit 4 Past simple Relative pronouns ,,. Grtnmore InformlillOl'l abouL. W, use who to add informatIon abovt a penon. Wy sister Wt use tilt past s lmplt lor tll ings t1appt'nt'cI in lilt!

Wf use Is of OUr. Some verbs are Ir,egula r. We uS ' did I didn',.. TIMSIt ar. TlIosf If' my CDs. We uselhis lind Ih. You I W.. He l Sloe l it Tile ,Impl. Mot I '00 I Si".. IM ' 'suo! M sJa u! Unit 6 Pronouns Modals for ability.

He [dO play II! Sht' ,,,,,'! Ie yoors obligation in the pre sent. We- use's and s ' lo sho w possuslon. She J le her 1".. Inere- is no ObI'gJlion. But we use 's with chi ldren. Verb with infinil I often..

Target Exams | Target Ket for Schools

We use conjunctions to join two ,.. Of I some tim es.. We use because 10 give ill rea son. He " a5 cold so lie put on" s wealer. I weal" CIUI We use a pillr of when t he re ilr f two thin We also use a pair of lor things wit h two parts. We can uS! Talking about how you feel "m I dOlI'! Cil" us. II clauU! If YOll! If you dont pl4y My slom. You won" win If YOll don" pl4y welL. We un the present simple in th e if clause.

Ihe rilce. Willis otten Shortened to ' We can put the If crause or til. Ilrs l ln the sentence. Compolrahve Superlat ive going 10 s",. JO to the bNch.

MS' f or adjt'ctivu ending In vowel " consonant, we double th, lin. Irregular adjectives Ifs frJ"lInll. IIs qojnglo snow lomorf w.

Some adj ec tives are irregula r. We can use nouns to ta lk about th e wuth Thert 'S, lot of SIlOw r. Cdn us.. We us.. We use too.. We 're going 'hopping on Saturday. Tne buses are too crowded What are you doing al the weekend? We cannot use the pr.. I'm going to a wneNI tomorrow. TiLi, fd. Tnerc aren't enough notels, We use catch and miss lor trains, buses and planes. Too and very We an alch the bL'5 inlo town. The train to New York is very expensive. When the bus stops, we can get On.

We use il we can't do something. We all got inlo the taxi. We use ride with bicyc le s and motorb ikes. There " ". J rooe my bicycle to Ihe lill-: It costs too much money! Unit 11 Present perfect Giving directions I! Take the first fOlld on tile ,. We lse How do I get We use t he present perfect for things thai Excuse mi'. Go straigM Hd vl! We use the simpll' past for th ing s Itlat happened at a definite t ime in the pu t.

They dldn ', SN t. We tan uw t"ke 10 give t he l ime needed to We use the pres ent perfect wit h for or since someWherfo. Just, yet and already We often use t he present perle-d wit h juS!.

We use the past continuous to talk about an I send a lot of le11 know that action th at was in progre ss in the pa st. We use believe. We usually use that aller I hese We can join two past "ctions in one sentence. We use th e simple past for a short act ion, and My mUIll thinks that I spend t oo much time on t he past continuous for an action in progress mvcompuler.

We were eating our dinner when the phone rang. To Qive negative opinions.

When I arrived. I don 't: We can omil that. I know! WI' use wilen bE"fore the simple past. We often use short ve rs ions of words to tal k about technology.

Slle wd S 1rivinq home whell the accidenl hdPpened. I bought. J new mobile ycstcr 1JY Wh en I got home. Hae vou yot d PC? We uSe whiie before t he pdst contin uous. I love 5urfing IIle net. While I was doing mV lJomework, the pnone ranq. Afs "oJ,.

I P41 '40 ,," II' U. Jl'S 'OllJ4 ',. IO'n ll. Il1 ''''''II 1. Grut t. P"W tennl ,i" tile. Utrnoo n' a. Gout- Vfl. Did v"" latk to lroe ",id,,,,,?

If J1. Page 13, Activity 7 c MId youl """" or""P"'l ' IN 1ung ycro. I l",,'k 'llI. Itd wor k twu"il. JII 10 uo. JI'P W Uj IOJ ole,od pu. I '1st'! Aw II'! AwOp I I-'l' I. Ily ' , If vou',. Unit 8 Unit 10 Pilg. DOt,- 1 be 1;11, fl.

I""" Irwl,. P1rcoooliv ,,. IIe, Thin p. C'C It waS 9,eil. W,,' ,OU I holO! O I you It Pf'CII" 00 Ih. P YNIt! OUI Mum. B,,,, M1ks. Pfepl ' Of I,.. IO IWd "'I1. I' lUI'''' I. J 11'1 'I"",,old A,ol"u Jno.

MJ An"", ,! L ; U 00' U,"""'" "'n A,u 01 P. AiouI 'A D",; To lhe sou'h COdst It I'" 00'. AntI We hove to meet "t school. II'S really cleve' It SUrts at t Ihlrty IJlteni. Thai OOesn'l m.: Anyth'''9 10 do.. I'III 1,,,1 c. Till bu'y llroo , th. J, JUOl'. IJ, lW l. J",,, , , Unit 3 bo,,,"''''.

JW1 ' '"''', J""" ,u"','-"''" "'J. JWV' ".. JWV' """'''''''"'. M I "'" ' PIKft In I I """ ",. J"", ",1 ,'''''' '"""",,, ,-- c I",," , " ,-, 'u:. WO JC! O oAo..

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SOOZ "".. Jl al. Nll 0 M3 lij W' 'lP 91 1 eJozn,.. J1l ,"JO lS: I JI'j ' u! NOISI1l1""11' Jpe V'! U, ll"PIieV'j: JOII P3 fi"! Flag for inappropriate content.

Buscar dentro del documento. A high B great C large Spe aking Interview your partner about his or her usual school day. Listen and match the names to the people in the picture.

She's got short-blonde hair and bh1C eyes, What does he do?

He's things we are doing now. My sister be a nurse, but she not work today. She paint a picture. What is he.

Speaking Part 1 The examiner may ask you about your family. What about you? F What time does that film start? G Well, what about that new thriller?

H Are they friends of yours? Emma Watson was born on April 15th From the age of three she knew she wanted to be an actor, but before she got the part of Hermione in the Harry Potter films, she only acted in school plays.

When she is not acting, Emma loves to study and she is also good at hockey. Emma lives with her mother and her younger brother, Alex. Exam tip There will be information about the question in more than one of the three texts, so you must read all three texts very carefully to find out which one answers the question correctly. He is the eldest of five children. Playing the part of Ron Weasley was his first acting job, but before that he was once in a school play.

In his free time he plays the guitar and watches football on TV. He also loves downloading things with all the money he has earned!

A B C 1 Who enjoys spending money? A B C 2 Who listens to a lot of music? A B C 3 Who plays a sport well? A B C 4 Who enjoys doing school work?

A B C 5 Who likes watching comedies?Structurally this is the same as the standard PET exam but the topics are more suitable for younger, school-based students.

G Well, what about that new thriller? H wtu. All kinds. Vanlam Nguyen. She's making a cake. There ilrt: Which t.